Latest Indian Baby Boy names Starting Letter Y

Searching for Baby Boy Names in the letter [ Y ] ? We have list of Latest and Modern Indian Baby Names. Surf and Enjoy.

Yaalchelvan 5 Pride Of Yaalpaanam
Yaalmani 4 Gem Of Yaalpaanam
Yaalvendan 9 Ruler Of Yaalpaanam
Yaaseen 7 One Of The Prophet Muhammad's Names
Yadaspati 6 Lord Varuna, Lord Of Marine Animals
Yadav 8 Other Name For The Hindu God Krishna
Yadavaprakasa 4 Lord Krishna
Yadavendra 5 Other Name For The Hindu God Krishna
Yadavesvara 2 Lord Krishna
Yadu 6 An Ancient King
Yadukumara 8 Lord Krishna
Yadumani 7 Jewel Of The Yadus
Yadunand 3 Lord Krishna
Yadunandan 9 Lord Krishna
Yadunath 4 Lord Krishna
Yaduraj 8 Lord Krishna
Yaduvir 1 Lord Krishna
Yadwinder 4
Yagna 3 Ceremonial Rites To God
Yahyaa 7 A Prophet's Name
Yaj 9 A Sage
Yajas 2 Fame
Yajat 3 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Yajna 6 Worship, An Incarnation Of Vishnu,worship
Yajnadhar 1 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Yajnarup 7 Lord Krishna
Yajnesh 1 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Yamahil 6 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Yamajit 7 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Yamajith 6 Another Name For Shiva
Yaman 9 Lord Yama; God Of Death; Yamraj
Yamha 3 Dove
Yamir 3 Moon
Yasaar 2 Ease; Wealth
Yash 8 Success; Goodwill
Yashas 1 Fame
Yashneil 3 Famous; Glorious; Successful
Yashodev 9 Lord Of Fame
Yashodhan 5 Rich In Fame
Yashodhar 9 One Who Has Gained Fame
Yashodhara 1 One Who Has Achieved Fame
Yashpal 1 Protector Of Fame
Yashwant 3 One Who Has Achieved Glory
Yashwanth 2 Always Famous
Yasir 9 Wealthy
Yatin 6 God Of Yoga
Yatindra 2 Lord Indra
Yatiraja 4 King Of Ascetics
Yatisa 3 Lord Of Ascetics
Yatish 1 Lord Of Devotees
Yavar 4
Yayin 2 Lord Shiva
Yazeed 3 To Increase; Grow; Enhance
Yeeseen 6
Yeshwant 7 Success
Yeshwanth 6 A Person Who Attains Fame And Glory
Yoganand 9 Delighted With Meditation
Yogendra 8 Again, God Of Yoga
Yogesh 7 God Of Yoga; Lord Shiva
Yogi 2 Master Of Oneself
Yogisa 4 Lord Of Yogis, Lord Krishna
Yogit 4 Planner
Yoonus 1 A Prophet's Name
Yoosuf 2 A Prophet's Name
Yudhajit 8 Victor In War
Yudhishthir 5 Eldest Pandava Brother
Yudhisthir 6 Firm In Battle
Yudishtra 8 Firm In Battle
Yugandhar 9 Celestial God
Yugma 4 Twins, Zodiac Sign Of Gemini
Yukta 6 Attentive, Skillful
Yuval 9 Brook
Yuvan 2
Yuvaraj 8 Prince; Heir Apparent
Yuvaram 2
Yuvraj 7 A Prince
Yuyutsu 8 Eager To Fight


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  4. Modern SANSKRIT NAMES WITH MEANING Starting from letter Y
    ◀ Yamir/Yaamir यामीर-moon
    # Yamit यमित- restrained, checked
    # Yamitr/Yamitra यामित्र- diameter
    ♥Yamishth यमिष्ठ- guiding or
    managing best, most skilful in guiding or restraining
    # Yaminipati यामिनीपति- beloved or
    husband of night, moon.Here यामिनी means night +पति means
    husband or lord
    # Yaminay यामिनय- appear like night

