Latest Indian Baby Boy names Starting Letter I

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Ibhanan 4 Elephant Faced
Ibhya 9 Possessor Of Many Attendants
Ibraheem 7 A Prophet\'s Name
Ibrahim 6 Abraham; Earth
Ichaa 4 Desire
Idaspati 7 God Of Rain (vishnu)
Idhant 2 Luminous
Idrees 6 A Prophet's Name
Idris 5 Fiery Lord
Iesa 7 A Prophet's Name
Iham 4 Expected
Ihit 1 Prize; Honour
Ihsaan 7 Beneficence
Ijay 9 Lord Vishnu
Ikrimah 6 A Female Pigeon
Ikshan 8 Sight
Ikshu 5 Sugarcane, Sweetness,sugarcane
Ilaiyavan 4 Youthful
Ilamparidhi 1 Young Horse
Ilamporai 4 Prince
Ilamurugu 6 Young Lord Murugan
Ilancheliyan 5 Full Of Youthful Potential
Ilandevan 1 Young Master
Ilango 4 Chera Prince Who Wrote Tamil Masterpiece Silappadhikaram
Ilanthirayan 6 Young Man Whose Influence Extends Beyond The Seas
Ilashpasti 6 Lord Of The Earth
Ilavalagan 8 Young And Handsome
Ilavarasan 8 Prince
Ilavenil 3 Brilliant,spring, Youthful
Ilesh 8 Lord Of Earth
Ilisa 5 King Of The Earth
Ilyas 3 A Prophet's Name
Imaad 1 Support; Pillar
Imaad Udeen 5 The Pillar Of The Faith
Iman 1 Name Of Raga
Imaran 2 Strong
Imdad 4 Charity
Imraan 2 A Prophet's Name
Imtiaz 6 Power Of Discrimination
Imtiyaz 4 Great King
Ina 6 Lord Surya
Inakanta 8 Beloved Of Sun
Inas 7 Capable; Sociability
Inbanathan 3 Happy
Indeever 1 A Blue Lotus
Indivar 5 Lord Vishnu
Indra 1 King Of Gods, Most Strong
Indraarjun 2 Bright And Brave Indra
Indradatt 1 Gift Of Indra
Indradutt 3 Gift Of Lord Indra
Indradyumn 6 Splendour Of Indra
Indrajeet 5 Conqueror
Indrajit 4 Conquerer Of Lord Indra ( Meghnad)
Indrakanta 3 Lord Indra
Indraneel 1 Turquoise; Lord Vishnu's Name
Indrasen 3 Eldest Of The Pandavas
Indrasena 4 The Army Of Indra,daughter Of King Nala
Indrasuta 8 Son Of Indra
Indratan 9 As Strong As Indra
Indravadan 7 Lord Indra's Name
Indubhushan 4 Moon, Shiva
Indudhushan 6 The Moon
Induhasan 1 Like A Moon
Induj 4 Mercury ( Planet )
Indukant 4 Moon
Indukanta 5 Like A Moon
Indulal 1 Moon\'s Lustre
Induleksh 4 The Moon
Indumal 2 Lord Shiva
Indumat 1 Respected By Moon
Indumauli 5 Moon Crested
Indushekhar 1 Like A Moon
Inesh 1 King Of Kings
Inganam 5 Knowledge
Iniyavan 5 Pleasant Natured
Inoday 5 Sunrise
Intekhab 7 Chosen
Ipil 1 Stars
Ipsit 1 Desired
Iqbal 5 Desire
Iraiyavan 1 Blessed By The Supreme
Iraj 2 Lord Hanuman
Iravan 2 King Of Ocean
Iravat 8 Rain Clouds
Irenpreet 2 Loving
Iresh 5 Lord Of Earth, Vishnu
Irfaan 4 Thankfulness
Irfan 3 Knowledgable
Iri 9 Hanuman, Son Of Wind God
Irshaad 6 Signal
Irumporai 3 Brave
Irya 8 Powerful
Is-haaq 1 A Prophet's Name
Isaam 7 Safeguard
Isaiarasu 8 King Of Music
Isaivalan 7 Skilled Musician
Isar 2 Eminent; Another Name For The Hindu God
Ish 9 Lord Vishnu
Isha 1 Lord
Ishaan 7 Lord Shiva
Ishan 6 Sun, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu
Ishana 7 Another Name For Lord Vishnu
Ishat 3 Superior
Ishayu 2 Full Of Strength
Ishir 9 Another Name For Agni
Ishit 2 One Who Desires To Rule
Ishrat 3 Affection
Ishvara 6 Lord
Ishwar 6 Powerful; The Supreme God
Ismaael 6 A Prophet's Name
Itish 2 Such A Lord
Iyyappan 8 Lord Iyyappan, Youthful
