Latest Indian Baby Boy names Starting Letter H

Searching for Baby Boy Names in the letter [ H ] ? We have list of Latest and Modern Indian Baby Names. Surf and Enjoy.

Haadiya 4 Huide To Righteousness
Haady 3 Guiding To The Right
Haamid 9 Praising (god); Loving (god)
Haani 6 Happy; Delighted; Content
Haarith 2 Plowman; Old Arabic Name
Haaroon 9 A Prophet\'s Name
Haashim 5 Generosity; Prophet\'s Grandfather
Haatim 7 Judge
Habib 4 Beloved
Hafiz 5 Protected
Haidar 5 Lion
Hakesh 7 Lord Of Sound
Halim 7 Kind
Hamid 8 Friend
Hamir 4 A Raga
Hammad 4 One Who Praises God
Hamza 4 Lion
Hana 6 Happiness
Hanan 2 Mercy
Hans 6 Swan
Hansaraj 9 King Of A Swan
Hanshal 9 Swan Like
Hansin 2 The Universal Soul
Hansraaj 9 King Of Swans
Hanuman 9 A Devotee Of Lord Ram, Son Of Anjani
Hanumant 2 The Monkey God Of Ramayana
Har 9 Name Of Shiva
Hara 1 The Remover Of Sins
Haraksa 5 Lord Shiva
Hardeep 3
Hardik 6 Full Of Love
Hareendra 2 Lord Shiva
Harekrishna 4 Other Names For The Hindu God Krishna
Harendra 6 Other Names For The Hindu God Shiva
Haresh 5 Other Names For The Hindu God Krishna
Hari 9 Om Saluting Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva
Hariaksa 5 Lord Shiva
Haricharan 9 Feet Of The Lord
Haridas 6 Servant Of Krishna
Haridutt 2 Gift Of Hari
Harigopal 6 Other Names For The Hindu God Krishna
Harihar 9 Other Names For The Hindu God Vishnu
Harij 1 The Horizon
Harikanth 9 Dear To Indra
Harikrishna 8 Lord Swaminarayan
Harilal 7 Son Of Hari
Harinaksh 8 Lord Shiva
Harinarayan 2 Other Names For The Hindu God Vishnu
Harindra 1 A Tree
Harindranath 8 Lord Of Hari
Hariom 1 Other Names For The Hindu God Vishnu
Hariprasad 5 Blessed By The Hindu God Krishna
Haripreet 1 Beloved Of Gods
Haripriya 6 Loved By Vishnu
Hariraj 2 King Of Lions
Hariram 5 Lord Rama
Haris 1 Protector
Harischandra 5 Name Of A King
Harish 9 Lord Shiva, King Of Monkeys ( Sugreev )
Harishankar 9 Lord Vishnu And Lord Shankar (shiva)
Harishchandra 4 Charitable;a King Of The Surya Dynasty
Harit 2 Green
Haritbaran 2 Green
Harith 1 Lion
Harithik 3
Harivansh 1 Belonging To The Family Of Hari
Harivilaas 1 The Abode Of Hari
Harjas 3 Praise Of The God
Harjeet 4 Victorious
Harjit 3 Victor
Harkrishna 8 Other Names For The Hindu God Krishna
Harmendra 1 The Moon
Haroon 8 Hope
Harpreet 1 God's Love
Harsh 9 Happiness
Harsh; Haarsha 2 Happiness
Harsha 1 Joy; Delight
Harshad 5 One Who Gives Pleasure
Harshal 4 A Lover
Harshaman 2 Full Of Joy
Harshavardhan 6 Creator Of Joy
Harshil 3 Joyful
Harshini 5 Joyful
Harshit 2 Joyous
Harshita 3 Joyous
