Latest Indian Baby Boy names Starting Letter D

Searching for Baby Boy Names in the letter [ D ] ? We have list of Latest and Modern Indian Baby Names. Surf and Enjoy.

Daamodar 3 A Name Of Krishna
Daaruk 2 Charioteer Of Krishna, Tree
Daarun 5 Hard Male Hindu
Dabeet 1 Warrior
Daha 5 Blazing, Very Bright
Dahana 2 A Rudra
Daitya 6 A Non Aryan
Daivya 8 Divine
Daiwik 3 By The Grace Of God
Dakotah 6
Daksh 7 A Son Of Brahma, Capable
Daksha 8 Able, Talented,the Earth; Sati, Wife Of Shiva
Dakshesh 3 Name Of Lord Shiva
Dakshi 7 The Glorious
Dakshina 4 Donation To God,a Donation To God Or Priest
Dakshinayan 8 Some Movement Of The Sun
Dalajit 3 Winning Over A Group
Dalapathi 9 Leader Of A Group
Dalbhya 8 Belonging To Wheels
Dalpati 9 Commander Of Group
Daman 6 One Who Controls
Damian 6 Tamer
Damodar 2 With A Rope Around The Waist
Dandak 8 A Forest
Dandapaani 2 Name Of Lord Karthikeya
Daniel 9 God Is My Judge
Danish 1 To Be Clever; Mercyfull And Forseening
Danta 4 Calm. A Name For Lord Hanuman
Danuj 5 Born Of Danu, A Danava
Danvir 5 Charitable
Darpad 8 Lord Shiva
Darpak 6 Kamdev; God Of Love
Darpan 9 A Mirror
Darsh 5 Lord Krishna
Darshak 8 Spectator
Darshan 2 Paying Respect, Religious Text
Daruka 2 Deodar Tree
Das 6 A Slave
Dasa 7 A Slave
Dasharath 8 One With 10 Chariots, Lord Ram's Father
Dasharathi 8 Lord Rama
Dasmaya 1 Beautiful
Dasras 8 Handsome
Dasya 5 He Serves
Datta 1 Given; Granted; Presented
Dattatreya 7 Son Of Atri, An Incarnation Of Lord Vishnu
Dattey 3 Lord Indra
Dawoud 5 A Prophet's Name
Daya 4 Mercy
Dayaal 8 Kind Hearted
Dayada 9 Son, Inheritor
Dayakar 7 Merciful Lord Shiva
Dayakara 8 Compassionate
Dayamay 7 Full Of Mercy
Dayanand 1 One Who Likes Being Merciful Or Kind
Dayanidhi 3 Treasure House Of Mercy
Dayaram 9 Merciful
Dayasagar 5 Extremely Kind, Sea Of Mercy
Dayasagara 6 Ocean Of Compassionate
Dayashankar 4 Merciful Lord Shiva
Dayaswarup 3 Merciful
Debaditya 8
Debashis 4 Benediction Of God
Debashish 3 The Lords Blessings
Debjit 5 One Who Has Conquered Gods
Deenabandhu 7 Friend Of The Poor
Deenadayaal 1 Humble And Merciful
Deenanath 9 Lord Of The Poor
Deenbabdhu 3 Brother ( Or Helper) Of Poor People
Deendayal 8 One Who Has Mercy On The Downtrodden Or Poor
Deep 3 A Lamp
Deepak 6 Light, Candle
Deepan 9 Lighting Up
Deepankar 3 One Who Lights The Lamp
Deepen 4 Name Of Poet
Deependra 9 Lord Of Lights
Deependu 2 Bright Moon
Deepesh 8 Lord Of Light , Sun
Deepinder 8 God\'s Light
Deepit 5 Lighted
Deeptanshu 5 Shining Light, Sun
Deeptendu 4 Shining Moon
Deeptiman 6 Lustrous
Deeptimoy 4 Lustrous
Dehabhuj 5 Another Name For Lord Shiva
Denise 2 From Dionysisu; God Of Wine
Dev 4 God; King
Dev Kumar 5 Son Of Gods
Devaapi 4 An Ancient King
Devabrata 2 A Name Of Bhishma
Devachandra 9 Moon Among The Gods
Devadarshan 7 Familiar With Gods
Devadas 2 Follower Of God
Devadatt 5 Gift Of The God
Devadatta 6 God Given
Devadeva 1 Lord Of All Lords
Devadhipa 7 Lord Of The Gods
Devadutt 7 Gift From God
Devadyumna 2 Glory Of The Gods
Devagya 2 With Knowledge Of God
Devaj 6 From God
Devajuta 3 The One With The Good
Devajyoti 3 Brightness Of The Lord
Devak 7 Divine
Devakantha 6 Beloved Of The Gods
Devakeenandan 2 Name Of Lord Krishna
