Latest Indian Baby Boy names Starting Letter A

Searching for Baby Boy Names in the letter [ A ] ? We have list of Latest and Modern Indian Baby Names. Surf and Enjoy.

Aabha 4 Light
Aabharan 1 Jewel
Aabheer 4 A Cow Herd
Aabher 8 A Cow Herd
Aachman 5 Intake Of A Sip Of Water Before A Yagya Or Puja
Aadarsh 7 One Who Has Principles
Aadesh 2 Command; Message
Aadhira 6 Moon
Aadhishankar 5 Sri Shankaracharya; Founder Of Adwaitha Philosophy
Aadhunik 6 Modern; New
Aadi 6 First; Most Important
Aadidev 1 The First God
Aadil 9 Justice
Aadinath 4 God; Supreme Ruler Of The Universe; The First God
Aadit 8 Peak
Aaditey 2 Son Of Aditi
Aaditeya 3 Son Of Aditi
Aaditya 7 The Sun
Aadya 5 The Earliest, Lord Shiva
Aafreen 5 Encouragement
Aagam 5 Coming, Arrival
Aagney 8 Son Of The Fire God
Aagneya 9 Son Of The Fire
Aahlaad 1 Delight
Aahlaadith 2 Joyous Person
Aahva 6 Beloved
Aahwaanith 5 One Who Has Been Invited;wanted
Aakaar 6 Shape
Aakaash 6 Sky
Aakanksh 3 Desire
Aakar 5 Form; Shape
Aakarsh 5 Attraction
Aakarshan 2 Attraction
Aakash 5 The Sky; Vast Like The Sky
Aakesh 9
Aalam 1 Ruler; King; The Whole World
Aalap 4 Prelude To A Raga
Aalok 4 Cry Of Victory
Aamir 6 Populous; Full; Prosperous
Aamod 7 Pleasant.accept
Aanand 8 Joy
Aanandswarup 7 Full Of Joy
Aandaleeb 9 The Bulbul Bird
Aanjaneya 9 Son Of Anjani (hanuman)
Aapt 2 Trustworthy
Aaraadhak 1 Worshipper
Aarav 7 Peaceful
Aarif 8 Acquainted; Knowledgable
Aarnav 3
Aarpit 2 To Donate
Aarth 3 Meaning
Aarush 5 First Ray Of Sun
Aaryan 6 Illustrious
Aashank 1
Aashay 1 Meaning, Gist
Aashish 2 Blessings; Aashirwad
Aashman 3 Son Of The Sun
Aashutosh 4 Who Is Easily Pleased
Aasim 7 Protector
Aasit 5
Aastik 7 Who Has Faith In God
Aatish 4 Fireworks; Name Of Lord Ganesha
Aatmaj 1 Son
Aatreya 8 Name Of A Sage
Aayan 6
Aayu 3 Lifespan
Aayushmaan 5 With Long Life
Abaan 1 Old Arabic Name
Abbas 7 Description Of A Lion
Abdul-azeez 4 The Servant Of The Almighty; The Powerful
Abdul-baari 8 The Servant Of The Creator
Abdul-ghafoor 2 The Servant Of The Forgiver
Abdul-haafiz 1 The Servant Of The Protector
Abdul-hameed 4 Servant Of The Praiseworthy; The Ever-praised
Abdul-haseeb 8 The Servant Of The Respected; Esteemed
Abdul-jabaar 1 The Servant Of The Mighty
Abdul-jaleel 4 The Servant Of The Great; Revered
Abdul-khaaliq 9 The Servant Of The Creator
Abdul-qaadir 9 Servant Of The Capable
Abdul-qahaar 5 Servant Of The Subduer; The Almighty
Abdul-qudoos 5 Servant Of The Most Holy
Abdul-raheem 9 Servant Of The Most Compassionate
Abdul-raouf 2 Servant Of The Most Merciful
Abdul-rasheed 1 Servant Of The Rightly Guided
Abdul-razaaq 5 Servant Of The Maintainer; The Provider
Abdul-salaam 6 Servant Of The Peace
Abdul-waahid 5 Servant Of The One
Abdul-wadood 3 Servant Of The Loving
Abdullah 7 The Servant Of God
Abed 3 Worshipper
Abedin 8 Worshippers
Abeer 4 Fragrance
Abezag 6 Pure; Holy
Abharan 9 Jewel
Abhay 1 Fearless, A Son Of Dharma
Abhaya 2 Has No Fear
Abhayananda 9 One Who Is Delights In Remaining Fearless
Abhayaprada 6 Bestower Of Safety; Another Name For Vishnu
Abheek 5 Fearless
Abheer 3 Cowherd
Abhi 2 Fearless
Abhibhava 9 Overpowering; Powerful; Victorious
Abhicandra 7 With A Moon Like Face, One Of The Seven Manus Of The Svetambara Jain Sect
Abhichandra 6 Moon Like Face; One Of The 7 Manus Of The Sevtambara Jaina Sect
Abhidi 6 Radiant
Abhihita 4 Expression; Word; Name
Abhijaat 7 Well Born
Abhijat 6 Noble; Wise
Abhijay 2 Total Victory
Abhijaya 3 Conquest; Complete Victory
Abhijit 5 Victorious
Abhijit /abhijeet 2 One Who Is Victorious, A Star
Abhijvala 3 Blazing Forth
Abhik 4 Beloved
Abhilash 6 Wish / Desire
Abhimand 7 Gladdening
Abhimani 3 Full Of Pride; Another Name For Agni As The Eldest Son Of Brahma
Abhimanyu 4 Arjuna\'s Son, Heroic, With Self-respect
Abhimanyusuta 2 Son Or Abhimanyu
Abhimoda 8 Joy; Delight
Abhinabhas 2 Renowned; Famous
Abhinanda 9 To Rejoice; To Celebrate; To Praise; To Bless; Delight
Abhinandan 5 Congratulation
Abhinandana 6 Felicitous, Delighting, Welcoming
Abhinatha 1 Lord Of Desires; Another Name For Kama
Abhinav 3 Quite New
Abhinava 4 New; Young; Fresh; Modern; A Sakta Notable For His Spiritual Attainment
Abhinay 6 Expression
Abhineet 1 Perfect
Abhinivesh 7 Desire
Abhiraam 8 Pleasing
Abhiraj 4 Fearless King
Abhirath 4 Great Charioteer
Abhirup 3 Pleasing
Abhisar 4 Companion
Abhisha 3
Abhishek 9 An Auspicious Bath For A Deity; Anointing
Abhisoka 3 Passionate; Loving
Abhisumat 4 Radiant; Another Name For Sun
Abhisyanta 1 Splendid; A Son Of Kuru And Vahini
Abhivaadan 9 Greeting
Abhivanth / Abivanth 9 Royal Salute
Abhivira 7 Surrounded By Heroes; A Commander
Abhra 3 Cloud
Abhrakasin 3 With Clouds For Shelter; An Ascetic
Abhyagni 4 Towards The Fire; A Son Of Aitasa
Abhyudaya 7 Sunrise; Elevation; Increase; Prosperity
Abhyudita 1 Elevated; Risen; Prosperous
Abimanyu 5 Arjuna's Son
Abishek 1
Abjayoni 5 Born Of The Lotus; Another Name For Brahma
Abjit 6 Conquering Water
Abra 4 Cloud
Abrar 4 A Truthful Person; Saint
Abu Bakr 2 The Companion Of Prophet Mohammed
Abul Khayr 9 One Who Does Good
Acalapati 1 Lord Of The Immovable, Lord Of Mountain
Acalendra 5 Lord Of The Immovable, The Himalayas
Acalesvara 2 God Of The Immovable, Another Name For Shiva
Acanda 6 Not Of The Hot Temper, Without Anger, Gentle
Acarya 4 Teacher, Another Name For Drona, Asvaghosa And Krpa
Acaryanandana 8 Son Of The Teacher, Another Name For Asvatthaman
Acaryasuta 2 Son Of The Teacher, Another Name For Asvatthaman
Acaryatanaya 3 Son Of The Teacher, Another Name For Asvatthaman
Acchindra 7 Flawless, Uninterrupted, Perfect
Acchutan 8 Lord Vishnu
Achal 7 Constant, Unshaked
Achalapati 9 Lord Of The Immovable; Lord Of Mountain
Achalendra 4 Lord Of The Immovable; The Himalayas
Achalesvara 1 God Of The Immovable; Another Name For Shiva
Achalraj 9 Himalayan Mountain
Achanda 5 Not Of The Hot Temper; Without Anger; Gentle
Acharya 3 Teacher; Another Name For Drona; Asvaghosa And Krpa
Acharyanandana 7 Son Of The Teacher; Another Name For Aswatthama
Acharyasuta 1 Son Of The Teacher; Another Name For Aswatthama
Achindra 4 Flawless; Uninterrupted; Perfect
Achintya 9 Inconceivable; A Name Of Lord Shiva; Beyond Comprehension
Achir 3 New
Achyut 6 Imperishable; Indestructible; A Name Of Vishnu
Achyuta 7 Indestructible, One Who Is Firm
Achyutaraya 7 Worshipper Of The Infallible; A Devotee Of Vishnu
Achyuthan 2 Indestructible
Acintya 1 Surpassing Thought, Incogitable
Acyutaraya 8 Worshipper Of The Infallible, A Devotee Of Vishnu
Adalarasu 6 King Of Dance
Adarsh 6 Ideal
Adeel 9 Judge, Honest
Adeela 1 Equal
Adeep 4 The Light Of Vishnu
Adesh 1 Command
Adham 9 Black
Adharma 1 Lawless
Adheer 5 Restless
Adheesh 5 King
Adhik 6 More, Lots
Adhikara 8 Principal; Controller; Right
Adhip 2 King
Adhipa 3 King; Ruler
Adhiraj 6 King
Adhita 7 A Scholar
Adi 5
Adikavi 3 First Poet
Adil 8 Sincere; Just
Adinath 3 The First Lord; Lord Vishnu
Adipurush 9 Primordial Being.