Harshul 6 Lord Buddha
Harshvardhan 5 One Who Increases Joy, Happiness
Harsimran 2 Remembering God
Harteij 8 Radiance Of Lord
Hasan 7 Laughter
Hashmat 7 Glory; Joyful
Hasin 6 Laughs
Hasit 3 Happy
Hasmukh 9 Full Of Cheer
Hassan 8 An Islamic
Hastimukha 3 Face Of An Elephant
Hastin 8 Elephant
Hataf 9
Havish 4 Lord Shiva
Haytham 4 Young Hawk
Hazrat 2 Prophet/jesus
Heer 9 Diamond
Hem 8 Gold; Lord Buddha
Hemaadri 5 Mountain Of Gold
Hemachandra 4 Golden Moon
Hemadri 4 Mountain Of Gold
Hemakesh 7 Lord Shiva
Hemakuta 8
Hemal 3 Golden
Hemamdar 9 Golden Creeper
Heman 5 Golden Yellow, Made Of Gold
Hemang 3 One With Shining Body
Hemanga 4 Golden Coloured
Hemant 7 One Of The 6 Seasons ( Part Of Winter )
Hemanta 8 Early Winter
Hemaprakash 2 Golden Light
Hemaraj 2 King Of Gold
Hemavatinandan 1 Son Of Goddess Parvati ( Ganesh )
Hemchander 7 Golden Moon
Hemdev 3 Lord Of Wealth
Hemen 9 The King Of Gold
Hemendra 5 Lord Of Gold
Hemendu 7 Golden Moon.
Hemish 8 Lord Of The Earth
Hemraaj 2 King Of Gold
Hemraj 1 King Of Wealth
Hems 9
Heramb 2 Lord Ganesh
Heramba 3 Boastful, Name Of Ganapati
Het 6 Love
Hetal 1 Cheerful
Himaadri 9 Snow Mountain
Himaanshu 4 Moon
Himachal 1 The Himalayas
Himadri 8 Himalaya
Himaghna 7 The Sun
Himalay 6 Mountain Range
Himanish 9 Lord Shiva
Himank 2 Diamond
Himanshu 3 One Radiating Cool Light ( Moon )
Himmat 1 Courage
Himnish 8 Lord Shiva
Hind 8 India
Hindola 9 A Raga
Hira 9 Diamond
Hiral 3 Wealthy
Hiranmay 8 Golden
Hiranmaya 9 Made Of Gold
Hiranya 4 A Precious Metal
Hiranyak 6 Name Of A Maharishi
Hiren 9 Lord Of The Diamonds
Hirendra 5 Lord Of Diamonds
Hiresh 4 King Of Precious Stones
Hitakrit 6 Well Wisher, Well To Do
Hiten 2
Hitendra 7 Well-wisher
Hitesh 6 Lord Of Goodness
Holland 3
Houd 3 A Prophet's Name
Hriday 2 The Heart
Hridayanand 9 Joy Of The Heart
Hridayanath 1 Lord Of The Heart
Hridayesh 7 Lord Of The Heart
Hridaynath 9 Lord Of The Heart; Beloved
Hridik 5 Lord Of The Heart, Beloved
Hridyanshu 1 Light From Heart, Moon
Hriman 9 Wealthy
Hrishi 8 Pleasure
Hrishikesh 6 Lord Of The Senses, Vishnu
Hrithik 2 From The Heart
Hrithvik 6
Hritik 3 Name Of A Sage
Hritish 1 Lord Of Heart
Hryday 9 Heart
Hrydayesh 5 Lord Of Hearts
Huda 7 Right Guidance
Humaid 2 Great
Humaithi 8
Humam 2 Courageous And Generous
Hunar 8 Good Qualities
Hurditya 7 Joyous
Husaam 9 Sword
Husnain 5 Pure In The Eyes
Hussain 1 Islamic Thinker; Saint
Hussein 5 Beautiful
Huthayfa 9 Old Arabic Name


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  2. Unique and modern Sanskrit baby boy names with meaning