Devakumar 6 Son Of A God
Deval 8 Name Of A Saint
Devamadana 3 Gladdening The Gods
Devan 1 Like A God
Devanand 2 Joy Of The Gods
Devang 8 Part Of God
Devank 3 Godly
Devansh 1 Part Of God
Devaraj 7 King Of The Gods
Devarpana 1 Offerings To The Gods
Devarshi 5 Another Name For Narada
Devarsi 6 Sage Of The Devas
Devarya 4 Divine Belief
Devashish 5 Blessing Of The Gods( Debashish )
Devbrata 1 Bhishma
Devdarsh 9 Worshipper Of God
Devdas 1 Servant Of Lord , A Servant Of Temple
Devdatta 5 Given By God
Devdutta 7 Arjuna's Counch
Deveedaas 3 Servant Of The God
Deven 5 Resembling A God
Devendra 1 King Of Gods
Devendranath 8 Lord Of The King Of Gods
Devesh 9 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Deveshwar 6 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Devguru 8 Teacher Of Gods ( Brihaspati )
Devi 4 Goddess
Devidas 1 Servant (devotee) Of Godess
Devilaal 3 Son Of Devi
Devilal 2 Son Of Godess
Devin 9 Resembling A God
Deviprasad 9 Gift Of The Goddess
Devkinandan 9 Son Of Devki - (lord Krishna)
Devkumar 5 Son Of Gods
Devnarayan 6 King
Devnath 2 King Of Gods
Devpad 7 Divine Feet
Devraaj 7 King Among Gods, Name Of Indra
Devraj 6 King Of Gods ( Lord Indra)
Devrat 7 Spiritual
Devsena 7 Army Of Gods
Devvrata 3 Name Of An Ancient King
Devya 3 Devine Power
Dewansh 2 Part Of God
Dhairya 3 Patience
Dhairyash 3 Patience & Success
Dhanajit 4 Wealth
Dhananad 2 Pleasure Of Having Wealth
Dhananjay 6 One Who Wins Wealth, Lord Arjun, Lord Vishnu.
Dhanapati 2 Lord Of Wealth
Dhanaraj 3 King Of Wealth ( Kuber )
Dhanesh 5 Lord Of Wealth ( Kuber, Vishnu )
Dhanraj 2 King Of Wealth
Dhansukh 5 Wealthy; Happy
Dhanush 3 The Bow
Dhanvant 3 Wealthy
Dhanvantari 4 Doctor Of Gods
Dhanvin 9 Lord Shiva
Dhanvine 5 A Name For Lord Rama
Dhanya 8 Giver Of Wealth. Lord Vishnu
Dharamnishth 6 One Who Has Faith In Religion
Dharanidhar 5 Shesh - The Cosmic Serpent
Dharendra 1 King Of The Earth
Dharesh 9 King, Lord Of Land
Dharitree 7 The Earth
Dharm-mitra 6 Friend Of Religion
Dharma 9 Religion, Nature, Law
Dharmachandra 4 Moon Of Dharma
Dharmadaas 7 Servant Of Religion
Dharmadas 6 One Who Serves His Religion
Dharmadev 4 Lord Of Religion
Dharmaditya 5 Son Of Dharma
Dharmakeerti 5 Fame Of Religion
Dharmaketu 3 Who Upholds The Right Way
Dharmanand 6 One Who Takes Pleasure In His Religion
Dharmaraaj 3 King Of Religion
Dharmaveer 5 Protector Of Religion
Dharmendra 5 Lord Of Righteousness
Dharmendu 7 Light Of Religion
Dharmesh 4 Lord Of Righteousness
Dharmi 8 Religious
Dharmik 1 A Name For Lord Ganesha
Dharmpaal 2 Protector Of Religion
Dharmpal 1 Protector Of His Religion
Dharmveer 4 Religious
Dharuna 4 A Rishi
Dhatri 6 A Son Of Vishnu/lakshmi
Dhaval 3 Fair Complexioned
Dhavalachandra 8 White Moon
Dhawal 4 White
Dheeman 5 Intelligent
Dheemant 7 Wise; Intelligent
Dheer 4 Tolerant
Dheeraj 6 Patience, Consolation
Dheeran 1 Achiever
Dheerandra 6 God Of Courage
Dheerendra 1 God Of Courage
Dheivamani 5 Blessed Gem
Dhenuka 1 A Demon
Dhevan 9 Godly
Dhevaneyan 9 Pious
Dhikshit 7 Initiated
Dhilan 3
Dhimant 6 Intelligent
Dhinakar 3 The Sun
Dhinanta 8 Evening
Dhipin 6 Exciting
Dhir 3 Wise
Dhiraj 5 Patience
Dhiren 4 One Who Is Strong, Powerful
Dhirendra 9 Lord Of The Brave