Adit 7 From The Beginning
Aditeya 2 Another Name For The Sun
Adithya 5 Sun God, Son Of Adithi
Aditya 6 Lord Of The Sun
Adityanandana 1 Son Of The Sun
Adityavardhana 3 Augmented By Glory
Adnan 7 Proper Name
Adri 5 Rock
Adripathi 5 Master Of The Mountains
Advait 3 Unique
Advaita 4 Focussed
Advaith 2
Advay 8 Unique
Advaya 9 One; United
Advik 2 Unique
Adwaita 5 Non-duality
Adway 9 One; United
Adwaya 1 Unique
Aeshan 3 In Gods Grace.
Afeef 5 Chaste; Modest
Aftaab 4 The Sun
Aftab 3 The Sun
Aganveer 1 God Of Law, Sikh Origin
Agasthya 1 A Name Of A Sage
Agasti 3 Name Of A Sage
Agastya 2 A Saint In Hindu Mythology
Agendra 5 Himalayan Mountain
Agha 8 Pre-eminent
Agharna 5 The Moon
Aghat 1 Destroyer Of Sin
Aghosh 4 Quiet, Soundless
Agnello 3 Angel *
Agneya 8 Son Of Agni
Agnikumara 6 Son Of Agni
Agnimitra 2 Friend Of Fire
Agnimukha 4 Face Of Fire
Agniprava 8 Bright As The Fire
Agnivesh 4 Bright As The Fire
Agraj 1 Leader, Senior
Agrata 3 Leadership
Agrim 3 Leader; First
Agrima 4 Advance
Agriya 7 First Best
Agyeya 1 Unknown
Ahan 6 One Who Is Of The Nature Of Time Itself
Ahijit 3 Conquerer Of The Serpent
Ahilan 9 Knowledgeable, Commanding
Ahir 9
Ahjaja 4 Born Of A Lotus
Ahmad 9 Praiseworthy, Commendable
Ahren 1 Enlightened
Ahriman 1 Evil Spirit
Ahsan 7 Nice; Beautiful
Aijaz 2 Favour
Aiman 2 Fearless
Ainesh 2 The Sun\'s Glory
Airaawat 2 The Celestial White Elephant
Airavata 1 Child Of Water
Aja 3 Unborn
Ajaat 6 Unborn
Ajaatshatru 3 Who Has No Enemies
Ajamil 1 A Mythological King
Ajanta 2 Eternal Fame
Ajar 3 One Who Is Not Old
Ajatashatru 3 Without Enemies
Ajay 1 Invincible; Unconquerable
Ajeet 5 Unconquerable
Ajendra 8 King Of Mountains
Ajinkya 8 Invincible
Ajisth 4 Very Inteligent
Ajit 4 Unconquerable
Ajit / Ajeet 9 Unconquerable
Ajitaabh 7 Whose Lustre Can't Be Diminished
Ajitabh 6 One Who Has Conquered The Sky
Ajitesh 9 Lord Vishnu
Ajmal 1 Pious
Ajoy 6 Joyful
Akaash 5 Sky
Akalmash 3 Stainless; Pure
Akalpa 6 Ornament
Akand 4 Calm
Akansh 9
Akarsh 4 Attractive
Akash 4 The Sky; Vast Like The Sky
Akbar 6 Powerful
Akhil 5 Complete
Akhilesh 1 Lord Of The Universe
Akhyath 2
Akilesh 2
Akmal 2 Complete
Akram 8 Most Generous
Akrash 4 Attractive
Akroor 6 Kind
Akshad 8
Akshaj 5 Lord Vishnu
Akshan 9 Eye
Akshansh 9 Universe
Akshar 4 Imperishable
Akshat 6 Uninjurable, One Who Cannot Be Harmed
Akshath 5 Indestructible
Akshay 2 Indestructible, Immortal
Akshayaguna 1 Of Limitless Attributes. A Name For Lord Shiva
Akshaykeerti 7 Eternal Fame
Akshit 5 Permanent
Akshobhya 9 One Of The Dhyani Buddhas
Akshun 2 A Significant Particle
Akul 9 A Name Of Lord Shiva
Al Abbas 2 Description Of A Lion
Alaa 6 Nobility; Excellence
Alaa Udeen 1 Excellence Of Religion
Alabhya 5 Durlabh
Alagan 9 Handsome
Alagappan 6 Handsome
Alagarasan 3 King Of Beauty, Handsome
Alagarasu 9 Handsome King; King Of Beauty
Alak 7 World; Beautiful Tresses
Alam 9 The Whole World
Alamgir 7 The Lord Of The Whole World
Alankar 4 Gold, Ornament
Alazae 1
Aleem 9 Knowledgeable
Alhad 8 Joy
Ali 4 Protected By God
Alif 1 The First Character In Hijaiyah
Alok 3 Cry Of Victory; Lovely Hair
Aloke 8 Light
Aloki 3 Brightness
Alop 8 That Which Does Not Disappear
Alpesh 7 Tiny
Amaan 3 Peace
Amaanath 5 Treasure
Amal 9 Pure; Hope; Aspiration
Amalendu 8 The Unblemished Moon
Amalesh 5 The Pure One
Aman 2 Peace
Amanath 4 Treasure
Amanda 7 Active
Amani 2 Wishes, Aspirations
Amar 6 Forever; Immortal
Amardeep 9 Eternal Light
Amaresh 2 Name Of Indra
Amaris 7 Child Of The Moon
Amarjeet 1 Victorious
Amarnath 4 Immortal God
Amartya 7 Immortal, Amber Of The Sky
Ambar 8 Sky, Cloth Cover
Ambareesh 9 King Of The Sky
Ambarish 8 The Sky
Amber 3 The Sky
Ambikapathi 1 Lord Of Siva
Ambud 5 Cloud
Ambuj 2 Born From Water, Lotus
Ameen 2 Faithful; Trustworthy
Ameer 6 Ruler; Prince
Ameet 8 Boundless
Ameretat 2 Immortal
Ameya 9 Immeasurable; Boundless
Ameyatma 7 Lord Vishnu
Ami 5 Nectar
Amil 8 Invaluable
Amin 1 Divine Grace
Amir 5 Rich
Amish 5 Honest
Amit 7 Without Limit; Endless
Amitaabh 1 Boundless Lustre
Amitabh 9 Limitless Lustre; Name Of Lord Buddha
Amitabha 1 Limitless Lustre; Name Of Lord Buddha
Amitav 3 Limitless Lustre; Name Of Lord Buddha
Amitava 4 Same As Amitabh
Amitbikram 7 Limitless Prowess
Amitesh 3 One Who Is Infinite; God
Amitiyoti 4 Limitless Brightness
Amitrasudan 4 Destroyer Of Enemies
Amiya 4 Nectar; Delight Amlan Unfading; Everbright,nectar
Amjad 2 More Glorious
Amlan 5 Unfading; Everbright
Amlankusum 9 Everlasting Flower
Amma 1 Supreme God
Ammar 1 Builder; Constructor; Religious Person
Amod 6 Pleasureable
Amogh 8 Unerring; A Name Of Lord Ganesh
Amoha 2 Clear; Straight
Amol 5 Priceless, Valuable
Amolak 8 Priceless
Amolik 7 Priceless
Amoorta 2 Formless
Amr 5 Old Arabic Name
Amresh 1 Lord Indra
Amrik 7 Nectar
Amrish 5 Lord Indra
Amrit 7 Nectar
Amritambu 8 Moon
Amritaya 7 The Immortal. Lord Vishnu
Amshu 8 Atom
Amshul 2 Bright
Amuk 1 Some; One Or Another
Amul 2 Priceless
Amulya 1 Invaluable; Princess
Anaadi 3 Without Beginning
Anaan 4 Clouds
Anadi 2 Eternal Anal Fire
Anagh 4 Sinless
Anal 1 Fire
Anamitra 5 The Sun
Anand 7 Bliss, Happiness
Ananda 8 A Half Brother Of Buddha
Anandi 7 Bringer Of Joy. Lord Vishnu
Anandmoorti 7 Happiness Personified
Anang 1 Name Of Cupid Or Kamadeva
Ananga 2 Name Of Cupid Or Kamadeva
Ananmaya 7 One Who Cannot Be Broken
Anant 5 Joyful; Unending
Ananta 6 Infinite
Anantajeet 1 The Victor Of Infinity. Lord Vishnu
Anantram 1 The Eternal; God
Ananyo 7 Sole, Peerless
Anarghya 3 Priceless
Anas 8 A Group Of People
Anathakrishnan 4
Anay 5 Radha\'s Husband
Anbarasu 5 King Of Love