    � Hemapushkar/Hempushkar हेमपुष्कर- a lotus-
    flower of golden. Here हेम means golden + पुष्कर
    means lotus flower
    � Hemanetra/Hemanetr हेमनेत्र- "golden eyed " ,
    Name of a Yaksha. Here हेम means golden + नेत्र
    means eye
    ◆ Hemaparvat/Hemparvat हेमपर्वत- Name of
    mountain Meru, an (artificial) mountain made of
    golden ( as a gift )
    � Hemadhanvan/Hemdhanvan हेमधन्वन्- " having a
    golden bow ". Here हेम means golden + धन्वन्
    means bow
    》Hemajval/Hemjvaal हेमज्वाल-"golden-flamed " ,
    Agni or fire. Here हेम means golden + ज्वाल means
    � Hemataru हेमतरु- " golden tree " , the Datura or
    thorn-apple. Here हेम means golden +तरु means
    ~ Hemataar/Hemtaar हेमतार- blue vitriol
    � Hemachandra/Hemchandra हेमचन्द्र decorated
    with a golden crescent (as a chariot). Here हेम
    means golden + चन्द्र means crescent
    Hemagaur/Hemgaur हेमगौर- of a golden yellow
    (having golden yellow limbs). Here हेम means
    golden + गौर means yellow colour
    ■ Hemakesh/Hemkesh हेमकेश- " golden-haired " ,
    Lord Shiva. Here हेम means golden + केश means
    ▼Hemakandal/Hemkandal हेमकन्दल- having golden
    shoots , coral. Here हेम means golden + कन्दल
    means shoots
    ◀ Hemakamal/Hemkamal हेमकमल- a golden lotus.
    Here हेम means golden + कमल means lotus
    ● Hemakaksh हेमकक्ष-a golden girdle, having
    golden walls. Here हेम means golden + कक्ष means
    girdle, walls
    # Haimavatik हैमवतिक- the inhabitants of the
    Him�laya mountains
    # Hridayalekh/Hriday-lekh हृदयलेख- "heart-
    impression ", knowledge," heart-furrow " , anxiety.
    Here हृदय means heart + लेख means impression
    ■ Hridayavat हृदयवत्- having a heart , tender-
    hearted , kind
    # Hridayavallabh/Hriday-vallabh हृदयवल्लभ- the
    beloved of the heart. Here हृदय means heart +
    वल्लभ means beloved
    ~ Hridayanand हृदयानन्द- " heart's joy ". Here हृदय
    means heart + आनन्द means joy
    ♥ Hridayanug/Hridayaanug हृदयानुग- gratifying the
    heart. Here हृदय means heart + अनुग means
    @ Hridayambuj हृदयाम्बुज- heart compared to
    lotus. Here हृदय means heart + अम्बुज means lotus
    ♥ Hridayesh हृदयेश- " heart's-lord " , a husband.
    Here हृदय means heart +ईश means lord
    ● Hridayeshvar/Hridayeshwar हृदयेश्वर-"heart's-
    lord", husband. Here हृदय means heart + ईश्वर
    means lord
    � Hridish हृदीश- "heart's lord", beloved, husband.
    Here हृद्/हृदि means heart + ईश means lord
    ♥ Hridesh हृदेश- "heart's lord", beloved, husband.
