Latest Indian Baby Boy names Starting Letter L

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Laabh 6 Profit
Laalamani 1 Ruby
Laavanya 5 Beauty
Labeeb 9 Sensible; Intelligent
Labh 5 Gain
Lagan 8 Appropriate Time
Lahar 4 Wave
Lais 5 Lion
Lakhan 2 Lord Rama\'s Brother
Laksh 6 Aim, Target
Lakshan 3 Aim
Lakshanya 2 One Who Achieves
Lakshay 5 Target
Lakshin 2 With Auspicious Marks
Lakshman 7 Brother Of Lord Rama, Prosperous
Lakshmana 8 Lucky Omen
Lakshmibanta 3 Fortunate
Lakshmidhar 5 Lord Vishnu
Lakshmigopal 7 Lord Vishnu
Lakshmikant 2 Husband Of Lakshmi ( Lord Vishnu), Or A Rich Person
Lakshmikanta 3 Lord Vishnu
Lakshminarayan 3 Lakshmi And Lord Vishnu Together
Lakshminath 8 Lord Vishnu
Lakshmipati 2 Husband Of Lakshmi ( Lord Vishnu)
Lakshmiraman 3 Lord Vishnu
Lakshya 5 Target
Lalam 3 Jewel
Lalan 4 Nurturing
Lalchand 1 Red Moon
Lalchandra 2 Red Moon
Lali 7 Blushing
Lalit 9 Name Of Lord Krishna, Attractive
Lalitaditya 6 A Beautiful Sun
Lalitchandra 4 A Beautiful Moon
Lalitesh 5 God Of Beauty, Husband Of A Beautiful Wife
Lalitkishore 4 Beautiful
Lalitkumar 1 Beautiful
Lalitlochan 8 One With Beautiful Eyes
Lalitmohan 6 Beautiful And Attractive
Lambodar 3 Lord Ganesh
Lambodhar 2 Lord Ganesh
Laniban 8 Lord Shiva
Lankesh 7 Ravana
Larraj 6 A Sage
Latafat 7 Elegance
Latif 3 Elegant
Lav 8 Son Of Lord Rama, Fragment
Lavana 6 Handsome
Laven 9 Fragrance
Lavitra 2 Lord Shiva
Laxman 2 Lord Rama's Brother
Layak 5 Capable
Lekh 9 Document Likhit
Lemar 4 Talented One
Likith 6
Liladhar 2 Lord Vishnu
Lingam 2 God Sivan
Lingamoorthy 4 God Sivan
Lingan 3 God Sivan
Lingappan 9 God Sivan
Lingesan 9 God Sivan
Lochan 8 Bright Eyes
Lohendra 5 Lord Of Three Worlds
Lohit 1 Red, Made Of Copper, Mars, Bramhaputra River
Lohitaksh 4 Lord Vishnu
Lohitaksha 5 Lord Vishnu
Lohitashwa 8 One With Red Horse ( Lord Shiva ), Fire
Lokajit 6 Conqueror Of World
Lokakriti 7 Creator Of The World.
Lokanetra 7 Eye Of The World
Lokapujya 4 Worshipped By The Universe. A Name For Lord Hanuman
Lokbhushan 3 Ornament Of The World
Lokesh 7 King Of World, Lord Bramha, Lord Indra
Loknaath 1 Lord Of The World
Loknath 9 Lord Of All Worlds, King
Lokpradeep 4 Gautam Budha
Lokprakash 4 Light Of The World
Lokranjan 6 Lord Vishnu
Lomash 5 A Sage
Lu'ay 5 Proper Name
Lucas 2
Lukesh 4 King Of The Empire
Luqmaan 7 A Prophet's Name
Lusila 2 Leader
Lutfi 5 Kind And Friendly
Luv 1 Son Of The Hindu God Rama
Luxman 4 Loyal And Sincere.