Izhar 8 Submission
Izz Udeen 2 Might Of The Faith


  1. Modern & Unique Sanskrit baby boy names starting from I
    # Inesh इनेश-strong king
    It is joining of इन+ईश .Here इन as an adjective
    means strong & ईश means king
    # Ishu इषु-arrow
    #Ishuk इषुक-arrow
    # Ishudhar इषुधर-archer इषु+धर इषु धर
    # Ishir ईषिर-powerful, fast, refreshing, fire
    # Itih इतिह-thus indeed, according to tradition
    # Idit ईडित-requested, implored
    # Ips ईप्स्-wish to obtain, desire
    # Ipsu ईप्सु-desirous, expectant
    # Ihit ईहित-take care, wish
    # Iham ईहम-expected
    # Ihavas इहवास-life
    # Iyivas ईयिवस-one who has obtained
    ▶ Iraj ईरज-wind born, Lord Hanuman It is joining
    of ईर+ज Here ईर means wind ज means born/son
    # Iraaj इराज-born from water, god of love. It is
    joining of इरा +ज .Here इरा means water & ज
    means son/born
    # Irajya इरज्य-lead, grow order
    # Ishaan ईशान-(adj.) wealthy, owning, splendour
    (m.) north-east direction, lord Shiva, ruler,
    light,master, lord, commanding
    # Ishin ईशिन-commanding
    ♣ Iresh इरेश-king, sovereign, god of water. It is
    joining of इरा +ईश .Here 'Ira'/इरा means earth,
    water & 'Ish'/ईश means lord, chief
    # Ikshan/Ixan ईक्षण-sight,care, superintendance,
    eye, look, aspect, looking after
    # Iyat ईयत्-so large
    # Ivat ईवत्-so large
    # Ilesh (ILESH) इलेश -Lord of earth, sovereign. It
    is joining of इला+ईश .Here इला means earth & ईश
    means lord/king
    # Ichhu इच्छु-desirous, wisher, desiring
    # Ishtatar इष्टतर-(adj.) dearer, more desired
    ★ Iddh इद्ध-shinning, light, sunshine, clean,
    # Iyesh इयेष-desired
    ▶ Ish ईश-supreme, powerful, capable of, king,
    ruler, lord, husband, chief, master, Shiva
    # Iish/Eesh ईष-worshipper of Shiva
    # Ishm इष्म/ईष्म-spring, Kamadeva
    # Isht/Ishta इष्ट-lord,beloved, worshipped with
    sacrifices, husband, desire
    # Ishtu इष्टु-desire, wish
    # Ing इङ्ग/इंग-(adj.) wonderful
    # Ishv/Ishva इष्व/ईष्व-spring, spiritual teacher
    # Ishin ईशिन्-commanding
    # Ishayu इषयु-fresh, powerful
    # Ishidh इषिध्-offering, libation
    ◀ Ishmin इष्मिन्-speedy
    # Ishubal इषुबल-powerful by arrows
    It is joining of इषु+बल .Here इषु means arrow & बल
    means power
    # Ishay इषय-refresh, strengthen, animate
    # Indh इन्ध-lighting, kindling
    # Ihit ईहित-attempted, desired, wish, request
    # Iksh ईक्ष-seeing, looking, visiting
    # Ikshak/Ixak ईक्षक-spectator, beholder
    # Ikshit/Ixit ईक्षित-beheld, viewed, approved
    # Ikshvaku/Ixavaku ईक्ष्वाकु-bitter gourd, fruit of
    wild species of calabash,It was the name of one
    of ancestors of Lord Ram(राम)
    # Induvrat इन्दुव्रत-(n.) relegious observance
    depending on age of the moon
    # Indukant इन्दुकान्त-(m.) moon-loved, moon-
    # Indupad इन्दुपद-moon-ray
    # Indudin इन्दुदिन-(n.) lunar day . It is joining of
    इन्दु+दिन. Here इन्दु means moon/lunar दिन means
    # Indambar इन्दम्बर-(n.) blue lotus, sacred blue lily
    [Nymphaea Caerulea-Bot.]