    Here हृद means heart + ईश means lord
    # Hridayalu हृदयालु- tender-hearted , warm-
    hearted , affectionate
    ♥ Hridayik हृदयिक-good-hearted , warm-hearted ,
    ★ Hridayin हृदयिन्- having a heart , tender-hearted
    , hearty
    # Hridayeshay हृदयेशय- lying or being in the heart ,
    inward (as anger). Here हृदय means heart + शय
    means lying or being in

  3. Meaning of Sanskrit boy names
    हिन्दी, संस्कृत में भारतीय बच्चों के नाम अर्थ सहित ह से आरंभ
    � Hridayy/Hridayyya हृदय्य- being in the heart , heart-felt, dear to the heart
    # Hridishay हृदिशय- lying or remaining in the heart. Here हृदि means heart + शय means lying
    》Hridisth हृदिस्थ- being in the heart, beloved , dear
    � Hridisprish हृदिस्पृश- touching the heart ,charming , lovely. Here हृदि means heart + स्पृश्/ स्पृश means touching
    ★ Hridik हृदिक -having a heart, tender or good hearted
    > Hridya हृद्य- being in the heart , internal , inward, innermost, pleasing or dear to the heart, beloved ,cherished, grateful , pleasant ,
    charming, pleasant to the stomach savoury , dainty (as food), proceeding from or produced in the heart, the wood-apple tree
    @ Hridyagandh हृद्यगन्ध- smelling sweet , fragrant,
    the Bilva tree, small cumin, sochal salt. Here हृद्य means sweet, pleasant + गन्ध means smell
    ♥ Hridyatam हृद्यतम- most pleasant or dear to the heart. Here हृद्य means dear, pleasant + तम is used as superlative degree
    ★ Hridyatar हृद्यतर- more pleasant or lovely. Here हृद्य means lovely, dear
    + तर is used as comparative degree
    ▶ Hridyatva/Hridyatv हृद्यत्व- heartiness, cordiality
    , agreeableness , delightfulness
    ♥ Hridyanshu हृद्यांशु- " pleasant-rayed " , the moon. Here हृद्य means pleasant + अंशु means ray
    � Hrishivat हृषीवत्- full of joy, glad, happy. Here हृषी means joy, pleasure + वत् means one having
    》Hrishit हृषित- cheerful , glad ,happy, bristling ,erect (as the hair of the body), not drooping ,fresh (as flowers), dulled , blunted , set on
    edge,surprised,bent , bowed ,armed , accoutred
    ☆ Hridambhoj हृदम्भोज- a lotus-like heart.
    ♥ Hrijj हृज्ज- arisen or being in the heart. Here हृत् means heart + ज means arisen
    � Hritpratishth हृत्प्रतिष्ठ- standing or dwelling in the heart. Here हृत् means heart + प्रतिष्ठ means standing
    � Hritasth हृत्स्थ -standing or abiding in the heart. Here हृत् means heart + स्थ means abiding
    》Hridayagat हृदयगत- dwelling in the heart. Here हृदय means heart + गत means going
    � Hridayagrahin/Hriday-grahin हृदयग्राहिन् -captivating the heart. Here means heart means captivating
    � Hridayangam हृदयंगम- touching the heart. Here हृदयं means heart +
    गम means going
    # Hanu हनु- (as feminine)" anything which
    destroys or injures life " , a weapon, death,
    disease, various kinds of drugs, a wanton woman
    , prostitute, (as masculine) jaw, cheeks
    � Haanu हानु- a tooth
    ♥ Hanul हनुल- having strong jaws
    ♣ Hadan हदन- evacuation of excrement or ordure
    》Hann हन्न- evacuated (as excrement)
    � Hansakut/Hansakoot हंसकूट- " swan's peak " ,
    Name of one of the peaks of the Him�laya, the
