Latest Indian Baby Boy names Starting Letter O

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Obalesh 8 Lord Shiva
Oha 6 Meditation, True Knowledge
Ohas 7 Praise
Ohm 9
Ojas 9 Brilliance, Shine, Glow
Ojayit 8 Courageous
Om 1 Sacred Syllable Used In Hindu Prayer
Oma 2 Life Giver
Omair 2 Problem Solver
Omanand 8 Joy Of Om
Omar 2 Life; Long Living
Omarjeet 6 Lord Of Om
Omeir 6 Long Living
Omesa 8 Lord Of Om
Omesh 6 Lord Of The Om
Omeshwar 3 Lord Of The Om
Omja 3 Born Of Cosmic Unity
Omkar 4 The Sound Of The Sacred Syllable
Omkarnath 2 Lord Of Omkaar, Shiva
Omparkash 3 Light Of God
Ompati 2 Master Of Om
Omprakash 3 Light Of God
Omran 7 Solid Structure
Omrao 8 King
Omswaroop 9 Manifestation Of Divinity
Omswarup 9 Like Om
Oni 2 Shelter, Cover
Oojam 9 Enthusiasm
Oorjit 6 Powerful, Strong
Oppilan 2 Peerless Gem
Oppilmani 6 Purest Of Gems
Ori 6 Charitable King
Orion 8 Son Of Fire
Orman 7 Seaman
Osman 8 Salve Of God
Osman; Usman 4 Salve Of God
Ossama 5 One Of The Names Of The Lion.
Ottakoothan 5 Poet
Ovais 3
Oviyan 5 Artist
Owais 4


    # Omil ओमिल- endearment form of Oma/ओम, protector, helper, friend. It is derived from Sanskrit word 'Oma/ओम)
    $ Okul ओकुल- wheat fried slightly
    # Okh ओख्- to be dry or arid, to be able, to adorn, suffice
    $ Ogan ओगण- united, assembled
    # Ogharath ओघरथ -'multitude of chariots', one having abundant of chariots. Here ओघ means multitude, abundant + रथ means chariot
    $ Ojodatam ओजोदातम- granting great power, very strengthening. Here ओजोदा means granting power+ तम as a suffix symbolizes great
    or most or superlative of more
    # Ojopati ओजोपति- lord of power or strength, Name of a deity of Bodhi tree. Here ओजो means strength + पति means lord
    $ Ondra ओण्ड्र- name of a king
    # Opashin ओपशिन्- provided with or lying upon cushions or pillows
    $ Omkar ॐकार- the sacred or mystical syllable Om,a beginning, prosperous or auspicious
    # Omkrit ॐकृत- accompanied by Om, having an uttered [om]
    $ Omanvat ओमन्वत्- helping, useful, propitious
    # Omyavat ओम्यावत्- helping, useful, favourable
    $ Ola/Olla ओल/ओल्ल- wet, damp
    # Oshadavan ओषदावन्- giving quickly
    $ Ohal ओहल- one having a vehicle, excellent (one having excellency), worthy to be approached.
    Here ओह means a vehicle, excellent, worhy to be approached + ल/ला means one possessing or having
    # Ohas ओहस्- a vehicle, means
    $ Oshna ओष्ण- a little warm, tepid
    # Oshthak ओष्ठक- lip, taking care of lips
    $ Oshadhimat ओषधीमत्- provided with herbs
    # Oshadhitvar ओषधीत्वर- the moon
    $ Oshadhij ओषधिज- produced from plants (as fire), born or living amongst herbs (as snakes).
    Here ओषधी means herbs +ज means born or produced from
    # Oshadhigarbh ओषधीगर्भ - "producer of herbs", sun. Here ओषधी means herbs + गर्भ means producer
    # Oshadhipati ओषधीपति-"lord of herbs", moon. Here ओषधी means herbs +पति means lord
    # Osh ओष- shining, (m.) combustion,
    # Osham ओषम् - with ardour, eagerly, quickly
    (ind. ) while burning
    # Ojasin ओजसीन -vigorous, energetic
    # Ojasvit ओजस्वित्-magnificence,
    # Ojavan/Ojavaan ओजवान -splendid,
    energetic, vigorous, mannish
    # Ojavir ओजवीर- energetic & brave, very splendid male, powerful warrior, a brave person having vital powers.Here ओज means power, vital energy + वीर means brave, male , warrior
    # Ojadip/Ojadeep ओजदीप- vigorous
    light,splenfid light or lamp.Here ओज means vigorous + दीप means light
    # Omkrit ओङ्कृत /ओंकृत- having an uttered 'OM', accompanied by 'OM'(ॐ)
    # Ogh ओघ- flood, stream,flow of water, abundance, instruction, multitude, flock, quick time
    # Oghavat ओघवत् - having a strong stream
    # Ogan ओगण- assembled,united
    # Okya ओक्य - fit for or belonging to a home
    # Okaj ओकज -born in house, bred at home
    # Okh ओख्- suffice, adorn, be dry or
    arid, be able , ward off, refuse
    # Okivas ओकिवस- accustomed to,
    having a liking for, used to
    # Odm/Odma ओद्म - moistening, act of wetting
    # Odan ओदन means-cloud, boiled rice, porridge,food
    # Odav ओडव means-(m.) mode which consists of
    five notes only
    # Opash ओपश means-(m.) cushion, pillow, plume,
    top-knot,pillar, stay, support
    # Odman ओद्मन् means-(n.) flowing, wetness, rain
    ♥ Ojayit ओजायित means-(n.) courageous
    behavior, stout heartedness
    # Ojasya ओजस्य means-(m.) vigorous, powerful
    # Ojasvin ओजस्विन् means-strong, courageous, energetic
    # Ob/Oba ओब means-cluster
    # Ojas ओजस् means-vital energy, splendour, vigour, power

  2. # Omkar ओङ्कार /ओंकार means-OM, prosperous & auspicious beginning of, beginning, auspicious
    sound of OM ॐ
    # Omanओमन् means - friend , protector, favour ,helper, (adj.) help
    # Om ओम् /ॐ means-verily, amen, word of respectful assent or solemn affirmation.It is most
    powerful word I the world which gives vital energy, improves concentration, saves from
    diseases & cures , gives peace of mind. In sound of (OM ) ॐ sound of M...... should be longer.
    # Ok/Oka ओक -(m.) bird, refuge ,assylum, conjunction of heavenly bodies
    #Okas ओकस्- house, dwelling, convenience,
    abode, assylum
    # Ojasvit ओजस्वत् - energetic, splendourous
    #Ojaay ओजाय- exhibits strength
    # Oj/Oja ओज- bodily strength
    # Ojod ओजोद - granting power,
    strengthening. It is made up of ओजः+द. Here ojah means strength & da means giving