    # Inv/Inva इन्व-(adj.) pervading
    # Ingit इङ्गित/इंगित-(n.) sign, secret aim,indication,
    movement, palpitation, gesture, change of voice
    # Ishit इषित-(adj.) tossed, animated, quick, diven,
    excited, speedy
    # Ishavat इषवत्-vigorous
    # Ishavya इषव्य-(adj.) skilled in archery
    # Ishiram इषिरम्-(ind.) quickly
    #Ishitum इषितुम्-(verb) to go
    # Ishkrit इष्कृत्-(adj.) arranged in order

    # Indivar इन्दिवर-blue-lotus
    #Indivaar इन्दिवार-blue-lotus
    #Indivaras इन्दिवरस्-blue-lotus
    # Indivaraksh/Indivarax इन्दिवराक्ष -lotus-eyed It
    is joining of इन्दिवर+अक्ष .Here अक्ष means eyes
    # Indu इन्दु-(m.) moon, periodic changes of the
    moon, time of moonlight (night), bright drop, coin,
    spark, point on a die
    # Indushekhar इन्दुशेखर-moon-crested, lord Shiva.
    Here इन्दु means moon+शेखर means crest
    # Indujanak इन्दुजनक-father of moon, ocean. Here
    इन्दु means moon+जनक means father
    # Indra इन्द्र-(adj.) excellent,first, chief, best (m.)
    god of atmosphere & sky, human soul, King,
    prince, night, regent of east-quarter
    # Indrayudh इन्द्रायुध-Indra's weapon,
    thunderbolt,rainbow, diamond
    It is joining of इन्द्र+आयुध .Here आयुध means
    # Indravrat इन्द्रवत्-Indra's rule of conduct, one of
    duties of a king
    # Indratam इन्द्रतम-resembling Indra (इन्द्र के समान)
    # Indrakalp इन्द्रकल्प-resembling Indra
    # Indragupt इन्द्रगुप्त-protected or guarded by
    It is joining of इन्द्र+गुप्त .Here गुप्त means
    # Indrasvat इन्द्रस्वत्-(adj.)possessed of power,
    accompanied by Indra
    # Indrasunu इन्द्रसूनु-son of Indra, (Jayant ,
    Arjuna), a term used for Arjuna [अर्जुन],Jayant
    [जयन्त] It is a joining of इन्द्र +सूनु .Here सूनु means
    # Indrasut इन्द्रसुत-son of Indra (Jayant, Arjuna).
    It is joining of इन्द्र +सुत .Here सुत means son
    # Indraj इन्द्रज-son of Indra, descended from Indra
    It is joining of इन्द्र+ज .Here ज means son,
    descendant, produced from
    # Indranuj इन्द्रानुज-younger brother of Indra
    Here इन्द्र means lord Indra +अनुज means younger
    # Indravraj इन्द्रावरज-younger brother of Indra
    # Indradhvaj इन्द्रध्वज-Indra's banner. It is joining
    of इन्द्र+ध्वज .Here ध्वज means banner or flag
    # Indraketu इन्द्रकेतु-Indra's banner. Here इन्द्र
    means lord Indra +केतु means banner/flag/mark
    # Indranil इन्द्रनील-sapphire
    # Indrot इन्द्रोत-upheld or promoted by Indra