    hump on the shoulder of the Indian ox. Here हंस
    means swan + कूट means peak
    @ Hansag हंसग- " going or riding on a swan " ,
    Name of lord Brahmā. Here हंस means a swan + ग
    means going
    * Hansagaman/Hansgaman हंसगमन- the gait of a
    swan or goose. Here हंस means swan + गमन
    means gait
    # Hansaj हंसज- " swan-born " ,Name of one of
    Skanda's attendant. Here हंस means swan +ज
    means born
    # Hut/Huta/Hoot हुत-offered in fire , poured out
    (as clarified butter) , burnt (as an oblation) ,
    sacrificed, sacrificed to , one to whom an oblation
    is offered, Name of Lord Shiva, an oblation ,
    offering , sacrifice
    @ Hutabhaksh हुतभक्ष- "eating the oblation " ,
    Name of Agni or fire. Here हुत means oblation +
    भक्ष means eating

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  5. Meaning of Sanskrit boy names
    # Harisunu हरिसूनु -son of
    'Hari' ,son of Lord
    'Indra'( इन्द्र).In general 'Hari'
    means lord Vishnu as well as
    Lord Indra. A name of
    'Arjuna'(अर्जुन). Here हरि means
    Indra + सुत means son
    # Harisut हरिसुत -son of Lord
    'Indra', a name of 'Arjuna'
    ▶ Haris/Haaris हारिस -a
    particular high number
    # Hariv हरिव -a particular high
    ● Harish हरिष -joy
    ♧ Harish/Hareesh हरीश -lord of
    monkeys, Lord Hanuman. Here
    हरि means monkey + ईश means
    # Harij हरिज -horizon,
    longitudinal parallax
    ■ Haarin हारिन् -having or
    wearing a garland of pearls,
    exceeding, surpassing, taking
    # Harin हरिण -deer
    # Harshamay हर्षमय -whose
    essence or nature is of joy. Here
    हर्ष means happiness + मय means
    one having
    ● Harshoday हर्षोदय -rise of joy,
    occurrence of joy. Here हर्ष
    means pleasure + उदय means rise
    # Harshasvan हर्षस्वन -sound of
    pleasure, cry of joy. Here हर्ष
    means happiness + स्वन means
    # Harshanvit हर्षान्वित -happy,
    full of joy. Here हर्ष means
    happiness + अन्वित means full of
    ☆ Harshanisvan हर्षनिस्वन -cheer
    #Harshvat हर्षवत् -full of joy. Here
    हर्ष means pleasure + वत् means
    one having
    ● Harshakar हर्षकर -causing joy.
    Here हर्ष means joy + कर means
    ▼ Harshin हर्षिन् -joyful, delighting, anticipating, becoming rigid or firm
    # Himashail हिमशैल -snow-
    mountain. Here हिम means snow
    + शैल means mountain
    # Himasital हिमसीतल -very cold
    or frosty, freezing. It is joining of
    हिम + सीतल. Both words means
    cold ,frosty
    ▼ Hanil/Haneel हनील -fragrant
    crew pine
    #Himashrath हिमश्रथ -moon,
    shedding cold, loosening or
    melting of snow. Here हिम
    means snow
    ,cold + श्रथ means shedding,
    ♥ Himelu हिमेलु -chilly, suffering
    from cold
    # Himasrut हिमस्रुत -moon,
    distilling cold. Here हिम means
    cold + स्रुत means distilling
    ◆ Himarun हिमारुण -grey with
    £ Himarati हिमाराति -sun, enemy of cold (fire), kind of plant. Here हिम means cold + आराति means enemy
    # Himart/Himaart हिमार्त -
    chilled, pinched with cold, frozen
    # Himabh हिमाभ -resembling
    cold, like snow or frost. Here हिम