    FACT-Some people especially in
    north indian
    pronounce the word (ज्ञ)/jya as
    gya .but it is
    'jya' because it is made from
    joining of three
    words ज्+य्+अ=ज्ञ
    ◀ Yajyesh यज्ञेश-lord of sacrifice/
    # Yajyajya यज्ञज्ञ- skilled in worship or sacrifice
    # Yajyik याज्ञिक- relating or
    belonging to sacrifice,
    one versed in sacrificial ritual
    # Yajyiy/Yajyiya यज्ञिय- holy,
    devoted, pious, divine, suitable for sacrifice, godly
    》Yiyasu यियासु- desirous of
    matching or taking field, wishing to go or move or fly
    ♥ Yati यति- sage, devotee,ascetic, disposer, one who has restrained his passions & abandoned the world
    #Yamin यमिन्- one who restrains himself or has subdued his senses, restraining, curbing
    # Yashod यशोद- bestowing fame or
    honour.It is joining of two words यशः+द ,Here यशः means fame + द means bestowing, to provide
    # Yaaj याज- sacrifice
    # Yogen योगेन- in devotional
    ★ Yatit यतित-attempted,
    endeavoured, tried
    # Yuktam युक्तम्- properly, spirit,
    ▼Yatin यतिन्-sage, devotee, ascetic
    ▶ Yahu यहु- strong, swift, offspring
    # Yanastan यानस्तान- park
    # Yam यम-twin, pair
    # Yama यम- lord of death, twin,
    #Yatik/Yaatik यातिक-traveller
    # Yashodhan यशोधन-renowned,
    famous, whose wealth is fame.It is joining of two words यशः+ धन,
    Here यशः means fame/Honor + धन
    means wealth
    # Yos योस्- health, welfare,
    # Yojit योजित-connected, arranged, attached, joined, composed
    # Yogish योगीश- chief among yogis.
    It is joining of योगी + ईश, Here योगी means yogi/saint & ईश means chief/lord
    # Yuddhajit युद्धजित-conqueror of
    war, victorious in is formed by joining of युद्ध + जित .Here युद्ध
    means war & जित means winner
    # Yuddhavir युद्धवीर- brave in war,
    warrior, one who foughts bravely courageously in battle. Here युद्ध
    means battle & वीर means brave/warrior
    ▲ Yajvin यज्विन-worshipper,
    @ Yajant यजन्त- worshipper
    * Yajas यजस्- sacrifice, worship
    # Yajishnu यजिष्णु- worshipping the
    # Yaajin याजिन- sacrificer,
    worshipping, worshipper
    # Yajus यजुस्- worship, sacrifice, veneration
    # Yajvan यज्वन- sacred,worship,
    ★Yajyu यज्यु- worthy of worship, devout, pious, worshipping,
    institutor of worship
    ▶ Yajaak यजाक- liberal, munificent, making offerings
    # Yaajak याजक- one who offers sacrifices or oblations for or to, royal
    # Yajush/Yaajush याजुष-partridge,
    observerof religious ceremonies as prescribed in yajur-veda, relating
    to yajurveda(यर्जुवेद)
    #Yuj युज्-exciter, yoked, even,
    pair, granting
    # Yaag याग- presentation, offering,
    # Yajatr/Yajatra यजत्र- deserving adoration, worthy of worship or sacrifice
    # Yamajit यमजित- conqueror of
    Lord Yama
    ▶ Yamal यमल- twin