  3. # Ishukrit इषुकृत-(adj.) preparing, arranging, made
    quick as an arrow, hurting like an arrow, arrow-
    # Ishukar इषुकार-arrow-maker
    # Ishubhrit इषुभृत्-(adj.) archer, carrying arrows
    # Ishupat इषुपात-arrow's flight
    # Ishudhyu इषुध्यु-(m.)requesting, imploring
    # Ishvasan इष्वसन-(n.) bow, arrow thrower
    # Ishtatar इष्टतर- (adj.)more desired, dearer
    # Ishtatam इष्टतम-(adj.) dearest, most desired,
    # Induj इन्दुज-son of moon Here इन्दु means moon
    + ज means son
    #Indudal इन्दुदल-(n.) crescent moon, digit
    # In/Ina इन-(m.) sun, king, master, lord, (adj.)
    glorious, energetic, able, mighty, wild
    # Ilav (iLAV) इलव -farmer
    # Idavat इडावत्-(adj.) possessed of refreshment,
    possessed or sacrificial food, refreshed, granting
    fresh vital spirits, particular time
    # It/Ita इत-obtained, remembered, gone, returned
    # Ipsit ईप्सित-wished, desire, sought after
    # Ipsan ईप्सन-wished, desire
    # Irin इरिन्-powerful, violent, instigator, tyrant
    # Irgal इर्गल-bolt
    # Irya इर्य-(m.)destroying enemies, lord, active,
    # Iran ईरण-agitating, wind, driving, uttering
    # Iravat इरावत्-king, cloud, ocean, comfortable,
    It is a joining of ira(इरा)+vat (वत्) .Here इरा
    means-earth, water, speech, comfort, refresh & वत्
    as a suffix means one having or possessing
    :-)when here 'ira' means earth then Iravat means
    :-) when here 'ira' is used to symbolise water
    then iravat means ocean, cloud
    :-) when here 'Ira'is used to symbolize comfort
    then Iravat means comfortable & simultaneously

    # Ikshanik ईक्षणिक- 'a looker into the future', a
    fortune teller
    $ Ikshamaan ईक्षमाण- looking at, surveying
    # Inkhan ईङ्खन/ईंखन- swinging
    $ Inkhay ईङ्खय/ ईंखय - moving, causing to flow or
    # Ijaan ईजान- one who has sacrificed
    $ Ishanadhip ईशानाधिप- "one whose lord is
    Shiva", the north east. Here ईशान means north
    east or Shiva + अधिप means lord
    # Ishvaradatt ईश्वरदत्त- "given by God", God-gift.
    Here ईश्वर means god + दत्त means given
    $ Ishvaranisth ईश्वरनिष्ठ- trusting in God. Here
    ईश्वर means lord + निष्ठ means trusting in
    # Ishvarapriya ईश्वरप्रिय- "dear to God", a
    partridge. Here ईश्वर means god + प्रिय means
    $ Ishaddhas ईषद्धास- slightly laughing, smiling.
    Here ईषत्/ ईषद् means slightly + हास means smile
    # Ishaddhasya ईषद्धास्य- a smile, slight laughter.
    Here ईषत्/ईषद् means slightly + हास्य means
    $ Ishadrakt ईषद्रक्त- pale red. Here ईषत् means
    slightly + रक्त means red
    # Ihatas ईहतस्- diligently, energetically, by or with
    exertion or labour
    $ Iharthin ईहार्थिन्- aiming at any object, seeking
    Here means to seek, aiming means wealth, any
    # Ihalih ईहालिह्- reading (any one's) wish
    ♥ Ishesh ईशेश- lord of lords, supreme master.
    Here ईश means lord, chief, master + ईश means
    lord, chief, master
    ♥ Isheshvar ईशेश्वर- supreme lord, lord of lords.
    Here ईश means lord + ईश्वर means lord

  5. # Itya इत्य-to be gone to or towards
    $ Itvan इत्वन्- going
    # Itvar इत्वर- going, travelling, a traveller, harsh,
    low (m.) a bull or steer allowed to go at liberty
    $ Ikkat इक्कट- a kind of reed
    # Ikshuj इक्षुज- produced or coming from sugarcane
    $ Ikshumul इक्षुमूल- root of sugarcane. Here इक्षु
    means sugarcane +मूल means root
    # Ikshusamudra इक्षुसमुद्र- the sea of syrup (one of
    seven seas). Here इक्षु means syrup +समुद्र means
    $ Ikshuk इक्षुक -sugarcane
    # Ing इङ्ग/इंग- movable, locomotive, surprising,
    knowledge, an indication of sentiment by gesture
    $ Ingan इङ्गन/इंगन- shaking, seperation of one
    member of a compound from another separation
    by mark of tmesis
    #Ingud इङ्गुद/इंगुद- the medicinal tree Terminalia
    Cattapa (In Bengal confounded with Putranjiva
    Roxburghii Wall)
    $ Ichikil इचिकिल- a pond, mire, mud
    # Ichhak इच्छक- "desiring", the citron[Citrus
    Medica-Bot.] , (In Arithmetic.) the sum sought
    $ Ijya इज्य- to be honoured, a teacher,
    God, Planet Jupiter
    # Ijyasheel इज्यशील- sacrificing frequently
    $ Inchaak इञ्चाक/इंचाक- a shrimp, prawn
    # Idas इडस्- the object of devotion, refreshment,
    libation offered to the gods
    $ Idvar इड्वर- a bull fit to be set at liberty
    #Itkat इत्कट- a kind of reed or grass
    $ Idadik इदादिक- beginning now or with this
    # Inasabh इनसभ- a royal court or assembly. Here
    इन means royal + सभ from सभा means court
    # Ind इन्द्- to see, to be powerful
    $ Indivaradal इन्दीवरदल- petal of a blue lotus.