Anbu 2 Love; Kindness
Anbuchelvan 4 Kind; King Of Love
Anbumadi 2 Kind And Intelligent
Anbuselvan 3 Kind; King Of Love
Anees 8 Close Friend
Anek 4 Many
Anesh 2 Smart One
Angad 9 An Ornament
Angada 1 Bracelet, Brother Of Wali & Sugreev
Angaj 6 Son
Angak 7 Son
Angamuthu 7 Made Of Pearls
Aniij 7 Charming
Anik 8 Soldier
Anikait 2 Lord Of The World
Aniket 6 Lord Shiva, Wanderer
Anil 9 The Wind God
Anilaabh 3 Spirit Of The Wind
Anilkumar 1 Son Of Wind ( Hanuman )
Animesh 6 Open-eyed Therefore Attractive
Animish 1 Open-eyed Therefore Attractive
Anirban 5
Aniruddha 8 Which Can't Be Restricted
Anirudh 3 Free; Grandson Of Lord Krishna
Anirudhha 3 Free; Grandson Of Lord Krishna
Anirvan 7 Undying
Anirvinya 5 A Name Of God Vishnu
Anisa 8 Supreme
Anish 6 Supreme; Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva
Anit 8 Joyful Unending
Aniteja 6 Immeasurable Splendour
Anjal 2 Hollow Formed By Joining Two Hands
Anjan 4 Eye Liner
Anjani 4 A Title Of The Mother Of Hanuman (anjani Kumar)
Anjas 9 Fortright
Anjasa 1 Guileless; Deceitless
Anjor 4 Bright
Anjum 5 A Token
Anjuman 2 A Token; A Sumbol
Ankal 3 Whole
Ankit 1 The Chosen One
Ankur 2 Sprout; New Life
Ankush 2 Check; An Instrument Used For Guiding Elephants
Anmol 1 Priceless
Anna 3 Food
Annuabhuj 2 Lord Shiva
Anoop 7 Without Compare; Uncomparable
Anoop / Anup 5 Incomparable, The Best
Anosh 3
Anram 2 Continuous
Ansar 8
Ansh 6 Portion
Anshu 9 Ray Of Light
Anshuk 2 Radiant
Anshul 3 Radiant, Bright Or Intelligent Person
Anshumaan 2 The Sun
Anshuman 1 The Sun
Anshumat 7 Luminous
Antara 1 Paragraph
Antariksh 2 Space
Antim 3 Last
Antrix 5
Anu 9 An Atom
Anubhav 6 Experience
Anugya 6 Authority
Anuha 9 Satisfied
Anuj 1 Younger Brother; Good In Everything
Anunay 4 Supplication; Consolation
Anup 7 Without Comparison
Anupam 3 Unique; Uncomparable
Anuraag 9 Love; Attachment; Devotion
Anurag 8 Love; Attachment; Devotion
Anuroop 1 Handsome
Anurup 1 Handsome
Anush 9
Anuttam 9 Unsurpassed
Anuva 5 Knowledge
Anvesh 6 Investigation
Anwar 3 Devotee Of God
Apoorva 7 Exquisite, Rare
Appaji 8 Lord Venkateswara Of Balaji
Apparajito 8 Undefeated
Aprameya 8 A Name Of Lord Krishna
Apurva 7 Unique
Aquil 6 Wise
Arabinda 5 Lotus
Aran 7 Righteous
Aranab 1 Ocean
Arav 6 Peaceful
Aravali 1 Righteous
Aravan 3 Righteous
Archan 9 Worship
Archit 5 Worshipped
Ardhendu 3 Half Moon
Areehah 1 Destroyer Of Enemies
Arghya 6 Offering To The Lord
Arha 1 Lord Shiva
Arham 5 Rhe Word Is Just Like Om For Jain Community
Arhan 6 Tirthankara
Arhant 8 Destroyer Of Enemies
Arhat 3 Respectable
Ariez 5
Arihaan 7 Destroyer Of Demons / Rakshas
Arihant 8 One Who Has Killed His Enemies
Arij 2 Pleasant Smell
Arijit 4 Conquering Enemies, Son Of Krishna And Subhadra
Arindam 6 Destroyer Of Enemies
Arinjay 6 Victory Over Evil
Aritra 4 One Who Shows The Right Path , Navigator
Arivalagan 5 Intelligent And Handsome
Arivali 9 Smart; Intelligent
Arivarasu 2 King Of Wisdom
Arivoli 5 Glowing With Intelligence
Arivuchelvan 1 One Whose Wealth Is His Wisdom
Arivumadhi 7 Intelligent
Arivumani 9 Intelligent Jem
Arivunambi 2 Confident And Intelligent
Arja 3 Divine
Arjav 7
Arjit 4 Earned
Arjun 1 Pandava Prince; Bright; Peacock
Arka 4 Offering To The Sun
Arkaan 1 Principles
Arman 2 Wish
Arnab 9
Arnav 2 Ocean; Sea
Arnesh 2 Lord Of The Sea
Arokya 8 Very Pious; Healthy
Aron 3
Aroon 9 Mythical Charioteer Of The Sun; Dawn
Arpan 5 Offering
Arrush 4
Arsalan 3
Arsh 1 Dominion; Crown
Arshad 6 Heavenly
Artagnan 4 The Knower Of All Meanings
Arul 7 The Lord's Grace; Lord's Blessings
Arulchelvan 9 Blessed
Arulselvan 8 Blessed
Arumugan 6 Lord Murugan
Arun 9 Mythical Charioteer Of The Sun; Dawn
Aruna 1 God Of The Dawn
Arunachaleshwara 1 Lord Of The Hills, Sun
Aruni 9 Name Of A Devoted Pupil,dawn
Arvind 5 Lotus
Arvinda 6 Lotus
Arya 9 Honoured, Noble,indian, Belonging To The Aryans
Aryaman 1 Noble-minded; Aristocratic; Sun
Aryan 5 Noble Or Civilized
Aryavan 7
Asad 9 Lion
Asao 7 Essence
Asav 6 Essence
Aseelah 7 From Noble Family
Aseem 1 Limitless
Asgar 9 Devotee
Ashank 3 Faith
Ashcharya 6 Surprise
Asheem 6 Boundless
Asher 6 Happy
Ashesh 6 Benediction
Ashfaq 7 Noble Prince
Ashim 5 Limitless
Ashirvad 1 Blessing
Ashis 2 Benediction; Blessings
Ashish 1 Blessings
Ashit 3 Lord Of The Rings - Saturn
Ashlesh 9 To Embrace
Ashley 7
Ashneel 1 The Best, Unbeatable
Ashok 9 One Without Sorrow
Ashoka 1 Name Of An Emperor
Ashraf 8 More Honorable
Ashray 9 Shelter
Ashu 4 Quick
Ashutosh 3 One Who Becomes Happy Easily, Shiva
Ashvath 7 Strong
Ashvin 1 A Cavalier
Ashwaghosh 1 Name Of Buddhist Philosopher
Ashwath 8 Banyan Tree
Ashwatthama 7 Disciple Of Dronacharya
Ashwin 2 A Cavalier; A Hindu Month
Ashwini 2 One Of The Constallations
Asif 8 Forgivness
Asija 4 Brother Of Sage Brihaspathi
Asim 6 Limitless
Asit 4 The Planet
Asitvaran 6 Dark Complexioned
Asiya 1 One Who Tends To The Weak And Heals
Asjid 7 One Who Prays To God
Aslam 1 Greeting
Aslesh 1 Embrance
Asuman 6 Lord Of Vital Breaths
Asura 6 A Demon
Asvin 2 A Hindu Month
Aswal 2
Ataa 5 Gift
Atal 7 Stable, Unavoidable
Atambhu 3 The Holy Trinity
Atanu 3 Cupid
Ateet 6 Past
Atharva 8 Name Of Ganesha; The First Vedas
Atharvan 4 Knower Of The Artharva Vedas
Athiya 1 To Surpass
Athrv 6 Lord Ganesha
Atif 9 Generous
Atiksh 5 Wise
Atimanav 9 Super Man
Atinder 8
Atit 5
Atithi 4 Guest
Atiya 2 To Surpass
Atma 8 Soul
Atmaja 1 Son,daughter
Atmajyoti 6 Inner Light; Light Of The Soul
Atman 4 The Self
Atmanand 5 Blissful
Atmananda 6 Bliss Of Soul
Atraiu 7 Great Warrior
Atralarasu 4 Skillfull King Or Leader
