Latest Indian Baby Boy names Starting Letter M

Searching for Baby Boy Names in the letter [ M ] ? We have list of Latest and Modern Indian Baby Names. Surf and Enjoy.

Ma'awiya 1 A Young Dog Or Fox (first Umayyad Khalifah)
Ma'd 9 An Old Arabian Tribe's Name
Ma'n 1 Benefit
Maadhav 5 Another Name Of Krishna
Maagh 3 Name Of A Hindu Month
Maahir 5 Skilled
Maalav 5
Maalin 5 One Who Makes Garlands
Maalolan 6 Name Of Deity In Ahobilam (ap)
Maandhata 9 An Ancient King
Maaran 3 Brave
Maari 6 Rain
Maazin 1 Proper Name
Machiketa 8
Madan 6 God Of Love, Cupid, Bee
Madana 7 Passion; Love
Madanagopala 5 Lord Krishna; Attractive Cowherd
Madanapal 9 Lord Of Love
Madangopal 3 Other Name For The Hindu God Krishna
Madanmohan 3 Lovely & Attractive (lord Krishna)
Maderu 8 Worthy Of Praise
Madesh 5 Lord Shiva
Madhav 4 Other Name For The Hindu God Krishna
Madhava 5 God Of Spring
Madhavan 1 Lord Krishna
Madhavdas 1 Servant Of Lord Krishna
Madhu 2 Honey; Nectar
Madhuban 1 Lord Vishnu, Flower Garden
Madhuchanda 6 Pleasing Metrical Composition
Madhughosh 5 Sweet Sounding
Madhuk 4 A Honeybee
Madhukant 3 Moon
Madhukanta 4 The Moon
Madhukar 5 Honey Bee; Lover
Madhumay 5 Consisting Of Honey
Madhup 9 A Honeybee
Madhupuspa 3 A Spring Flower
Madhur 2 Melodious
Madhuram 7 Sweet
Madhusoodan 7 Name Of Lord Krishna
Madhusudan 7 Lord Krishna
Madhusudhana 7 Lord Krishna, One Who Killed Demon Madhu, Bee
Madin 5 Delightful
Madur 3 A Bird
Magadh 7 Son Of Yadu
Magan 9 Engrossed
Maha 5 Gazelle
Mahabahu 1 One With Strong Arms ( Arjun )
Mahabala 3 Great Strength
Mahabalesvara 2 Another Name Of Lord Shiva
Mahabali 2 Strong, One With Great Strength
Mahadev 9 Another Name Of Shiva
Mahaj 6 A Noblel Descent
Mahakala 3
Mahakaya 7 Gigantic. Lord Hanuman
Mahaketu 8 Lord Shiva
Mahakram 3 Lord Vishnu
Mahamani 6 Lord Shiva
Mahamati 3 One With Big Brain ( Ganesh )
Mahanidhi 4 Great Storehouse. Lord Shiva
Mahaniya 9 Worthy Of Honour
Mahant 3 Great
Mahanth 2 Great
Mahapurush 9 Great Being, Lord Rama
Maharanth 3 Pollen Inside A Flower
Maharath 7 A Great Charioteer
Maharshi 5 A Great Saint
Maharth 6 Very Truthful
Mahasvin 6 Glorious
Mahatru 1 Lord Vishnu
Mahaveer 1 Most Powerful
Mahavir 9 A Jain Prophet, Also The Super Courageous One
Mahdy 6 Guided To The Right Path
Maheepati 6 The King
Mahendra 1 Lord Indra, Vishnu
Mahesa 2 Great Lord
Mahesh 9 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Maheshkumar 1 Son Of Lord Shiva (ganesh, Kartikey)
Maheshwar 6 Another Name Of Shiva
Mahi 4 The World
Mahijith 6 Conqueror Of The Earth
Mahin 9 The Earth
Mahindra 5 A King
Mahipal 6 Lord Krishna
Mahipati 5 King
Mahir 4 Expert
Mahiraj 6 Ruler Of The World
Mahish 4 Ceremoniously Crowned King
Mahit 6 Honoured
Mahith 5 Honoured
Mahmoud 3 Praised
Mahmud 6 The Prophet Of Islam
Mahrishi 4 Yogi
Mahtab 9 The Moon
Mainak 4 A Mountain A Himalayan Peak
Maitreya 2 The Name Of A Sage,friend
Majd 1 Glory
Majd Udeen 5 The Glory Of The Faith
Majdy 8 Glorious
Makarand 9 Honey, Honey Bee, Pollen
Makeen 4 Strong; Firm
Makhesh 2 Lord Krishna
Makrand 8 Honey