    Here इन्दीवर means blue lotus +दल means petal
    # Indivardrish इन्दीवरदृश्- a lotus eyed person.
    Here इन्दीवर means blue lotus +दृश् means eye
    $ Indivaraksh इन्दीवराक्ष- 'lotus eyed'. Here
    इन्दीवर means lotus + अक्ष from अक्षि means eye
    # Indukamal इन्दुकमल- the blossom of white lotus
    $ Indukar इन्दुकर- ray of moon. Here इन्दु means
    moon + कर means ray
    # Indukirit इन्दुकिरीट- "moon-crested", Shiva . Here
    इन्दु means moon + किरीट means crest
    $ Indushekhar इन्दुशेखर- "moon-crested", Shiva.
    Here इन्दु means moon +शेखर means crest
    # Indumauli इन्दुमौलि - "moon crested", Shiva.
    Here इन्दु means moon + मौलि means head, crest
    $ Indunandan इन्दुनन्दन- "son of moon", planet
    Mercury.Here नन्दन means son
    # Indusut इन्दुसुत- "son of moon", planet mercury
    $ Indusunu/Indusoonu इन्दुसुनु- "son of moon", planet Mercury
    # Indubimb इन्दुबिम्ब- the disk of moon. Here इन्दु
    means moon +बिम्ब means disk
    $ Indubhrit इन्दुभृत - "bearing the crescent on his
    forehead", Shiva . Here इन्दु means moon or
    crescent + भृत means one who bears or has
    # Indumukh इन्दुमुख-Moon-faced.
    $ Induvadan इन्दुवदन- Moon-faced. Here इन्दु
    means moon + वदन means face
    # Induratn इन्दुरत्न- "Moon-stone"
    $ Indrakrisht इन्द्रकृष्ट-"ploughed by Indra",
    growing in a wild state. Here इन्द्र means Indra +कृष्ट means ploughed
    # Indrakosh इन्द्रकोष- a platform, a scaffold, a kind of balcony or terrace
    $ Indrakoshak इन्द्रकोषक- a kind of balcony or
    terrace, a scaffold
    # Indrachap इन्द्रचाप- rainbow, "Indra's bow".
    Here इन्द्र means lord Indra +चाप means bow
    $ Indragop इन्द्रगोप- having Indra as one's
    protector, protected by lord Indra. Here इन्द्र means Lord Indra + गोप means to protect
    # Indraj इन्द्रज- son of Indra (Arjuna, Jayanta,
    Valin). Here इन्द्र means lord Indra + ज means
    born from
    # Invak इन्वक- pervading
    $ Ibhamachal इभमाचल- a lion
    # Iyaksh इयक्ष्- to go towards, to approach, to
    request, to endeavour to gain
    $ Iyakshu इयक्षु- longing for, seeking to gain
    # Indrajaalik इन्द्रजालिक- juggler, a conjurer
    $ Indrajaalin इन्द्रजालिन्- juggler, a conjurer
    # Indratejas इन्द्रतेजस्- Indra's thunderbolt
    $ Indranil इन्द्रनील- sapphire
    # Indranilak इन्द्रनीलक- an emarald
    $ Indrapalik इन्द्रपालिक- "protected by Indra
    # Indrapurogam इन्द्रपुरोगम- having Indra as leader
    $ Indrabh इन्द्राभ- one resembling to Indra