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  2. MEANING OF Unique and modern SANSKRIT baby boy names starting from letter L ल से शुरु होने वाले हिन्दी, संस्कृत में भारतीय बच्चों के नाम अर्थ सहित

    # Lokajit लोकजित -conqueror of world, winning
    or conquering any region.Here लोक means world
    + जित means conquering/victory
    # Lokajya लोकज्ञ - one who knows the world.Here
    लोक means world +ज्ञ means one who knows, scholar
    # Lokakrit लोककृत -world-creating, creator of world
    # Lokasat लोकसात् -for the sake of public, for
    general good
    # Lokatas लोकतस् -from people's talk, by
    men, as usual or customary in the world
    # Lokavat लोकवत् -containing the worlds, as in
    ordinary life
    # Lokadhik लोकाधिक -extraordinary, exceptional, singular
    # Lilavat लीलावत् -possessed of grace or beauty,
    charming, handsome
    # Lilamay लीलामय -consisting of or relating to
    play/amusement. Here लीला means play + मय
    means consisting
    # Lilatanu लीलातनु- form assumed for mere sport
    or pleasure
    # Lilaya/Lilaay लीलाय - play, sport
    # Lilayit लीलायित -rejoicing, sporting, dallying
    # Lilashuk लीलाशुक- pleasure-parrot.Here लीला
    means pleasure +शुक means parrot
    # Lilodyan लीलोद्यान -Lord Indra's paradise,
    garden of gods or pleasure.Here लीला means
    pleasure +उद्यान means garden
    # Laalak लालक -fondling, caressing, jesting or evasive reply, king's jester, equivoque
    # Lokanayak/Loknayak लोकनायक -leader of world
    # Lakshmipushp/Laxmipushp लक्ष्मीपुष्प -clove, ruby
    # Lakshminivas/Laxminivas लक्ष्मीनिवास-abode of
    godess of fortune. Here लक्ष्मी means godess of
    fortune+निवास means abode
    # Lakshmivardhan/Laxmivardhan लक्ष्मीवर्धन -
    increasing good fortune.Here लक्ष्मी means
    fortune + वर्धन means increasing
    # Lakshmivat/Laxmivat लक्ष्मीवत् - handsome,
    wealthy, lucky
    @ Lakshikrit/Laxikrit लक्षीकृत -directed towards,
    aimed at, directed towards
    # Lakuch लकुच -money jack tree, bread-fruit tree
    # Lipsu लिप्सु -longing for, wishing to gain or
    obtain, epectant
    # Lipsya लिप्स्य -desirable to be acquired
    # Lipsit लिप्सित -desired, wished to be obtained
    # Laukik लौकिक - worldly, belonging to world,
    ocurring in ordinary life, usual, common man,
    mankind, people
    # Lokin लोकिन् -possesing a world or
    possessing the best world
    # Lokya लोक्य- right, conducive to attainment of a better world, usual, heavenly, world- wide,
    bestowing freedom, real
    # Laukya लौक्य - common, mundace, extended
    through world, global, common place, belonging
    to world
    # Lokan लोकन -act of looking, viewing
    # Lokit लोकित- beheld, seen
    ♥ Lav लव- little piece, anything cut off, mowing, fragment, sport, loss, bit, plucking or gathering, hair
    , moment [ fraction of a second ], minute division
    of time, section, act of cutting, 60th of a twinkling
    , wool, particle, numerator of a fraction, degree,
    shorn fleece, Blue-breasted Quail [ Perdix
    Chinensis - Zoo. ], reaping [ of crop ], destruction, root of vetiver grass [ Andropogon Muricatum -
    Bot. ], cloves. It was a name of a son of lord ram.