Makul 4 A Bud
Makur 1 Mirror
Malajit 3 Victorious
Malak 2 Angel
Malan 5
Malank 7 King
Malarvendan 6 Gentle
Malav 4
Malay 7 A Garden Of Indra
Malaya 8 A Creeper,fragrant
Malhar 8 A Raga Used In Indian Music
Malik 1 King
Mallesh 7 Lord Shiva
Mallikarjuna 6 Lord Shiva
Mamdouh 3 One Who Is Commended; Praised; Glorified
Mamnoon 4 Trustworthy
Mamraj 2 Lord Of Affection
Manaal 6 Attainment; Achievement
Manaar 3 Guiding Light (lighthouse)
Manajith 4 One Who Conquered The Mind
Manan 7 Thinking
Manas 3 Powers
Manasi 3 Mental Adoration,born Of The Mind
Manasyu 4 Wishing, Desiring
Manav 6 Man
Manavendra 3 King Amongst Men
Mandaar 7 A Flower
Mandakranta 8 A Sanskrit Metre
Mandan 2 Adorning
Mandar 6 Flower,a Celestial Tree
Mandeep 4 Light Of The Mind
Mandhatri 7 Prince
Mandin 1 Delighting
Mandir 5 Temple
Mandith 6 Adorned
Maneendra 3 Lord Of Gems
Maneesh 2 Lord Of The Mind
Maneet 4 One Who Wins Heart
Manendra 7 King Of Mind
Manesh 6 God Of Mind
Mangal 3 Auspicious, Mars
Mangesh 4 Lord Shiva
Manhar 1 Lord Krishna
Mani 1 A Jewel
Manibhushan 2 An Ornament Of Jewels, Very Best Jewel
Manidhar 5 A Mythical Snake With Jewel In Its Hood
Manik 3 Ruby
Manikaant 3 The Blue Jewel
Manikandan 1 Another Name For Lord Ayyappa
Manindra 2 Lord Of The Mind; Diamond
Maniram 6 Jewel Of A Person
Manish 1 Intelligent, God Of Mind
Manishankar 1 Lord Shiva
Manit 3 Highly Respected
Manith 2 Honoured
Manjeet 5 Conqueror Of The Mind
Manjot 1 Light Of The Mind
Manjughosh 8 Sweet Sounding Recitation
Manjul 8 Handsome
Manjunath 3 Husband(lord Shiva) Of Lord Parvathi
Manjyot 8 Light Of The Mind
Manmatha 8 Cupid
Manmohan 7 One Who Wins Over The Heart
Mannan 3 Meditate
Mannath 8 A Vow To A Deity
Mannith 7 Chosen
Manohar 7 Beautiful; Captivating,one Who Wins Over Mind
Manoj 8 Born Of Mind, Kamdev
Manojavaya 4 Speed Like Wind
Manomay 1 Conqueror Of Ones Heart
Manonith 4 Carried By The Mind
Manoranjan 2 One Who Pleases The Mind
Manorath 9 Desire
Manoth 8 Born Of The Mind
Manprasad 6 Mentally Calm And Cool Person
Mansour 2 Aided (by God); Victorious
Mansukh 6 Pleasure Of Mind
Manth 2 Thought
Mantha 3 Another Name For The Sun; Lord Shiva
Manthan 8 Reflection Through Study
Mantram 8 Holy Name. Lord Vishnu
Manu 4 Founder / Father Of Human Beings
Manuj 5 Son Of Manu
Manuraj 6 Kuber
Manvendra 2 King Among Men
Manvik 7 Conscious (one Who Is Conscious)
Manyu 2 Mind
Maraal 1 Swan
Maraam 2 Aspiration
Mardav 5 Softness
Mareechi 8 Ray Of Light, Also Name Of A Constallation
Markanday 7 Shiva's Devotee; A Sage Who Wrote Devi Mahatmyam
Markandeya 3 A Devotee To Lord Shiva,a Devotee Of Lord Shiva
Martand 8 Sun
Martanda 9 The Sun
Marudeva 4 Lord Of The Desert
Marut 1 The Wind
Maruti 1 Hanuman, Bhimsen
Marwan 7 Old Arabic Name
Marzouq 3 Blessed (by God); Fortunate
Masoud 1 Happy; Lucky
Mastikh 9 Naughty
Matanga 3 Sage, Advisor To Devi Lalita
Matheysh 9 Lord Shiva
Matsendra 5 King Of The Fishes
Matsya 7 Fish
Matsyendra 3 Lord Of The Fish
Maulik 4 Precious
Mayank 2 Moon
Mayanka 3 The Moon
Mayon 5 Person Of Black Complexion.