Atre 8 The Son Of Sage Atri To Whom Dattatreya Was Born
Atreya 7 Receptacle Of Glory
Atul 9 Uncomparable
Atul Atulya 8 Matchless; Incomparable
Atulya 8 Unweighable, Incomparable
Ausija 7 Renowned; Bright As The Dawn
Avadhesh 5 King Dasaratha
Avalok 8 Who Beholds
Avaneesh 3 Lord Of The Earth (shiva Or Vishnu)
Avanindra 3 Lord Of The Earth
Avanish 2 Lord Of The Earth
Avashesh 2 Remainder
Avasyu 8 Lord Indra
Avatar 9 Incarnation
Avi 5 The Sun And Air
Avichal 2 Unmovable
Avijit 8 Invincible
Avikam 3 Diamond
Avikshit 9 Never Seen Before
Avilash 9 Faithful
Avin 1
Avinash 2 Immortal; Inconquerable
Avinashi 2 Indestructable
Aviral 9 Continous, Ongoing
Avirat 8 Continuous
Avish 5
Avkash 8 Limitless Space Avatar Incarnation
Avtar 8 Holy Incarnation
Avyukt 1 One With A Clear Mind, Krishna
Avyukta 2 One With A Clear Mind, Krishna
Awad 2 Reward; Compensation
Aws 7 Name Of A Tree
Ayaan 6 God\'s Gift
Ayaaz 9 Respected And Enduring
Ayan 5
Ayavanth 2 Lord Shiva
Ayman 9 Lucky; On The Right
Ayodhya 7
Ayog 3 Auspicious Time
Ayoob 4 A Prophet's Name
Ayush 2 Duration Of Life; A Divine Personification Presiding Over Life
Ayushman 3 Blessed With Long Life
Ayyapan 2 Ever Youthful
Ayyappa 4 Southern Deity; Ever Youthful
Azeez 9 Friend
Azhagar 8 The Handsome One
Azhar 9 The Most Shining; Luminous
Azzaam 5 Determined; Resolved
Azzam 4 The Lord; Almighty


  1. @ Sanstava संस्तवा- common or simultaneous praise,
    praise , commendation, acquaintance with
    ◀ Sanstavati संस्तवती- praising eloquently , eloquent, a singer , chanter
    # Sanstyana संस्त्याना- coagulated , condensed, the becoming condensed or solid or compact (applied to the fetus)
    ◀ Sanstuti संस्तुति praise ,eulogy, figurative mode of expression
    ♡ Samanta समन्ता- neighbourhood, contiguous, adjacent, entire, bordering, having the ends together, limiting, universal, being on every side, being on all sides. Here सम् means together, with + अन्त/अन्ता means ends, sides
    @ Saamanta सामन्ता- countess
    》Saamanti सामन्ती-bordering, Limitative, boundary, bounding, neighbouring
    # Sanraddha संराद्धा- accomplished , acquired , obtained. It is derived from word संराद्ध
    ● Sanraddhi संराद्धि- accomplishment ,success
    ♥ Sanra/Sanraa संरा- to give liberally , bestow , grant
    ○ Sanrambha संरम्भा- the act of grasping or taking hold of, vehemence , impetuosity , agitation , flurry,
    excitement , zeal , eagerness , enthusiasm , ardent desire for or to, anger ,angriness, pride , arrogance, intensity, high degree, the brunt (of battle),
    beginning. It is feminine of संरम्भ
    # Sanranjana संरञ्जन/संरंजना- gratifying , charming , pleasant. It is derived from word संरञ्जन
    ▶ Sanranjita संरञ्जिता/संरंजिता- coloured , dyed , reddened. It is feminine of संरञ्जित
    @ Sanrakta संरक्ता- coloured, redinflamed , enamoured, charming , beautiful
    ▶ Sanrakshita संरक्षिता- protected , preserved , taken care of
    # Sanrakshini संरक्षिणी- one who guards , a guardian , keeper
    ● Sanraksha संरक्षा- guard , care , protection
    ☆ Sanrakshika संरक्षिका- a keeper , guardian
    # Sanyojita संयोजिता- conjoined , attached
    ♥ Sanyogita संयोगिता- conjoined, attached, united
    ▶ Shridatta श्रीदत्ता- fortune-giver. Here श्री means fortune + दत्ता means giving
    ★ Shridhara श्रीधरा- " bearer or possessor of fortune". Here श्री means fortune + धरा means bearer
    @ Shripadi श्रीपदी- a kind of jasmine
    ● Shripa/Shreepa श्रीपा- preserving fortune. Here श्री means fortune + पा means preserving
    ▼ Shriprada श्रीप्रदा- bestowing happiness or prosperity
    . Here श्री means happiness, prosperity + प्रदा means bestowing
    # Shrinivasa श्रीनिवासा- "abode of goddess Lakshmi"(a form or avatar of goddess Lakshmi), A name of goddess Radha. Here श्री means goddess Lakshmi + निवासा means abode
    ♥ Shrisha/Shreesha श्रीशा- "faculty or power of goddess Lakshmi", formed by power of Lakshmi (an incarnation of Shrī or Lakshmī), name of goddess Rādhā. Here श्री means goddess Lakshmi + ईशा means faculty or power
    # Shrikari श्रीकरी- causing prosperity , giving good fortune. Here श्री means fortune + करी means conferring
    ♥ Shrikara श्रीकरा- causing prosperity, giving good fortune. Here श्री means prosperity + करा from word कर means causing
    ◆ Shrikarani श्रीकरणी- causing glory or distinction. Here श्री means glory + करणी means causing
    ◀ Shravaniki श्रावणिकी- Relating to or produced in the month ShrAvaNa
    ● Shrikanthika श्रीकण्ठिका- (in music) a partic. Rāga, "beautiful throated". Here श्री means beautiful + कण्ठिका means throat
    # Shriti श्रिति- approach , recourse ,entering
    @ Sanyogini संयोगिनी- being in contact or connection , closely connected with (instr. or comp.), united ( with a loved object), married, conjunct. It is feminine of संयोगिन्

    #Anirvid अनिर्विद्- free from causes of depression,
    unwearied, not desponding. Here अ means not +
    निर्विद् means desponding, depression
    #Anirved अनिर्वेद- absence of dejection or
    depression, self-reliance, self-confidence. Here अ
    means not or free from +निर्वेद् means dejection,
    #Anirvedit अनिर्वेदित- self-reliant, bold, not
    depressed. Here अ means not +निर्वेदित means
    reliant on others, depressed
    #Anirday अनिर्दय- tenderly, softly. Here अ means
    not +निर्दय means cruelty, harshly
    #Aanirhat आनिर्हत- of indestructible nature
    #Anirdisht अनिर्दिष्ट- undefined, unexplained. Here
    अ means not +निर्दिष्ट means explained
    #Anirdishya अनिर्दिश्य- undefinable, inexplicable.