  5. Unique Sanskrit children's (Boy) names starting from Y
    # Yuveshvar/Yuveshwar युवेश्वर-
    young lord, strong lord. Here युव means youth, strong, healthy + ईश्वर means lord.
    ♥ Yuvesh युवेश- Young master, Youthful leader. Here युव means young + ईश means master, lord
    * Yuvapal/Yuvpal युवपाल- "young
    protector", youth leader. Here युव means youth + पाल means protector
    ^^ Yuvottam युवोत्तम- "best among youths", excellent young man. Here युव means young + उत्तम means best
    � Yuvendra युवेन्द्र- "young-king".
    Here युव means young + इन्द्र means king or chief
    # Yuvakesh युवकेश- "best or chief
    among young men", leader of young men. Here युवक means youth + ईश means chief, best
    ** Yuvashesh युवशेश- best among
    youth, leader of young men. Here युवश means young man + ईश
    means excellent, leader , master
    # Yatan यतन- making effort or
    @ Yataniya यतनीय- to be exerted
    or persevered or striven after
    < Yatiraj यतिराज-" king of ascetics " , name of rāmanuja. here यति means
    ascetics + राज means king
    ◀ Yatish यतीश- "king of ascetics" , lord of ascetics. Here यति means ascetics + ईश means lord
    # Yatishvar यतीश्वर- "lord of ascetics"
    � Yatindra यतीन्द्र- chief among
    ascetics. Here यति means ascetics + इन्द्र means chief or king
    ♥ Yatun यतुन- moving , active ,
    * Yatt यत्त- endeavoured , engaged in , intent upon , prepared for ,ready to, on one's guard , watchful , cautious
    ,attended to , guided (as a chariot)
    ^ Yatnatas यत्नतस्- through or with effort ,diligently , zealously , carefully
    @ Yatnavat यत्नवत्- possessing
    energy. Here यत्न means effort, energy + वत् means possessing
    ♡ Yaag याग- an offering , oblation , sacrifice, any ceremony in which offerings or oblations are presented, presentation , grant ,bestowal
    # Yoyupan योयुपन- smoothing ,
    @ Yabhan यभन- copulation ,sexual
    ◀ Yaadu यादु- water, sea
    ♣ Yadu- name of a king (ancestor of lord Krishna)
    @ Yadushresth यदुश्रेष्ठ- "best of
    yadus " , name of lord krishna
    � Yadupati यदुपति- " lord of the
    Yadus " , name of lord krishna
    @ Yadupungav यदुपुङ्गव/यदुपुंगव- a
    chief of the Yadus, lord Krishna. Here यदु means Yadu ( an ancestor of lord Krishna after whose name Yadu dynasty was established) + पुङ्गव means chief
    ☆ Yadunath यदुनाथ- " lord of the
    Yadus " , Name of lord Krishna
    $ Yadriyanch यद्रियञ्च्/यद्रियंच्-
    moving or turning in which direction , reaching whither.
    # Yogisht योगीष्ट- lead
    ♥ Yogin योगिन्- joined or connected with , relating to , accompanied by ,possessed of (comp.), being in conjunction with ,possessed of
    superhuman powers , a follower of the Yoga system , a Yogin (usually called Yogī) or contemplative saint ,
    devotee , ascetic, a magician ,
    conjurer, an orange tree, natron , alkali, Name of Arjuna , Name of
    Vishnu, Name of lord Shiva
    ● Yanmay यन्मय- formed or
    consisting of which. Here यत् means which + मय means formed or
    consisting of
    £ Yojak योजक- a yoker,harnesser, a user ,employer, an arranger , preparer ,contriver , effecter, Name
    of Agni (as the nuptial fire)
    # Yojit योजित- yoked ,harnessed,
    used, employed, applied ,performed,
    undertaken , begun,appointed to , charged with, tied or fastened to , put or placed in, joined , connected ,
    put together , arranged ,
    composed, supplied or furnished
    ₩ Yojan योजन- joining , yoking
    ,harnessing, that which is yoked or harnessed , a team ,vehicle (also applied to the hymns and prayers addressed to the gods), path, (sometimes; a stage or Yojana
    (i.e. a distance traversed in one
    harnessing or without unyoking ; esp. a partic. measure of distance , sometimes regarded as equal to 4
    or 5 English miles , but more correctly = 4 Kroshas or about 9 miles ;according to other calculations =2 1/2 English miles , and according to some = 8 Kroshas),
    instigation , stimulation,mental
    concentration , abstraction , directing, the thoughts to one point,
    the Supreme Spirit of the Universe,
    a finger, use ,application ,arrangement ,preparation,erecting ,
    constructing , building, junction ,
    union ,combination