Maysarah 5 Ease; Comfort
Maysoon 3 Of Beautiful Face And Body
Mayukh 7 Brilliant, Splendour
Mayur 6 Peacock
Medh 3 Goddess Saraswati
Medhaj 5
Medhansh 9 Who Born With Intelligence
Meer 5 Chief
Meera 6 Lord Krishna's Devotee
Meet 7 Friend
Megh 6 Cloud
Megh-naad 8 Roar Of Clouds
Megha 7 Cloud,a Star
Meghaj 8 Pearl
Meghan 3 King Of Clouds
Meghashyam 1 Black Like A Cloud
Meghdutt 8 Gift Of Clouds
Meghnad 7 Thunder
Meghraj 8 God Of Clouds (lord Indra)
Mehal 3 Cloud
Mehboob 6 Beloved
Mehdi 3 A Flower
Mehmood 1 The Prophet Of Islam
Mehtab 4 Moon
Mehtar 2 Prince
Mehul 5 A Derivative Of Mukul
Mekhal 5 Girdle, Belt
Meru 3 Famous Mountain In Hindu Mythology, High Point
Mesha 1 Ram
Mihir 3 Sun Rays
Mihirkiran 2 Sun Ray
Mikhael 5
Mikul 3 Comrade
Milaan 5 To Meet
Milan 4 Getting Together
Miland 8 Bee
Milap 6 Union
Milind 7 Honey Bee, Krishna
Milit 9 Comradship
Milun 6 Union
Minal 4 A Precious Stone
Mirza 4 A Prince
Misal 9 Example
Misbaah 8 Lamp
Misri 5 Mixed; Sweet
Mitali 1 Friend
Miten 7 Male Friend
Mitesh 2 One With Few Desires
Mithil 8 Kingdom
Mithilesh 4 The King Of Mithila; Janak; Father Of Sita
Mithra 6 God Of The Sun
Mithran 2 Sun
Mithun 4 Gemini
Mitra 7 Friend; The Sun
Mitrajit 1 Friendly (one Who Win Friends)
Mitul 3 Limited, Friend
Mitwa 3
Modak 8 Pleasing
Modal 9 Enjoyment
Moh 9 Love
Mohajit 4 Who Has Conquered Embarrasment
Mohak 3 Attractive
Mohal 4 Attractive
Mohamad 1 The Prophet
Mohan 6 Charming, Fascinating, Lord Krishna
Mohanish 6 Attractive God, Krishna
Mohin 5 Fascinating
Mohit 2 Ensnarled By Beauty
Mohita 3 Attracted
Mohnish 5 Lord Krishna
Mohul 6 Attractive
Moin 6 Tell Us
Moksh 3 Salvation
Monish 6 Lord Of Mind
Montesh 4
Moorti 9 An Idol
Moosa 9 A Prophet's Name
Moti 3 Pearl
Motilal 1 Pearl
Moulik 9 Valuable
Movind 5
Mridul 5 Tender, Delicate
Mrigaa 4 A Female Deer
Mrigaj 4 Son Of The Moon
Mrigalochan 2 One With Eyes Like That Of A Deer
Mrigank 1 Moon
Mriganka 2 The Moon
Mrigankamouli 9 Lord Shiva
Mrigankasekhar 1 Lord Shiva
Mrigankmouli 8 One With Moon In His Hair ( I.e. Lord Shiva )
Mrigankshekhar 8 One With Moon On His Head (i.e.lord Shiva)
Mrigasya 3 Lord Shiva
Mrigendra 8 Lord Of Deers (i.e.lion)
Mrigesh 7 Lion
Mrinaal 5 Lotus-stack
Mrinal 4 Lotus
Mrinank 8 Moon
Mrinendra 6 Lion
Mritheya 9 Having A Lot Of Friends
Mritunjay 5 Who Has Won Over Death
Mrityunjay 3 One Who Has Conquered Death
Mrug 5
Muaath 1 Protected
Muayid 1 Supported
Mubarak 4 Congratulations
Mudgal 4 A Saint
Mudil 5 Moonshine
Mudit 4 Pleased
Mudita 5 Happy
Mufeed 9 Useful
Muhamad 7 The Prophet
Muhammad 2 Praised
Muhannad 4 Sword
Muhilan 6 Of The Clouds
Muhsin 3 Beneficent; Charitable
Muhtady 2 Rightly Guided
Mujaahid 4 Fighter (in The Way Of Allah)
Mujeeb 2 Name Of God
Mukesh 5 Lord Shiva; Lord Of Joy
Mukhtaar 3 Chosen
Mukta 3 Means A Pearl In Telugu
Muktanand 9 Happiness Of Freedom
Muktananda 1 Liberated
Mukul 6 Bud, Body, Earth , Soul
Mukund 3 Name Of Vishnu
Mukunda 4 Freedom Giver
Mukut 5 Crown
Mulkraj 5 King
Mullinti 2 Lord Shiva
Mumtaz 4 Conspicuous