    Here अ means not +निर्दिश्य means definable
    #Anirghat अनिर्घात- not wresting or tearing from .
    Here अ means not + निर्घात means wresting or
    tearing from
    #Anirghatya अनिर्घात्य- not to be brought out by
    force. Here अ means not +निर्घात्य means brought
    out by force
    #Anirbhar अनिर्भर- light, slight, not excessive. Here
    अ means not +निर्भर means bulky, excessive
    #Anirjit अनिर्जित- unconquered .Here अ means not
    +निर्जित means conquered, defeated
    #Anirakrit अनिराकृत- unobstructed .Here अ means
    not + निराकृत् means obstructed
    #Anirahit/Aniraahit अनिराहित- not to be kept from
    #Anirvan/Anirvaan अनिर्वाण- unextinguished .Here
    अ means not +निर्वाण means to extinguish
    #Anirupt अनिरुप्त- not distributed, not shared .Here
    अ means not +निरुप्त means distributed, shared
    #Anirupit/Aniroopit अनिरूपित- undefined, not
    determined. Here अ means not + निरूपित means
    defined, determined
    #Anirakritin अनिराकृतिन्- one who does not forget
    what he has learned.
    #Analochit अनालोचित- unseen, unbeheld,
    unweighed, rash, imprudent. Here अन् means
    without +आलोचित means seen, prudent, beheld,
    $ Anibaddh अनिबद्ध-not bound. Here अ means not
    +निबद्ध means bound
    #Anasuyu अनसूयु- unenvious, not spiteful. Here अन्
    means not + असूयु means envious, spiteful
    #Anasuyak अनसूयक- not envious, not spiteful. Here
    अन् means not +असूयक means on who is envious
    #Anasuyakam अनसूयकं- unenvious
    #Anasuyam अनसूयं- not envious It is noun form of
    #Anasuyat अनसूयत्- not envious.Here अन् means
    not means असूयत् envious
    #Anasuyant अनसूयन्त्- not spiteful or not envious
    #Anikavat अनीकवत्- having a face or constituting
    the face, occupying the front most rank, a name
    of Agni/ अग्नि .Here अनीक means face, rank +वत्
    means one who has
    #Anikasth/Anikastha अनीकस्थ- a warrior,
    combatant , a sentinel, mahout, a sign or mark,
    military drum. Here अनीक means battle,
    appearance +स्थ means what stays
    #Anich/Aneech अनीच- 'not low', respectable,
    Here अ means not +नीच means low
    #Anichais अनीचैस्- loudly,not in a low voice
    #Anichaistan अनीचैस्तन-not low, decent
    #Anirit/Aneerit अनीरित- unstirred. Here अ means
    not +नीरित means stirred
    #Astik/Aastik आस्तिक- one who has faith in god,
    pious, faithful

  3. #Ayus आयुस्- life, vital power, vigour, health, age,
    efficacy, duration of life
    #Ayush आयुष्- life, vital power, vigour, health, age
    ♥Ayur आयुर्- life, efficacy, health, vigour, age
    #Ayushmat आयुष्मत्- possessed of vital power,
    healthy,long-lived, alive, living
    #Ayushman आयुष्मान्- possessed of vital power,
    healthy, long lived, living
    Here आयुष् means age ,life +मान् means one who
    #Ayushak आयुषक्- with co-operation of men
    #Ayushk आयुष्क- the being fond of or depending on
    #Ayushay आयुषय- to wish long life to anyone
    #Ayushkar आयुष्कर- causing or creating long life
    Here आयुष् means life +कर means causing, creating
    Here आयुष् means long life + कर means causing or
    #Ayuskar आयुस्कर- promoting longevity, supporting
    life Here आयुस् means life, longevity + कर means
    #Ayushkrit आयुष्कृत्- causing or creating life
    Here आयुष् means long life +कृत् means causing or
    #Ayushyavat आयुष्यवत्- long-lived
    #Ayukrit आयुकृत- making or giving long life
    Here आयुष् means long life +कृत् means done,
    #Ayushkam आयुष्काम-wishing for long life or
    Here आयुष् means long life, health +काम means
    Here आयुष् means health, life +काम means desire
    #Aayudh/Ayudh आयुध- weapon
    #Aayudhik आयुधिक- relating to arms, living by
    one's weapons, (m.) warrior, soldier
    #Aayut आयुत- melted, mingled, mixed
    #Aayuj आयुज- to join, fasten, uniting, to
    accomodate with
    ♥Aakhug आखुग- 'riding on a rat', A name of lord
    Here आखु means rat +ग means one who goes,
    goes on
    #Aakhuyaan आखुयान- one whose vehicle is rat,A
    name of lord Ganesha
    Here आखु means rat +यान means vehicle
    #Aakhurath आखुरथ-'riding on a rat', Lord Ganesha
    Here आखु means rat + रथ means a vehicle
    $ Aru अरु- sun, red blossomed Khadira tree
    # Aaru आरु- tawny (As a verb in word Aaru means
    ♥ Arul अरुल- water, a small boat
    $ Aarut आरुत- crying out, praise, cry
    ♥ Arav अरव- calm, noiseless, silent. Here अ
    means without, not + रव means cry, sound, noise
    ♥ Aarav आरव- sound, thundering, humming,
    Arabian, cry. Here आ means with + रव means
    sound, cry
    # Aaraav आराव -humming (as bees), howling, cry,
    $ Aravam अरवं/अरवम् - noiseless
    ♥ Aruj अरुज- painless, free from disease, brisk,
    healthy . Here अ means without, free from +रुज
    means disease, pain
    # Aaruj आरुज- breaking, destroying
    $ Arugna/Arugn अरुग्ण- healthy, painless. Here अ
    means not, free from + रुग्ण means pain, disease
    $ Arush अरुष- sun, reddish, day, red horses of god
    of fire
    # Arush अरुष्- 'good-tempered'. Here अ means not
    + रुष् means angry, ill-tempered
    $ Aroosh अरूष- sun, a kind of snake
    # Aarush आरुष्- to make furious
    $ Aaruh आरुह्- ascending, shoot (of a plant)
    # Aaruh आरुह- ascending, mounting
    $ Arushahan अरुशहन्- striking the red
    #Aravindam अरविन्दम्- lotus, copper
    $ Aravindanabh/Aravindnabh अरविन्दनाभ- lord
    Vishnu,"lotus naveled" . Here अरविन्द means lotus
    + नाभ means navel
    # Aravindanabhi/Aravindnabhi अरविन्दनाभि- lord
    Vishnu(from whose navel sprung the lotus that
    bore Brahma at the creation) . Here अरविन्द means
    a lotus + नाभि means navel
    $ Aravindasad अरविन्दसद्- "sitting on a lotus", Lord
    Brahma . Here अरविन्द means lotus + सद् means
    one who sits on

  4. Hindu baby boy names with meaning starting from A
    # Aniruddh अनिरुद्ध- unobstructed, ungovernable,
    self-willed,a spy, a secret emissary, name of Lord
    शिव, the rope for fastening cattle. Here अ means
    not + निरुद्ध means obstructed
    ♥ Aruddh अरुद्ध- not hindered. Here अ means not
    + रुद्ध means hindered
    $ Abj/Abja अब्ज - "born in water", a lotus, moon,
    the conch. It is joining of अप् + ज . Here अप् means
    water + ज means born
    ♥ Abjit अब्जित्- conquering waters. Here अप् means
    water + जित् means one who conquers
    # Ash अष्- to shine, to receive, acquire, to go or
    ♥ Ash अश्- to reach, arrive at, get, gain, to
    master, to offer, to enjoy, to pervade, to
    accumulate, to eat, feed
    $ Aash आश्/आश -to reach, acquire, to eat, food, to
    # Aashishat आशिषत- to reach, arrive at, gain, to
    $ Ashnavat अश्नवत्- to master, to pervade, arrive
    at, to enjoy
    # Aashat आशत- to acquire, come to, to master, to
    $ Aanansh आनंश- to reach, to enjoy, to gain
    # Aanash आनश/आनाश- to master, fill, to pervade,
    $ Aashuh आशुह- to reach, come to, to offer, to
    # Ashant अशन्त्- to eat, feed
    $ Ashishyat अशिष्यत्- to eat, feed
    # Aashivas आशिसवस- to eat, feed
    $ Aashishat आशिशत्- to eat, feed
    ▶ Amitam अमितम्-immensely, infinite
    $ Amitakratu/Amitkratu अमितक्रतु-of unbounded
    energy. Here अमित means unbounded + क्रतु means
    # Amitatejas अमिततेजस्- of boundless glory.
    Hereअमित means boundless, infinite + तेजस् means
    glory, lustre
    $ Amitatvaअमितत्व- boundlessness
    # Amitaprabh/Amitprabh अमितप्रभ-of boundless
    lustre, having infinite shine. Here अमित means
    infinite, boundless + प्रभ means shine
    $ Amitaprabhas/Amitprabhas अमितप्रभास-having
    unbounded lustre. Here अमित means unbounded,
    infinite प्रभास means shine, lustre
    # Amitabuddhimant/Amitbuddhimant अमितबुद्धिमन्त्-
    of unmeasured intellect. Here अमित means
    unmeasured+ बुद्धिमन्त् means intellect
    $ Amitaujas अमितौजस्- of unbounded energy, all-
    powerful, almighty.Here अमित means boundless +
    ओजस् means strength.
    $ Amitavikram/Amitvikramअमितविक्रम् of
    unmeasured power, of unbounded valour, a
    Name of विष्णु . Here
    अमित means unbounded + विक्रम means valour
    $ Amitavirya/Amitvirya अमितवीर्य- of immense
    strength. Here अमित means infinite +वीर्य means
    $ Amitakshar अमिताक्षर-not containing a fixed
    number of syllables. Here अमित means
    unmeasured, infinite + अक्षर means syllables
    # Amitatman अमितात्मन्-of an immense mind. Here अमित means immense + आत्मन् means mind
    $ Amitabh अमिताभ- of unmeasured splendour,
    Name of certain deities in the eighth मन्वन्तर. Here
    अमित means unmeasured, unbounded + आभा/आभ
    means splendour
    # Amitayus अमितायुस्- long-living, one having
    unbounded or unmeasured life. Here अमित means
    unmeasured + आयुस् means life
    # Amitrakarshan अमित्रकर्षण- harassing enemies.
    Here अमित्र means enemy + कर्षण means destroying
    $ Amitrakarshin अमित्रकर्षिन्- harassing enemies.
    Here अमित्र means enemy + कर्षिन् means harassing