Dhritiman 6 Patient
Dhrupad 9 Lord Krishna
Dhruv 1 Unshakeable The Pole Star
Dhruva 2 Unshakeable The Pole Star
Dhuha 6 Forenoon
Dhul Fiqaar 7 The Name Of The Prophet's Sword
Dhumavarna 4 The Color Of Smoke
Dhvanya 3 Suggested Meaning
Dhwani 5 Sound
Dhyana 8 Meditation
Dhyanesh 3 Meditative
Dhyaneshwar 9 Lord Of Meditation
Digambar 1 Unencumbered
Digamber 5 Nacked, Lord Shiva
Digant 1 Horizon
Digvastra 2 Sky Clad
Digvijay 6 Who Is Victorious Over Everyone
Dijul 2
Dikshan 3 Initiation
Dilawar 5 Brave
Dilber 5 Lover
Dileep 6 King Of The Solar Race
Dilip 5 An Ancestor Of Lord Rama, A King
Dinakar 4 The Sun
Dinanath 8 Saviour Of The Downtrodden Or Poor
Dinapati 2 The Sun
Dinar 1 Gold Coin
Dindayal 7 Kind To The Poor
Dinendra 6 Lord Of The Day, The Sun
Dinesh 5 Sun; God Of The Day
Dinkar 3 Sun
Dinpal 2 Sun
Dipal 6 Diya, Light
Dipankar 2
Dipen 3 Lord Of The Lamp
Dipendu 1 Moon
Dipesh 7 Lord Of Light
Diptanshu 4 Sun
Dipu 5 Flame; Light; Shinning
Dishen 5 Suryadev; The Sun
Dityaa 5
Divaakar 6 The Sun
Divakar 4 The Sun
Divij 3 One Who Has Appeared From Heaven
Divit 9 Immortal
Divyanga 1 Divine Body
Divyanshu 2 Divine Light, Sun
Divyendu 6 Bright Moon
Divyesh 5 Full Of Divinity
Diyaa Udeen 2 Brightness Of The Faith
Drewv 8 North Star
Dron 6 Prominent Mahabharata Character
Drupad 1 A King; Father Of Draupadi
Duane 9
Duhkha 8 Sorrowful
Dulal 5 Loved One
Duraimurugan 4 Lord Murugan
Duranjaya 5 A Heroic Son
Durga 6 Unreachable
Durgadas 3 Servant ( A Devotee ) Of Godess Durga
Durgadutt 8 Gift From Godess Durga
Durgesh 1 Lord Of Fort
Durijesh 4 Moon
Durja 9 The Invincible
Durjaya 8 Difficult To Conquer, Lord Vishnu
Durvasas 6 Son Of Atri
Durvish 2 One Who Cannot Be Affected By Poison (lord Shiva)
Dushkriti 2 Sum Of All Sins
Dushyant 4 Destroyer Of Evil
Dushyanta 5 A King From The Epic Mahabharata
Dwaaraka-nath 4 Lord Of Dwarakaa
Dwaipayan 4 The Sage Vyasa
Dwaraka 5 Lord Krishna's Kingdom
Dwaraka-daas 3 Servant Of Dwaarakaa
Dwarakaa 6 Capital, Lord Krishna\'s Kingdom
Dwarakadas 2 Servant Of Dwaraka
Dwarakanath 3 Lord Of Dwaraka, Krishna
Dwarkadhish 7 Ruler Of Dwarka (lord Krishna)
Dwarkanath 2 Lord Of Dwarka (lord Krishna)
Dwij 1 Saint
Dwijain 7 Moon
Dwijaraj 4 King Of Brahmins; The Moon
Dwijendra 7 King Of Brahmins; The Moon
Dwijesh 6 Lord Of Brahmins
Dyaus 7 Sky
Dylan 2 The Sea
Dyumani 6 Lord Shiva
Dyumna 6 Glorious
Dyutit 9 Illuminated


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    ■ Dhanad धनद -liberal, wealth-giving
    ★ Dhanayu धनायु -acquiring money
    ♧ Dhanvan धन्वन्-running, rain-bow, shore, desert
    ● Dhanushkar धनुष्कर -armed with a bow, bow-maker. It is joining of धनुष्+कर .Here धनुष् means bow & कर
    means armed one/maker
    # Dhanurved धनुर्वेद- science of archery or weapons
    # Dhanisth धनिष्ठ- very rich, very swift
    ■ Dhanushmat धनुष्मत् -archer, armed with bow
    ★ Dhanushk धनुष्क -small-bow
    ☆ Dhaanushk धानुष्क -armed with a bow, archer
    ♣ Dhanu धनु -bow, store of grain, dry sandbank, money, sandy shore, marking nut plant
    # Dhrishat धृषत् -bold,courageous, confident
    ■ Dhrisht धृष्ट -confident, bold, abandoned, secured
    # Dhrishit धृषित -brave, daring
    ★ Dhrishaj धृषज् -hero, bold