Muna 4 Wish, Desire
Munawwar 6 Bright
Muneendra 5 Best Among Saints
Muneer 4 Brilliant; Shining
Muni 3 Village God
Munish 3 Lord Buddha
Munjal 8 King Of Gujarat
Muntasir 7 Victorious
Munthir 4 Warner; Cautioner
Muraaree 1 Another Name Of Lord Krishna
Murad 3 Prowess
Muralee 3 The Flute
Murali 2 A Flute
Muralidhar 6 One Holding A Flute (i.e. Lord Krishna)
Muralimanohar 9 Lord Krishna
Murari 8 Lord Krishna
Murarilal 6 Lord Krishna
Murgesh 1 Lord Karthikeya
Murli 1 Flute
Murtadhy 2 Satisfied; Content
Murugan 5 Lord Karthikeya
Musad 4 Unfettered Camel
Musheer 8 Advice
Muslim 6 Submitting Himself To God
Mustafa 9 Prophet Muhammad Name
Mutaa 2 Obeyed
Mutasim 6 Adhering (to Faith; To God)
Mutazz 8 Proud; Mighty
Mutee 1 Obedient
Muthu 2 Pearl
Muwafaq 1 Successful


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  2. MEANING OF Unique & Modern SANSKRIT BOY NAMES Starting from letter M
    ♧ Madra मद्र-hapiness, joy, personification of first
    melody/मूर्छना, a king of Madras
    # Maadra माद्र- king of Madras
    ◆ Madrap मद्रप- King of Madras. Here मद्र means
    country Madras + प means protector, ruler
    ♧ Madresh मद्रेश- King of Madras. Here मद्र means
    Madras country +ईश means chief, king
    ● Madrak मद्रक- prince of Madras, person
    belonging to Madras
    # Murmur मुर्मुर-God of love, burning chaff
    # Murtip मूर्तिप- priest who guards an idol, image-
    keeper. Here मूर्ति means idol +प from word पा
    means protector
    # Medh मेध- marrow, any sacrifice, broth, sap,
    essence, nourishing or strengthening drink
    ■ Medin मेदिन्- possessing vigour or energy, ally,
    friend, companion
    # Medak मेदक- spirituous liquor used for distillation
    # Medur मेदुर- bland, soft, thick, full of dense,
    # Mukul मुकुल- bud, body, soul, first tooth
    ♥ Makul मकुल- bud, Spanish cherry tree [ Mimusops Elengi - Bot. ]
    @ Maakuli माकुलि- kind of snake
    》Makulak/Makoolak मकूलक- wild Croton plant
    [ Croton Polyandrum - Bot. ]
    # Mukulay मुकुलय- to cause to close or shut (the
    # Mukulit मुकुलित- closed(like a bud), budded, full of
    # Mukulayit मुकुलायित- budded, blossomed
    ☆ Mukulin मुकुलिन्- budding, full of buds
    ♣ Muku मुकु- freedom, liberation
    # Mukun मुकुन्- freedom, liberation
    # Mukum मुकुम्- freedom
    ★ Mukund/Mukunda मुकुन्द- kind of precious stone
    (quicksilver), One who liberates, Name of a
    tresure of Kubera, A name of lord Vishnu. Here मुकु
    means liberation(from passion) +उन्द means to
    wet, to sprinkle OR it may be formed by joining of
    मुकुन् +द (दा) Here मुकुन् means freedom +द means
    # Mukuray/Mukuraay मुकुराय- become a mirror
    ▼ Muktak मुक्तक- independent, separate, missile
    # Muktakar मुक्तकर- liberal, open handed, one who
    liberates. Here मुक्त means free +कर means one
    who does, happening
    # Muktahar मुक्ताहार- string of pearls. Here मुक्ता means pearls + हार means string, necklace
    # Mandit मण्डित- adorned, decorated