  5. Meaning of Sanskrit baby boy names
    # Arinipat अरिनिपात -invasion or incursion of
    enemies. Here अरि means enemy + निपात means incursion or invasion
    # Arigurta/Arigurt/Arigoort अरिगूर्त- praised by
    devoted men
    # Arikt अरिक्त -not void or empty, not empty,
    abundant. Here अ means not +रिक्त means empty
    , void, blank
    # Ariktapani अरिक्तपाणि- not with empty hands. Here अरिक्त means not empty + पाणि means hands
    # Arikarshan अरिकर्षण- harasser of enemies
    Here अरि means enemy + कर्षण means harrasser,
    # Arindam अरिंदम -foe-conquering, victorious, Name of lord Shiva/ शिव. Here अरि means enemy + दम means to tame
    ▲ Anish अनिश- nightless, incessant, sleepless,
    It is joining of अ+निश .Here अ means not + निश
    means night, interruption
    ▲ Aneesh अनीश- one who has no lord or superior,
    'Vishnu' , paramount, having no control
    Here अन् means without + ईश means lord, superior
    # Anisham अनिशम्- continually, constantly
    ♣ Anih अनिह- one who has or knows no here
    # Aneeh अनीह- indifferent, listless
    # Anil अनिल- air, god of wind, kind of sword, one
    of eight demigods called Vasus
    # Aneel अनील-white
    Here अ means not +नील means black or blue
    ♣ Aaneel आनील -darkish, black horse, tin,
    slightly dark or blue
    ▲ Aanil आनिल- windy, belonging to god of
    # Anilay अनिलय -restless, having no resting
    # Anilaghna/Anilaghn अनिलघ्न -curing disorders arising from wind
    # Anilamay अनिलमय- morbid affection of
    wind, rheumatism, flatulence
    # Anilayan अनिलायन- way or course of wind. Here अनिल means wind + आयन means way
    # Anilasakh अनिलसख- friend of wind, Name of fire
    god Here अनिल means wind +सख means friend
    #Anilashan अनिलाशन -air-eater, serpent
    Here अनिल means wind + आशन means eater
    # Anilaj अनिलज -son of wind-god, lord Hanuman
    (हनुमान). Here अनिल means wind + ज means born
    # Anilatmaj अनिलात्मज -son of wind god, lord
    Hanuman. Here अनिल means wind/wind-god +
    आत्मज means son
    #Anushush अनुषूष्- (verb) go on prospering,
    prosper after another
    # Anupakshit/Anupaxit अनुपक्षित -uninjured,
    It is joining of अन्+उपक्षित .Here अन् means without
    & उपक्षित means decayed injured
    # Analas अनलस- energetic. It is joining of अन् + अलस Here अन् means without + अलस means laziness
    # Arup अरूप-shapeless, formless. Here अ means
    not + रूप means shape , body
    # Arupin अरूपिन्- shapeless, formless
    # Arupak अरूपक -shapeless, formless
    # Archan अर्चन -worship, honouring,
    # Arvan अर्वन् -quick, vile, running, Lord
    Indra, horse, courser
    #Atidev अतिदेव-superior god, surpassing the gods
    Here अति means superior + देव means god
    # Atigun अतिगुण -having extraordinary qualities
    Here अति means extraordinary + गुण means
    # Atikrit अतिकृत-extraordinary, exceptional, over
    done Here अति means over, very + कृत means done
    # Atimaal अतिमाल- excelling a necklace. Here अति means excelling + माल means necklace
    # Atimaan अतिमान-great haughtiness
    Here अति means great + मान means haughtiness
    # Atishat अतिशात- delightful
    ♥ Atish/Ateesh अतीश -supreme lord, extremely
    powerful, most capable, extraordinary ruler
    It is joining of अति + ईश .Here अति means
    extermely, excess, surpassing + ईश means lord,
    master, king, powerful, capable
    It was a name of an ancient Buddhist saint
    # Atka अत्क- armour, traveller, garment
    # Atas अतस -wind, air, weapon, garment made of
    fibre of flax
    # Aatuch आतुच -evening, growing dusk
    # Aparimit अपरिमित -unlimited, unmeasured.
    Here अ means not, without + परिमित means limited, measured
    # Atiyaaj अतियाज- great sacrificer, very pious
    It is joining of अति+याज Here अति means very,
    great + याज means pious, sacrificer
    ▲ Atiroop/Atirup अतिरूप- very handsome,
    extraordinary beauty. Here अति means very + रूप
    means beautiful
    # Atimit अतिमित- over measured, beyond
    measure, exceeding. Here अति meansb excess, beyond, over + मित means measured
    # Atibal अतिबल- very strong, active soldier.
    Here अति means very + बल means strong
    # Atidan/Atidaan अतिदान -liberality, excessive
    munificence. It is joining of अति+दान . Here अति means excess + दान means donation, liberal

    # Anal अनल- fire, god of fire, digestive power, bile
    # Analad अनलद- quenching fire (said of water).
    Here अनल means fire + द Means quenching
    # Analasakh/Analsakh अनलसख - fire's friend(Wind)
    Here अनल means fire + सख means friend
    # Analopal अनलोपल -'fire-stone', crystal. It is
    joining of अनल+उपल Here अनल means fire + उपल
    means stone
    # Analp अनल्प -much, numerous. It is joining of अन्+अल्प. Here अन् means not +अल्प
    means a little
    ♥Afull अफुल्ल -unblown [a rose]
    ▲ Aritri अरितृ -rower
    ▼ Aritra/Aritr अरित्र -propelling, driving, oar
    # Arisht अरिष्ट- secure, unhurt. It is joining of अ
    + रिष्ट .Here अ means not +रिष्ट
    means unlucky, wounded, injured
    ♥ Aarit आरित -praised
    # Arishyat अरिष्यत् -not being hurt
    # Arinut अरिनुत -praised even by enemies.
    Here अरि means enemies + नुत means praised