    # Dhrishnu धृष्णु -(adj.) bold, strong, fierce
    ◀ Dhrik धृक् -boldly
    # Dharmiyas धर्मीयस् -very pious or moral
    # Dhiju/Dheeju धीजू- inspiring she mind or rousing devotion
    ◀ Dhish धिश्-mindfully, zealously
    ● Dyu द्यु- day, by day, daily, sky, heaven, sheen, brightness
    # Dyutay द्युतय्- twinkle, glitter
    # Dyutaru द्युतरु-tree of heaven
    Here द्यु means heaven + तरु means tree
    ☆ Dyumani द्युमणि- sun, sky-jewel
    Here द्यु means sky/brightness +मणि means jewel
    ♣ Dyumat द्युमत्- bright, brilliant,excellent, clear, energetic
    # Dyumay द्युमय- light, clear. Here द्यु means brightness + मय means one having or possessor
    # Dyumaryad द्युमर्याद- having skyas boundary. Here द्यु means sky + मर्याद means bondary
    ♥ Dyuksh द्युक्ष- brilliant ,light, heavenly, celestial
    # Dyukshvachas/Dyuxvachas द्युक्षवचस्- uttering heavenly words
    ♥ Dyug द्युग- a bird, sky-goer
    Here द्यु means sky + ग means goer
    ♥ Dyujan द्युजन- a god. Here द्यु means sky + जन means man, being
    # Dyunivas द्युनिवास- heavenly abode, heaven, a deity, inhabitant of heaven
    Here द्यु means heaven + निवास means abode, inhabitant
    # Dyunivasin द्युनिवासिन्- a deity, pious person, inhabitant of heaven
    Here द्यु means heaven +निवासिन् means inhabitant
    ◀ Dyunish द्युनिश- day & night
    Here द्यु means day +निश means night
    # Dyutikar द्युतिकर- producing splendour, illuminating, handsome, the polar star (Dhruv/ध्रुव). Here द्युति means brightness, splendour + कर means producing,doing
    ★ Dyutit द्युतित- enlightened, illuminated
    # Dyutitam द्युतितम्/द्युतितं -illuminated, enlightened
    ☆ Dyotit द्योतित- illuminated
    ◀ Dyusth द्युस्थ-dwelling in heaven
    Here द्यु means heaven +स्थ means dwelling
    # Dyutimat द्युतिमत्- bright, resplendent, dignified. Here द्युति means brightness, lustre + मत् as a
    suffix means possessor, one who has
    # Dyutimaan द्युतिमान् -bright,resplendent,dignified. Here द्यु means lustre, brightness + मान् means one
    # Dyutidhar द्युतिधर- resplendent, bright. Here द्युति means brightness + धर means one who has
    ◀ Dyuvan द्युवन्- sun, heaven
    ♥ Dyushad द्युषद् -a planet, god (sitting in heaven)
    # Devayaji देवयजि -(m.) worshipper of the gods, muni. Here देव means god + यजि means worshipper
    $ Devayan/Devyaan देवयान -leading to the gods, serving them as a way, vehicle of a god, way leading to the gods. Here देव means god + यान means way, going
    $ Devay देवय (verb) loving or serving the gods ,religious, divine or shining
    # Devayatu/Devyatu देवयातु- heavenly yAtu
    $ Devyajya देवयज्य- worship of the gods. Here देव means god + यज्य means worship
    $ Devayavan/Devyavan देवयावन्- going to the gods. Here देव means god + यावन् means going to
    ● Daivayatt दैवायत्त- dependent upon destiny
    $ Devayajan/Devyajan देवयजन place of offering
    # Devayaniya/Devyaniya देवयानीय- leading to the
    gods on
    $ Devayatan देवायतन- dwelling of a god, temple
    # Devayashas/Devyashas देवयशस- divine glory. Here देव means divine + यशस means glory
    $ Devyashasin देवयशसिन् -of divine gods
    # Devayajanavat/Devyajanvat देवयजनवत् -having a place of offering