    means snow + आभ means
    * Himabj/Himaabj हिमाब्ज -blue
    lotus. It is formed by joining of
    हिम +अब्ज. Here हिम means blue
    & अब्ज means born in water or
    # Hul हुल -particular kind of
    warlike implement, double-edged
    knife with 2 sharp edges
    ☆ Hull हुल्ल -kind of dance
    # Hitavadin हितवादिन् -well
    wisher, friendly counsellor or
    ♣ Hun हुन -sacrifice
    # Hoon हून -gold coin
    ☆ Himn/Himna हिम्न -planet
    # Himya हिम्य -covered with
    snow, snowy
    ● Hitavachan हितवचन -friendly
    advice, good counsel. Here हित
    means welfare + वचन means
    ☆ Himag हिमाग -Himalaya,
    snow-mountain. Here हिम means snow + अग means mountain
    ◆ Himal हिमाल -Himalaya
    ◀ Himit हिमित -changed into
    snow or ice
    # Himant हिमान्त -end of cold
    season. Here हिम means cold
    season + अन्त means end
    # Homya होम्य -clarified butter
    ■ Haumya हौम्य -clarified butter
    # Helug हेलुग -particular high
    ~ Hutabhuj हुतभुज्- " oblation-eater
    " , fire. Here हुत
    means oblation + भुज् means eater
    � Hutavah हुतवह- " oblation-
    bearer " , Agni or fire. Here हुत
    means oblation + वह means
    � Hutahom हुतहोम- one who has
    offered oblation
    》Hutansh हुतांश- a part of an
    oblation. Here हुत
    means oblation + अंश means part
    ▼ Hutagni/Hutaagni हुताग्नि-one
    who has offered oblations in fire,
    fire with which an oblation is
    made. Here हुत means oblation +
    अग्नि means fire
    ◀ Hutad/Hutaad हुताद्- eating the
    ♥ Hutash/Hutaash हुताश-
    oblation-eater ,fire, Name of the
    number " three ", Plumbago
    Ceylanica, fear. Here हुत means
    oblation + अश means eater
    ◆ Hutashasut/Hutashsut हुताशसुत-"
    Agni's sons ".
    Here हुताश means lord Agni + सुत
    means son
    � Hutashan/Hutaashan हुताशन- "
    oblation-eater" , fire. Here हुत
    means oblation + अशन means
    � Huruk हुरुक्- away, apart,
    amongst, below
    》Hiruk हिरुक्- off ,away , out of
    sight of (abl.), aside , apart ,
    without, in the midst of ,
    amongst, near, below
    ■ Hurash हुरश्- surreptitiously,
    * Huras हुरस्- surreptitiously

  6. Meaning of Rare Sanskrit, Hindi baby boy names
    # Hasan हसन -laughter, laughing, jesting or sporting with.It should not be confused with muslim name 'Hassan'
    ● Haasan हासन -causing laughter, comical
    # Haas हास -laughing, jest, dazzling,
    whiteness, pride, arrogance, mocking
    ♥ Hasas/Haasas हासस् -moon
    # Hasat हसत् -laughing, excelling, scorning
    # Hasak हासक -laughter, jester, buffoon
    ▼ Hasakrit हसकृत -causing mirth or laughter. Here हस means mirth + कृत् means causing
    # Hasamud हसामुद् -laughing merrily. Here हस means laugh + आमुद् means merrily
    # Hasakar हासकर- laughing, causing to laugh, provoking laughter. Here हास means laugh + कर means causing
    * Hasanik हासनिक- play-fellow
    ▼ Haasin हासिन्-smiling,dazzingly white,brilliant
    ★ Haskaar/Haskar हस्कार -smile, sheet-lightning
    ▲ Hastin हस्तिन् -clever or dexterous with hands, having hands, having an elephant, elephant, chief or best of its kind, kind of drug & perfume, a kind of plant