    # Arindam अरिन्दम -victorious, foe-conquering
    ♥Arih अरिह -killing of enemies.
    Here अरि means enemies + ह means killing
    # Arihin अरिहीन -one having no enemies
    Here अरि means enemies + हीन means without
    # Arijit अरिजित -conqueror of enemies
    Here अरि means enemies + जित means conqueror
    # Arijay अरिजय -conqueror of enemies
    ▲ Amish अमिष- not guile(honest), free from deceit,
    not having rivalary, authentic
    It is joining of अ+मिष .Here अ means not or
    without + मिष means guile, deceit, rivalary
    ▲ Adas/Adaas अदास -free, independent, not slave
    Here अ means not + दास means slave
    # Abja/Abj अब्ज- 'born in water', the conch, moon
    (n.) a lotus
    ♣ Abjaj अब्जज- sprung (at the creation) from the
    lotus (which arose from the navel of Vishnu), A
    name of Brahma/ब्रह्मा
    Here अब्ज means lotus +ज means born
    Lord Brahma is considered as born from the navel
    of lord Vishnu whose navel is in the form of a
    # Abjabhav अब्जभव- sprung(at the creation) from
    the lotus (which arose from the navel of Vishnu),
    A name of Brahma
    Here अब्ज means lotus +भव means born, derived
    # Abjabhu अब्जभू- sprung (at the creation)from the
    lotus(which arose from the navel of Vishnu), A
    name of Brahma. Here अब्ज means lotus + भू
    means born
    # Abjadrish अब्जदृश् -lotus eyed, Having large fine
    eyes. Here अब्ज means lotus + दृश् means eyes/eyed
    # Abjanetra/Abjanetr अब्जनेत्र -lotus eyed, having large fine
    Here अब्ज means lotus +नेत्र means eyes
    # Abjanayan अब्जनयन- lotus eyed, having large fine
    eyes. Here अब्ज means lotus + नयन means eyes
    #Abjanabh अब्जनाभ- whose navel is a lotus
    Here अब्ज means lotus +नाभ means navel
    # Abjavahan अब्जवाहन- 'carrying the moon'(on his
    forehead), Shiva.
    Here अब्ज means lotus + वाहन means carrying
    # Abjasaras अब्जसरस्- a lotus pond
    Here अब्ज means lotus + सरस् means pond
    # Abjaad अब्जाद -'eating lotus leaves'a swan
    ★ Abjit अब्जित -conquering waters
    Here अब्/अव् means water +जित् means conquering
    # Arya/Aarya आर्य -courteous, respectable, wise,
    faithful, noble, excellent, Aryan, master, friend,
    Buddha, honourable man
    # Arya अर्य- dear, true, devoted, excellent, master, lord
    # Aryamik अर्यमिक -intimate, very friendly
    # Aryaman अर्यमन्- bosom friend, sun, play-fellow,
    milkweed plant
    # Aryamaan आर्यमान् -one having qualities of an
    Aryan, noble respectable ,excellent.
    Here आर्य means respectable,honest, excellence
    + मान् as a suffix means one who has
    # Aryam अर्यम -bosom friend, companion
    ♥ Aryav आर्यव -honourable behavior, honesty
    # Aryavach आर्यवाच् -speaking Aryan language
    Here आर्य means Aryan +वाच् means language
    # Aryachetas आर्यचेतस् -noble-minded
    Here आर्य means noble + चेतस् means mind
    # Aryavrat आर्यव्रत -observing laws and ordinances
    of the Aryans or honourable men, behaving like
    Aryans. Here आर्य means honourable, Aryan + व्रत means behaviour
    # Aryavritt आर्यवृत्त -behavior of an Aryan or noble
    man, honest, virtuous. Here आर्य means Aryan,
    noble +वृत्त means behavior
    # Aryavesh आर्यवेश -dressed like an Aryan or
    honest person.

  7. Meaning of boy names in Sanskrit
    @ Aindav ऐन्दव -relating to the moon , like the moon ,lunar ,the planet Mercury
    ▶ Aidh ऐध -flame ,splendour, ardour,power
    ¤ Aitash ऐतश -Name of a sage( Muni)
    * Aineya ऐणेय -produced or coming from the female black antelope,
    belonging to anything which is
    produced from the female black antelope ,the black antelope, a kind of coitus
    * Ain ऐण -produced from or belonging to the male black antelope
    # Aidak ऐडक -a species of sheep
    ◀ Aidavid/Aidvid ऐडविड -a descendant of iDA, Name of Kuvera,
    Name of a son of Dasharatha
    * Aid ऐड -containing anything that refreshes or strengthens ,ending in or containing the word [ iDā ] (as a
    Sāman) ,descended from IDā
    @ Aingud ऐङ्गुद/ ऐंगुद -coming
    from the plant Inguda ,the fruit of that plant
    ▲ Aikshav ऐक्षव -made of or
    produced from the sugar-cane ,sugar
    # Aikshuk ऐक्षुक -suitable for sugar-cane, bearing sugar-cane
    ♧ Aikya ऐक्य -oneness ,unity ,harmony ,sameness ,identity of the human soul or of the universe
    with the Deity,an aggregate ,sum
    (in math.) the product of the length and depth of excavations differing in depth
    * Aikarthya ऐकार्थ्य -oneness of aim or intention oneness or unity of an idea, sameness of meaning
    $ Aihik ऐहिक -of this place ,of this world ,worldly ,local ,temporal
    * Aishtak ऐष्टक -made of bricks (as a house), the sacrificial bricks collectively,putting up the bricks
    @ Aileya ऐलेय -Nameof the planet Mars
    * Ailak ऐलक -coming from the sheep
    * Ailab ऐलब -noise, cry ,roaring
    ▼ Ailavil/Ailawil ऐलविल -a descendant of Ilavila, Name of Dilīpa, a descendant of Ilavilā ,Name of Kuvera
    ★ Ailik ऐलिक -a descendant of Ilinī ,Name of Jansu (father of Dushyanta)
    ☆ Ailush/Ailoosh ऐलूष -a descendant of Ilūsha ,Name of Kavasha (author of a Vedic hymn)
    ◀ Aish ऐश -relating to or coming from Shiva ,
    Shiva-like ,divine ,supreme ,regal.