    # Mandayat मन्दयत्- delighting, rejoicing
    # Mandrayu मन्द्रयु- pleasant
    # Mandisth मन्दिष्ठ- most delightful
    # Mandasaan मन्दसान- joyous, inspirited,
    intoxicated, fire, life, sleep
    # Mandahas मन्दहास- smile, laugh slowly. Here मन्द
    means slow, gentle + हास means smile
    # Mandarav मन्दरव- murmur. Here मन्द means slow
    + रव means sound
    ♥ Mandan मन्दन- cheerful
    # Mandan मण्डन- ornament, adorning
    # Mandu मन्दु- joyous, pleased, cheerful
    # Mandanil मन्दानिल- gentle breeze. Here मन्द
    means gentle +अनिल means breeze
    #Mandam मन्दम्- gradually ,(ind.) tardily,
    slightly, softly, slowly, in low voice
    # Mandh मन्ध- a kind of antelope
    # Mandin मन्दिन्- delighted, delighting,
    # Mandra मन्द्र- sounding or speaking pleasantly,
    low, charming, hollow (m.) lower tone, species
    of elephant
    # Mandag मन्दग- moving or flowing slowly,
    an epithet for planet Saturn. Here मन्द means
    slow +ग means going
    # Mandat मन्दट- Coral tree
    # Mandak मण्डक- sort of pastry or baked flour,
    particular musical air
    # Mandaak मन्दाक- praise, stream, current
    # Mandar मन्दर- large, firm, tardy, slow,
    mirror, heaven
    # Mandaar मन्दार- heaven, thorn apple
    # Mandayu मन्दयु- cheerful, happy
    ▲ Mayu मयु- deer
    ♥ Maayu मायु- bleating, bellowing, bile, humour,
    roaring, mooing
    # Mayas मयस्- delight, refreshment
    # Maayin मायिन- magic, artful, illusory, juggler, magician, Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna
    ▲ Maayik/Mayik मायिक- magic, creating illusion, juggler, conjurer
    # Mayakar मायाकार- conjurer, juggler
    # Mayamay मायामय- illusive, magical
    # Mayur मयूर- peacock
    # Maayur मायूर- dear to peacock, made of peacock's feathers
    ◆ Mayusv/Mayusva मयूस्व- ray

  3. Sanskrit boy names starting from letter M
    # Manuvat मनुवत्-like man or as becomes men
    # Manuvrit मनुवृत- chosen by men. Here मनु means men +वृत means chosen
    # Manubhu मनुभू-man, mankind, born from man or
    from first being on earth मनु का पुत्र. It is joining of
    मनु+भू Here मनु means father of mankind, man + भू means born
    # Manupreet/Manuprit मनुप्रीत- beloved by men
    Here मनु means men +प्रीत means beloved
    # Manupranit मनुप्रणीत- taught or promulgated by
    'Manu'. Here मनु means first man on earth + प्रणीत means promulgated
    # Madish मदिश- spirituous liquor
    # Milan मिलन- meeting, joining, union, contact
    # Maunik/Mounik मौनिक- like a saint
    # Medinidin मेदिनीदिन- natural day
    # Mohanak मोहनक- month chaitra (चैत्र मास)
    # Moham मोहम्/मोहं- wonder, bewildering, delusion
    ■ Mohin मोहिन्- deluding, attractive, perplexing
    # Mohaant मोहान्त- deep bewilderment of mind
    # Mohatmak मोहात्मक-causing delusion, causing
    # Mohat/Mohaat मोहात्- because of ignorance, by illusion
    # Mohay मोहाय- confusion, for bewildering, for
    # Markav/Maarkav मार्कव- false daisy
    ▲ Mooler मूलेर-a king, Indian spikenard.