    # Hastak हस्तक -hand, position of hand, hand as a measure of length, turn-spit
    # Hastavat हस्तवत् -having hand, dexterous with hands
    @ Hastik हस्तिक -toy elephant, multitude of elephants
    # Haastik हास्तिक -consisting of elephants, elephant-rider, multitude of elephants
    # Hastip हस्तिप- elephant-keeper, elephant driver. Here हस्ति means elephant + प/पा meaning keeper
    # Himavil हिमाविल -covered with snow. Here हिम means snow + आविल means covered
    ▲ Himaval हिमवल -pearl
    # Himavat/Himwat हिमवत्/हिमवत -snow-clad, snowy, another name of mountain Himalya(हिमालय)
    having frost or snow, [Name of father of godess Parvati] .Here हिम means
    snow + वत् means having
    # Himavan हिमवान्-snowy, icy, having frost or snow, [another name of king Himavat who was father o godess Parvati &husband of Apsara
    'Mena/Menaka' ]. Here हिम means snow/ice + वान् as a suffix means one having or possessing
    ☆ Himakiran हिमकिरण -cold rayed [moon]. Here हिम means cold/cool + किरण means ray
    # Himagu हिमगु -cold rayed (moon). Here हिम means cold + गु means rayed/ray
    # Himabhanu हिमभानु -having cool lustre, moon. Here हिम means cool + भानु means lusture
    #Himatvish हिमत्विष्-having cool rays, moon.It is joining of two words हिम + त्विष् .Here हिम means cool/cold & त्विष् means rays
    ▶ Himanshu हिमांशु-cold rayed, moon.Here हिम means cold + अंशु
    means ray
    ¥ Himarasmi हिमरश्मि -cold rayed, moon .Here हिम means cold + रश्मि
    means ray
    # Himagaur हिमगौर -white as snow.Here हिम means snow + गौर means white
    # Himakut/Himkoot हिमकूट -winter # Hul हुल्- to go, to cover , conceal, to kill
    > Hul हुल- a particular kind of warlike implement,
    a double-edged knife with two sharp edges
    ♥ Hem हेम- a particular weight of gold, a horse of
    a dark or brownish colour, Name of Buddha , gold,
    decorated with a golden crescent (as a chariot)
    ♣ Hemak हेमक- gold, a piece of gold
    ♥ Hemal हेमल- a goldsmith, a touchstone, a
    ■ Hemyavat/Hemyaavat हेम्यावत्- having golden
    trappings or a golden girth
    ♥ Heman हेमन्- impulse, gold, water, winter, " in
    the winter ", a gold piece ,(pl.) golden ornaments,
    Mesua Roxburghii, the thorn-apple
    > Heman हेमन- golden
    @ Hemant हेमन्त- winter , the cold season
    (comprising the two months Agra-hāyaṇa and
    Pausha i.e. from middle of November to middle of
    � Hemantanath/HemantNath हेमन्तनाथ- " lord of
    winter " , the wood-apple tree
    @ Hemantamegh हेमन्तमेघ- a winter-cloud. Here
    हेमन्त means winter + मेघ means cloud
    � Hemantanil हेमन्तानिल- a winter wind. Here हेमन्त
    means winter + अनिल means wind
    ■ Hemantant हेमन्तान्त- the end of winter. Here
    हेमन्त means winter + अन्त means end
    ♥ Hemaval/Hemawal/Hemval हेमवल- a pearl
    � Haim हैम- wintry , brumal, caused or produced
    by snow or ice, covered with snow, relating to or
    coming from the Himalaya (as pearls), hoar-frost
    , dew, golden , consisting or made of gold, of a
    golden yellow colour, Name of lord Shiva,
    Gentiana Cherayta, Pandanus Odoratissimus