    it can be written as lav or lava

  3. Modern & Rare Sanskrit, Hindi baby boy names with meaning
    # Lauhit लौहित -trident of Lord Shiva
    # Lohit लोहित - red-coloured, battle, ruby, Mars
    # Layan लयन -dissolution, house, repose, lying,
    place of rest
    # Ligu लिगु -deer, heart, mind
    #Lisush लीसुष -so tasting, particular taste
    # Lashv/Lashva लष्व -actor, dancer
    # Lishv/Lishva लिष्व -actor, dancer
    # Lab लब -quail
    # Lavya लव्य -to be cutor mown, to be reaped or
    hewn down
    # Lavalesh लवलेश -spark, glimpse, small shine
    # Lapit लपित- chatter, spoken, hum
    # Lasik लासिक -dancing
    # Lush/Loosh लूष - adorn, decorate
    # Lavan लवण -salt, handsome, lustre, charm,
    # Lavan लवन -cutter, knife, reaper, implement for
    # Lavam लवम्/लवं -little
    # Lindum लिन्दुम -particular fragrant substance
    # Lakshman/Laxman लक्ष्मण - fortunate,
    endowed with auspicious sign or marks
    # Lakshman/Laxman लक्ष्मन् - good or lucky
    mark, excellence, principal, sign
    #Lakshit/Laxit लक्षित -excellent, observed,
    ambiguous, aimed, distinguished, noticed
    # Lakshan/Laxan लक्षन -indicating
    #Lakshak/Laxak लक्षक -indicating, one hundred
    thousand, hinting
    # Lakshin/Laxin लक्षिन् -having good marks or
    # Laksh लक्ष- aim, mark, label, sign, prize, one
    hundred thousand, x-axis (Computer), lac
    #Lakshaniya/Laxaniya लक्षनीय -remarkable
    # Layalamb लयालम्ब- actor, dancer, according
    to time
    # Layarambh लयारम्भ- actor, dancer,
    according to time
    ♥ Layan लयन -house, rest, lying, repose
    # Layashuddh लयशुद्ध - to be performed in clear or
    right time
    # Layak/Laayak लायक- adhering, clinging, sticking
    # Lakshmish/Laxmish लक्ष्मीश -husband of godess
    lakshmi (Lord Vishnu) , prosperous man.It is
    joining of two words लक्ष्मी + ईश. Here लक्ष्मी
    symbolises prosperity & fortune ईश represents
    # Lakshmivaar/Laxmivaar लक्ष्मीवार -Lakshmi's
    day, Thursday. It is joining of two words लक्ष्मी
    + वार. Here वार is denoting day
    # Lashitum लषितुम - to wish, to desire
    # Lashit लषित- desired
    # Lasit लसित -sported, played
    Notice《 here in all words 'lok' /(लोक )means
    world or people
    # Lokasundar/Loksundar लोकसुन्दर -generally admired, thought beautiful by all
    # Lokaranjan/Lokranjan लोकरञ्जन/लोकरंजन -gaining public confidence, pleasing the world. It is
    joining of लोक
    +रञ्जन .Here रञ्जन means pleasing, confidential
    # Lokadeep/Lokadip/Lokdeep लोकदीप -light of world
    # Lokeshvar लोकेश्वर -lord of world. It is joining of
    लोक+ईश्वर. Here 'ishvar'means lord
    # Lokalochan/Loklochan लोकलोचन- eye of world, sun, eyes of men
    # Lokapujit/Lokpujit लोकपूजित- universally worshipped, honoured by the world
    # Lokapurush/Lokpurush लोकपुरुष- world personified,
    # Lokatushar/Loktushar लोकतुषार - earth's dew, camphor.It is joining of लोक+तुषार.Here तुषार means dew
    # Lokaraksh/Lokraksh लोकरक्ष - king, protector
    of world or people.It is joining of लोक+रक्ष. Here
    'raksh' means protector
    # Lokanath लोकनाथ- God,king, sovereign, master
    or chief of world. It is joining of लोक+नाथ. Here
    नाथ means lord
    # Lokadhip लोकाधिप - king, ruler of world, God
    # Lokap लोकप - world guardian, world
    protector. Here लोक means world + ' प' means
    # Lokakakant लोककान्त - world-loved, pleasing to
    all. It is joining of लोक + कान्त. Here 'कान्त' means beloved, pleasing one
    # Lokarav लोकरव - talk of world, popular report.
    It is joining of लोक+रव.Here रव means sound, talk
    # Lokadvar लोकद्वार- door of heaven
    # Lokavir/Lokveer लोकवीर- world's hero
    # Lokaniya लोकनीय- to be seen or perceived,
    # Lokakshit/Lokaxit लोकक्षित्- inhabitating
    #Lokyat लोक्यत- attainment of a better world
    # Lokavid लोकविद- possessing or affording
    space or freedom, knowing the world.It is joining
    of लोक+विद. Here विद means one who knows/
    # Lokachar लोकचर -wandering through
    world.It is formed by लोक+चर .Here 'चर' means
    # Lokaguru लोकगुरु - teacher of world or people
    # Lokakar लोककार - creator of world.It is formed
    by joining of लोक+कार.Here 'lok' means
    world, people & means 'kAr'
    # Lokamay लोकमय - spacious, containing the
    worlds or universe