  3. Meaning of Sanskrit boy Names
    ☆ Dhanus धनुस्-sign of zodiac saggitarius, bow, fiddle stick, desert, Chironji tree
    ■ Dhanesh धनेश-rich man, wealth-lord
    # Dhanvin/Dhanwin धन्विन -Lord Shiva, bow-man, archer, jester
    # Dhvanil/Dhwanil ध्वनिल- sound of wind
    ◀Dhvan/Dhwan ध्वन -tune, sound
    #Dhanin धनिन्-rich, wealthy, owner
    ☆ Dhanik धनिक -rich, wealthy
    ◀ Dhuvan धुवन -fire, shaking, place of execution, to move
    ♥ Dhivan/Dheevan धीवन्- skilful, clever, artisan
    £ Dhanya धन्य- happy, fortunate, auspicious, blessed, rich
    ◀ Dharmyu धर्मयु -righteous, virtuous
    ★ Dharmavir धर्मवीर- virtuous heroism. Here धर्म means virtuous + वीर means heroism
    ◀ Dharmin धर्मिन् -object, just,pious, following laws and duties
    ★ Dharmya धर्म्य-customary donation, just, legal, virtuous, righteous
    ☆ Dharmarat धर्मरत-virtuous
    ■ Dharmashrit धर्माश्रित -just, pious, seeking virtue
    #Dharmesh धर्मेश-King of justice, lord 'Yama'. Here धर्म means justice + ईश Means lord
    #Dharmeshvar धर्मेश्वर-lord of justice, 'Yama'. Here धर्म means justice + ईश्वर means lord
    # Dharmaraj धर्मराज -king of justice, 'Yama'.Here धर्म means justice +राज means king
    ♣ Divya दिव्य-divine, lustre, divine world, magical, heavenly
    # Divyansh दिव्यांश-divine particle, part of divine world. Here दिव्य means divine + अंश means particle
    ☆ Dasharath दशरथ -body, having 10 chariots
    # Darsh दर्श-showing, appearance, viewing, new moon
    ★ Dish दिश् -direction
    $ Dishan/Dishaan दिशान- instructior in sacred knowledge
    ■ Dipin/Deepin दीपिन् -inflaming, exciting
    $ Devesh देवेश- chief of gods, lord of lords, king. It is joining of देव+ईश .Here देव means god & ईश
    means king, lord, chief
    ☆ Devarat देवरत- pious, delighting in gods. Here देव means god + रत means delighting
    ★ Devavrat देवव्रत -devoted to gods, religious vow, favourite food of gods
    It is joining of देव+व्रत. Here देव means god + व्रत means devoted, vow
    # Devamitr/Devamitra देवमित्र -friend of lord. Here देव means god + मित्र means friend
    # Devasakh/Devsakh देवसख- friend of god. It is joining of देव+सख . Here देव means lord & सख means friend
    ♥Devaj देवज -god-born, divine
    It is joining of देव + ज .Here देव means lord & ज means born/son
    ■ Devajat देवजात -class or race of gods. Here देव means lord + जात
    means race /class
    # Devajusht देवजुष्ट -agreeable to gods. It is joining of देव+जुष्ट Here जुष्ट means agreeable
    ♥ Devik देविक -appertaining to god , derived fromgod
    $ Deval देवल -virtuous or pious man, attendant upon an idol
    ◀ Dewil देविल -virtuous, divine
    Instead of 'Devil' I used spell 'Dewil' because in English language 'devil' means demon or evil spirit & English is a worldwide language so care
    should be given in spelling of this name so that it will not give bad impression
    ♥ Durdhar दुर्धर- difficult to be carried or borne or suffered,
    unrestrainable, irresistible, difficult to be administered (punishment), difficult to be kept in memory or recollected, inevitable. Here दुर् means bad, ill, difficult + धर means having, possessing.