  7. Meaning of Sanskrit boy names
    >> Haiman हैमन- relating or belonging or suitable
    to winter, winterly ,wintry , cold ,the month
    Mārgashīrsha (November-December) ,a kind of
    rice which grows in winter, winter , cold, golden
    � Haimant हैमन्त- wintry , relating or suitable to
    or growing in winter
    ♣Haimantik हैमन्तिक- cold, winterly
    ♥ Haimal हैमल- winter, wintry, cold
    > Haimavat हैमवत- belonging to or situated or
    growing on or bred in or coming or flowing from
    the Himalaya mountains ,snowy , covered with
    a kind of vegetable poison, (pl.) the inhabitants of
    the HimAlaya mountains
    》Hemakar/Hemkar हेमकर- " golden-worker " ,
    Name of lord Shiva. Here हेम means golden +कर
    means doing, making, worker
    � Hemakaar/Hemkaar हेमकार- a goldsmith. Here
    हेम means gold + कार means maker
    ▶ Hemakinjalak/Hemkinjalak हेमकिञ्जल्क/हेमकिंजलक-
    golden filaments, " having golden filaments" , the
    Nāgakesara flower. Here हेम means golden +
    किञ्जलक means filaments
    # Hemakarak/Hemkarak हेमकरक- a golden vase.
    Here हेम means golden + करक means vase
    ◆ Hemakartri/Hemkartri हेमकर्तृ- a goldsmith
    a kind of bird. Here हेम means gold + कर्तृ means
    maker, one who does or makes
    @ Hemakalash/Hemkalash हेमकलश- a golden
    pinnacle or cupola. Here हेम means gold + कलश
    means pinnacle
    # Hemabhadrik/Hembhadrik हेमभद्रिक- wearing a
    golden amulet. Here हेम means golden + भद्रिक
    means one wearing amulet
    @ Hemaprabh हेमप्रभ-" having a golden lustre ".
    Here हेम means golden + प्रभ means lustre
    @ Harshavihval/Harshvihval हर्षविह्वल -agitated with joy, overjoyed. Here हर्ष means pleasure + विह्वल means agitated
    ■ Harshakul हर्षाकुल -agitated with joy. Here हर्ष means joy + आकुल means agitated
    @ Harshatishay हर्षातिशय- excess of joy. Here हर्ष means happiness + अतिशय means excess
    ■ Harshavisht हर्षाविष्ट -penetrated or filled with joy. Here हर्ष means joy + आविष्ट means filled with
    @ Harshotkarsh हर्षोत्कर्ष- excess of happiness. Here हर्ष means joy + उत्कर्ष means hapiness
    ♥ Harshak हर्षक -thrilling ,gladdening , delighting
    £ Harshan हर्षण -causing the hair of the body to
    stand erect, thrilling with joy or desire
    , gladdening, "gladdener " Name of one of the five arrows of Kāma-deva, " a deity presiding over Shrāddha", the 14th of theastron Lit. Yogas. "), bristling , erection, erection of the sexual organ , sexual excitement, the act of delighting, joy
    ▼ Harshaniya हर्षणीय -delightful , pleasant
    @ Harshayitnu हर्षयित्नु -gladdening , causing delight, a son, gold
    ■ Harshit हर्षित -made to stand erect, bristling (as
    hair ), gladdened, charmed, pleased ,happy, joy
    ▼ Harshul हर्षुल- disposed to be cheerful or happy, delighted, a lover, a deer, Name of Buddha
    @ Harshin हर्षिन् -becoming rigid or firm, joyful , joyfully ,anticipating, rejoicing
    ● Harshuk हर्षुक -gladdening, delighting
    ▲ Harshumat हर्षुमत् -exciting , stimulating
    ♥ Harman हर्मन्- gaping , yawning
    # Harmit हर्मित- thrown, burnt
    ▲ Harak हरक- a taker, seizer, conveyer, a rogue, cheat, a reflecting person, Name of lord Shiva शिव , a divisor or division, a long flexible sword
    @ Haarak हारक- taking ,seizing , robbing ,removing , taking upon one's self, ravishing , captivating, a thief, a gambler , cheat ,a divisor,
    a string of pearls, Trophis Aspera,
    a kind of prose composition, a kind of science
    £ Haarin हारिन्- taking ,carrying , carrying away ,robbing, removing ,destroying, taking to one's self , appropriating ,surpassing ,
    ravishing, charming, having or wearing a garland of pearls
    ▼ Harikanth/Haarikanth हारिकण्ठ- " having a charming throat (i.e. voice) ", " having a string of pearls round the neck" , " having a ring on the throat " ,the Koil or Indian cuckoo
    ▼ Harun हरुण- a particular high number
    @ Haaruk हारुक- seizing ,consuming
    @ Harikant हरिकान्त -dear to lord Indra, beautiful as a lion. Here हरि
    means Indra + कान्त means dear