    # Manyu मन्यु- mind, sacrifice, rage, high spirit,
    passion, zeal, mood, wrath
    ☆ Mayukh मयूख- ray of light, lustre
    # Maariy मारीय- relating to god of love
    # Manujottan मनुजोत्तन- best of men
    # Manujottam मनुजोत्तम-best among men
    It is joining of मनुज+उत्तम Here मनुज means men
    उत्तम means best
    # Manasin मनसिन्- having intellect, mind or soul
    # Mukur मुकुर- blossom, bud,Arabian jasmine,mirror
    ▲ Makur मकुर- blossom, bud, Arabian jasmine
    # Marttik मार्त्तिक- earthen
    # Mokshak मोक्षक- liberator, reedeemer
    ▲ Mantu मन्तु- king, advisor, manager, advice, ruler ▲ Mahat महत्- great
    # Maahan माहन-Brahman
    It is joining of मा+हन .Here मा means prohibitive &
    हन means to kill (Brahman is prohibited to kill in
    # Mahakul माहाकुल- nobly born
    #Mahatimik माहातिमिक- 'belonging to an exalted
    person, majestic, glorious
    #Mahatmik माहात्मिक-belonging to an exalted
    person, majestic, glorious
    # Mehanavat मेहनावत्- bestowing abundantly.
    Here मेहना means abundantly+वत् means one
    possessing or having
    # Mehanavant मेहनावंत्- bestowing abundantly.
    Here मेहना means abundantly+ वंत् means
    bestowing or having
    # Maris मरीस- milk
    ▲ Maarish/Marish मारिष- worthy friend,
    respectable man
    ▲ Muchir मुचिर- munificent, liberal, wind, deity,
    ■ Manu मनु-father of human race, first being on
    earth, man, wise, incantation
    # Manuj मनुज- son of lord 'Manu', human, man
    Here मनु means first human on earth, human being
    + ज means born
    # Manujat मनुजात- man, human
    ▲ Manus मनुस्- man
    ★ Maanush मानुष- man
    # Manujendra/Manujendr मनुजेन्द्र- king, lord of men,
    sovereign of men. It is joining of मनु+ज+इन्द्र. Here
    मनु means human + ज means born, मनुज collectively means men +इन्द्र means king
    ♣ Manujesh मनुजेश- king, lord of humans
    Here मनुज means men+ ईश means king
    # Manujapati मनुजपति- king, lord of men, sovereign
    of men. Here मनुज means men, humans+ पति means lord, master
    # Manujadhip मनुजाधिप- king, prince, sovereign of
    men. Here मनुज collectively means men + अधिप
    means sovereign, king
    # Mahit महित- honoured, worshipped, esteemed
    # Mahitam महितम्- honoured
    # Mahitvam महित्वम्- greatness, might
    ★Mahiman महिमन्- greatness, glory, majesty, might,
    high rank
    ♣ Mahim महिम- might, great,glorious
    # Mahinam महिनाम्- sovereignty, dominion
    # Mahisth महिष्ठ- great, largest
    ▼ Mahikshit महिक्षित्- A king, sovereign
    Here महि means earth/great +क्षित् means ruler
    # Mahimat महिमत्- much, abundant, marriage-fire
    # Mahanad माहानद- relating to a great river
    # Mahimadhvan महिमाधवन्- King, earth-lord
    # Mahimahendra महीमहेन्द्र- king, great Indra of
    earth. Here महि means earth +महेन्द्र means great
    Indra or great king
    # Mahinavat माहिनावत्- excited, exhilarated, great
    ♥Mahin महिन/महीन- King, prince,cheerful, mighty
    ♥ Maahin माहिन- cheerful, mighty, blithe, dominion
    # Mahiratna/Mahiratn महिरत्न- possessing great