    ◀ Duradhar दुराधर- inaccessible, invincible, unstoppable, difficult to be withstood, irresistible. Here दुर् means difficult, bad + आधर means supportable, tenable
    ★ Durdharsh दुर्धर्ष- difficult to be assaulted or laid hold of, inviolable, inaccessible, unconquerable, dangerous, dreadful. Here दुर् means
    difficult, bad + धर्ष means assualt, conquerable, accessible
    ★ Duradharsha दुराधर्ष- haughty, irresistible, dangerous, invincible, difficult to be attacked or approached. Here दुर् means difficult
    + आधर्ष means attack, resistible
    @ Durdharshan दुर्धर्षण- inaccessible,
    dangerous. Here दुर् means difficult + धर्षण means accessible, conviction of crime

  4. Meaning of Sanskrit boy names
    ♥ Dahyu दह्यु- fire
    @ Dahr दह्र- a wood on fire, fire
    # Daharak दहरक- short (day)
    ■ Daak दाक- a donor, a sacrificer
    ▶ Dahar दहर- small , fine , thin, young in age, a younger brother, a child, a young animal, a mouse
    # Datavya/Daatavya दातव्य- to be given, to be communicated, to be given in marriage, to be paid or restored, to be placed upon, to be made
    # Danapati/Daanpati दानपति-
    "liberality-lord" ,munificent man. Here दान means liberality, donation
    + पति means lord
    ♣ Dadad/Daadad दादद- gift-giving. Here दाद means gift + द /दा means giving
    � Dadin/Daadin दादिन्-giving , a giver
    ☆ Dativar/Daativaar दातिवार- liking to give
    ■ Datri/Daatri दातृ- giving , a giver , donor ,liberal, one who gives a daughter (gen.) in marriage, a father or brother who gives a daughter or sister in marriage, a creditor, the arranger of a meal, granting,
    ★ Dronak द्रोणक-" the inhabitants of a valley. "
    # Dvand द्वंद- pair , couple, a clock or plate on which the hours are struck
    => Dvandvatit/Dwandwateet द्वंद्वातीत- gone beyond or freed from opposites
    ◆ Dvayatig/Dwayaatig द्वयातिग- one who has overcome the two (bad qualities i.e. passion and
    ignorance) or the opposites, a saint , a holy or virtuous man
    ♥ Devang देवाङ्ग/देवांग- Name of an emanation from सदा-शिव 's body (inventor of weaving)
    # Devansh देवांश -a portion of god i.e. partial incarnation of a god. Here देव means god + अंश means portion
    $ Devakrid देवाक्रीड- playing-place of the gods. Here देव means gods + आक्रीड means place of playing
    $ Devatman देवात्मन् -the divine soul,Ficus Religiosa, being of divine nature, containing a deity, sacred. Here देव means god + आत्मन् means soul
    # Devatidev देवातिदेव- a god surpassing all other gods, Name of lord Shiva (शिव ). Here देव means god + अति means surpassing, superior + देव means gods
    # Devatithi देवातिथि- guest of the gods, Name of a काण्व and author of Rigveda, Name of a prince who was son of अ-क्रोधन. Here देव means god + अतिथि means guest
    # Devajivin देवाजीविन्-a man subsisting by attending on an idol and receiving its offerings
    * Devajiv/Devajeev देवाजीव- a man subsisting by attending on an
    idol and receiving its offerings
    ♥ Devach देवाच् -directed towards the gods
    ♧ Devagar देवागार- house of the gods, temple. Here देव means god + आगार means house
    # Devanjan देवाञ्जन/देवांजन- 'divine ointment'. Here देव means divine + अञ्जन means ointment

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