    ♣ Aishik ऐशिक -relating to lord Shiva
    # Aisheek ऐषीक -consisting of stalks, made of reeds or cane (as a missile), treating of missiles made of reeds
    ♥ Aishya ऐश्य -supremacy ,power
    ◀ Aishan/Aishaan ऐशान -relating to or coming from Shiva, belonging to Shiva's quarter ,north-eastern
    * Aikantik ऐकान्तिक -absolute , necessary ,complete, exclusive
    * Aikantya ऐकान्त्य -exclusiveness , absoluteness
    * Aikang ऐकाङ्ग -a soldier who acts as body-guard
    * Aikatmya ऐकात्म्य -unity of the soul, unity of being, oneness ,identity
    oneness with the Supreme Spirit
    @ Aikamukhya ऐकमुख्य -unanimity
    * Aikamatya ऐकमत्य -unanimity , conformity or sameness of opinions
    ,having conformity of opinions, conforming ,agreeing
    ▲ Aikapatya ऐकपत्य -sovereignty of one , absolute monarchy
    @ Ail ऐल -a descendant of Ilā ,Name of Purūravas,
    Name of the planet Mars, plenty or abundance
    of food or refreshment, a particular number
    ◀ Airavat/Airawat ऐरावत -a descendant of Irā-vat, "produced from the ocean" ,Name of Indra's
    elephant (considered as the prototype of the elephant race and the supporter of the east quarter, a species of elephant, the tree Artocarpus Lacucha, the orange tree, Name of a particular portion of the moon's path, a kind of rainbow,
    * Air ऐर -relating to or consisting of water or refreshment or food ,a heap or plenty of food or refreshment
    @ Airanmad ऐरंमद -coming from sheet-lightning, a descendant of Agni ,Name of Devamuni (author
    of a Vedic hymn)
    @ Aindhan ऐन्धन -produced from fuel (as fire)
    * Aindri ऐन्द्रि -a descendant of Indra, Name of Jayanta ,Name of Arjuna, name of the monkey-king Vālin, a crow
    @ Aindragn ऐन्द्राग्न -sacred or belonging to or
    coming from Indra and Agni, the Nakshatra Viśākhā
    * Aindranil ऐन्द्रनील -made of sapphire
    ◀ Aindra/Aindr ऐन्द्र -belonging to or sacred to Indra ,coming or proceeding from Indra ,similar
    to lord Indra
    * Airin ऐरिण -fossil or rock salt

  8. Sanskrit baby boy names with meaning
    ● Anjan अञ्जन/अंजन -Name of a fabulous, serpent, Name of a tree Pañcat. Name of a mountain, name of a king of मिथिला, of the elephant of the west or south-west quarter,
    act of applying an ointment or pigment, embellishing, black pigment or collyrium applied to the eyelashes or the inner coat of the
    eyelids, a special kind of this pigment, as lamp-black, Antimony, extract of Ammonium, Xanthorrhiza ,
    paint, especially as a cosmetic
    magic ointment, ink, night ,fire, (In rhetoric) making clear the meaning of an equivocal expression, double entendre or pun, a kind of domestic lizard
    * Anjanakesh/Anjankesh अञ्जनकेश/ अंजनकेश
    whose hair (or mane) is as black as pigment. Here अञ्जन means pigment + केश means hair
    @ Anjanavat/Anjanwat अञ्जनवत्/अंजनवत् -like collyrium
    # Aaragay आरागय -to gladden highly,
    to obtain, to relish
    ~ Aaragit आरागित- pleased,
    * Aragr/Aaragr आराग्र -the point of an awl ,the iron thong at the end (of a whip), the edge of a semicircular arrow-head, sharpened, sharp at the top and broad at the bottom like an awl. Here आरा means awl + अग्र means edge
    # Aarat आरात् -from a distant place
    distant, to a distant place, far from
    directly, immediately
    ♥ Aratrik आरात्रिक -the light (or the vessel containing it) which is waved at night before an idol, Name of this ceremony.
    # Aradh/Aaradh आराध- gratification, paying homage
    * Aradhak/Aaradhak आराधक -worshipping, a worshipper
    ☆ Aradhan/Aaradhan आराधन-
    propitiating, rendering favourable to one's self, gratifying, propitiation, homage, worship, adoration,
    effecting, acquirement, attainment
    # Aradhaniya आराधनीय -to be worshipped or adored, to be propitiated or conciliated
    ▲ Aradhay आराधय -propitiating, doing homage
    * Aradhayishnu आराधयिष्णु -wishing or endeavouring to conciliate, propitiatory
    ♥ Aradhit/Aaradhit आराधित - propitiated, pleased, solicited for a boon, worshipped, honoured,
    accomplished, effected.
    ▲ Anyadrish अन्यादृश -looking different, of another kind or nature. Here अन्या means different + दृश means appearance
    # Anyadriksh अन्यादृक्ष -of another kind, like another, strange .Here अन्या means another + दृक्ष means appearance
    ◀ Aanardh आनर्ध -to grow, increase,
    prosper, succeed, accomplish, to be promoted
    ◀ Aarsh आर्ष -relating or belonging to or derived from ऋषि/Rishis ( i.e. the poets of the Vedic and other old hymns), archaistic
    a form of marriage derived from the Rishi or Saints (the father of the bride receiving one or two pairs of
    kine from the bridegroom), the speech of a ऋषि/Rishi , the holy text, the वेद ,sacred descent
    ● Aarshabh आर्षभ -coming from or produced by a bull ,a descendant of ऋषभ/Rishabha
    * Aarsheya आर्षेय -relating or belonging to or derived from a ऋषि (Rishi), of sacred descent, venerable, respectable, Name of अग्नि(fire-god),
    sacred descent
    ♧ Aarsheyavat/Aarsheyawat आर्षेयवत् -connected with sacred descent
    # Arakt अरक्त -undyed
    @ Arak अरक -the spoke of a wheel,
    the जैन division of time called अर, the plant Blyxa Octandra,another plant, Gardenia Enneandra
    ● Arangush अरंघुष -sounding aloud
    ▲ Arangam अरंगम -coming near (in order to help), ready to help, ‘going fast’, quick
    ◇ Arankrit अरंकृत -prepared, ready
    @ Aram अरम् -readily, fitly, suitably, so as to answer a purpose, enough, sufficiently
    ◀ Ar अर swift, speedy, little (only for the etym. of उदर), ‘going’ ,the spoke or radius of a wheel, the spoke of an altar formed like a wheel, a spoke of the time-wheel, viz. a जैन division of
    time (the sixth of an अवसर्पिणी or उत्सर्पिणी), the eighteenth जैन saint of the present अवसर्पिणी, Name of an ocean in ब्रह्मा 's world (only for a
    mystical interpretation of अरण्य ),
    the spoke of a wheel

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