  4. Meaning of Sanskrit boy names

    @ Mauliratn मौलिरत्न- a crest gem, jewel worn in a diadem. Here मौलि means crest + रत्न means jewel
    ▶ Maul मौल -derived from roots (as poison), handed down from antiquity, ancient (as a custom), holding office from previous generations, hereditary (as a warrior or minister), aboriginal, indigenous,
    an hereditary minister (holding his office from father and grandfather),
    aboriginal inhabitants who have emigrated
    * Maulik मौलिक -producing roots, fundamental, derived from a root, original, of low origin, a digger or vendor of roots
    ◀ Maulin मौलिन् -having anything uppermost or turned upwards, being at the head, chief, having a diadem or crown, diademed, crested (also applied to lord Shiva/शिव)
    ◆ Mauliprishth मौलिपृष्ठ -the crown of the head.
    ☆ Maulibandh मौलिबन्ध -a diadem for the head. Here मौलि means head + बन्ध means diadem
    @ Maulimandan मौलिमण्डन -head ornament. Here मौलि means head + मण्डन means ornament
    ♥ Maulindu मौलीन्दु - the moon on ( Shiva's/ शिव 's) head. Here मौलि means head + इन्दु means moon
    ♣ Maulya मौल्य -being at the root, मूल्य ,price
    @ Maulyabharan मौल्याभरण -a head ornament. Here मौल्य means head + आभरण means ornament
    * Manohar मनोहर -'heart-stealing’, fascinating, attractive, charming, beautiful, the third day of the civil month ( कर्म-मास ). Here मनः means heart + हर means stealing
    ☆ Manohlad मनोह्लाद - joy of the heart. Here मनः means heart + ह्लाद means joy
    @ Manohladin मनोह्लादिन् -gladdening the heart. Here मनः means heart + ह्लादिन् means gladdening
    ◀ Manovir/Manoveer मनोवीर- "brave-hearted", courageous man. Here मनः means heart + वीर means brave
    ♥ Mridu मृदु -soft, delicate, pliant, gentle, weak, slight, moderate, slow (gait), (in astron.) situated in the upper apsis, the planet Saturn,
    softness, mildness, gentleness
    * Mriduk मृदुक -soft, tender
    @ Mridukam मृदुकम् -softly, gently, tenderly
    ☆ Mridukop मृदुकोप -mild in wrath, of a gentle nature. Here मृदु means mild + कोप means in wrath
    ▲ Mridugamin मृदुगामिन् -going softly, having a soft or gentle gait. Here मृदु means gentle, slow + गामिन् means going
    ♧ Mridugir मृदुगिर् -soft-voiced. Here
    मृदु means soft + गिर् means voice
    * Mriducharmin मृदुचर्मिन् -Betula Bhojpatra. Here मृद means soft + चर्मिन् means bark (skin)
    ♣ Mriduchhad मृदुच्छद -Betula Bhojpatra, a species of पिलु tree,
    Blumea Lacera, a tree similar to the vine-palm, Amphidonax Karka,
    a species of grass = शिल्पिका .Here मृदु means soft + च्छद means bark
    ★ Mridul मृदुल -soft, gentle ,mild, moderate. Here मृदु means softness + ल from word लाति(ला) means having, taking
    @ Mridun मृदुन- moderate, gentle, mild
    # Mriduvach/Mriduwach मृदुवाच्- soft or sweet voiced. Here मृदु means soft + वाच् means voice
    ♧ Mulik/Moolik मूलिक -original,
    primary, principal, living on root
    an ascetic, a seller of roots
    * Maulikya मौलिक्य- family priest (house chaplain), primary