    MEANING starting from letter Y
    # Yuvan युवन- moon
    # Yuvan युवन्-good, young, healthy, youthful, youth
    #Yuvat युवत्- young,youth
    #Yuvash युवश-youth, young
    # Yuvanak युवानक- youth, young
    # Yuyutsu युयुत्सु-combatant, eager
    for battle,
    wishing to fight, brave
    #Yudhik युधिक-warrior, fighting
    ▲ Yudhan युधान- warrior
    ♣ Yudhvan युध्वन्- warrior
    # Yudhm युध्म्- hero, warrior,
    # Yodhak योधक-warrior, fighter
    # Yodhey/Yodheya योधेय-warrior,
    ★ Yugesh युगेश-lord of lustrum
    # Yugant युगान्त-end of an era or
    # Yutak युतक- pair, friendship,
    # Yushmot युष्मोत- protected or
    loved by you
    # Yush/Yoosh यूष-broth, Indian mullberry tree
    # Yuth यूथ- collection, troop
    # Yajath यजथ-worship, sacrifice
    # Yajat यजत- priest, holy, sublime,
    moon, adorable, worthy of worship
    # Yuj युज-connector (that which
    ■ Yamik/Yaamik यामिक-watchman, night-watcher
    # Yayin ययिन्-driving, flying,
    riding, travelling, moving
    ▲ Yavan यवन-(adj.) quick, swift,
    averting, (m.)Greeks, mingling, mixing, olibanum, lonians
    # Yaavan यावन-olibanum, Greek
    born, joining, unite
    € Yaavan यावन्-horse-rider,
    aggressor, invader,driving, foe
    # Yavaan यवान- swift, quick
    # Yesh येष्-endeavor, bubble
    ▶ Yaksh यक्ष-demigod[a subdivision among vyantara (व्यन्तर) gods] ,spirit,
    spiritual apparition, living supernatural beings
    # Yogaj योगज- producedby or
    arising from Yoga or meditation. Here योग means meditation, yoga
    + ज means arising from
    ^ Yogadan/Yogdan योगदान- gift
    of the Yoga ,communicating the Yoga doctrine. Here योग means yoga +दान means gift
    * Yogatas/Yogtas योगतस्- conjointly, suitably , properly, suitably , fitly , duly ,in the right manner,
    conformably to , in accordance
    with , by means of, in consequence of (comp.) ,with application of effort , with all one's powers, strenuously
    ● Yogen योगेन- with all one's
    powers , with overflowing zeal, seasonably , in due season
    ,through devotion , by the power
    of magic
    ♧ Yoganath/Yognath/Yog-nath
    योगनाथ- " Yoga- lord " , Name of lord Shiva
    @ Yogabal/Yog-bal योगबल- the
    force of devotion ,the power of magic , supernatural power
    # Yogavat/Yogvat योगवत्- connected , united , joined, one who applies himself to contemplation or Yoga
    ■ Yogavid/Yog-vid योगविद्- knowing the right means or proper method
    ,knowing what is fit or suitable,
    conversant with the Yoga, Name
    of lord Shiva, a follower of the Yoga doctrines, a practiser of abstract meditation, a magician, a compounder of medicines. Here योग means yoga, magic, right means + विद् means knowing,
    conversant with
    � Yogavahin/Yog-vahin योगवाहिन्- receiving into or assimilating to one's self, (perhaps) contriving
    artifices , plotting, a menstruum
    or medium for mixing medicines
    ☆ Yogasiddh/Yog-siddh योगसिद्ध- perfected by means of Yoga. Here योग means yoga + सिद्ध means perfected
    @ Yoganand योगानन्द- "delight of the Yoga ". Here योग means yoga + आनन्द
    means pleasure
    # Yogesht योगेष्ट- tin , lead
    ● Yogaishvarya/Yogaishwarya
    योगैश्वर्य- mastery of the Yoga
    《 Yogas योगस्- meditation
    ,religious abstraction, the half of a lunar month
    ♥ Yogindra योगीन्द्र- " chief or
    best among yogi", Chief among saints, Name of sage Yājyavalkya,
    Name of sage Vālmīki. Here
    योगी means ascetic, saint + इन्द्र means master, best
    � Yogish योगीश- a king among
    Yogi, best among sages ,Name of sage Yājyavalkya. Here योगी means ascetic, sage + ईश means best, king
    ₩ Yogishvar योगीश्वर- a master
    in sorcery or magical arts. Here योगी means magician + ईश्वर means master

  7. हिन्दी, संस्कृत में भारतीय बच्चों के नाम अर्थ सहित य अक्षर से
    Rare Hindu baby boy names starting from letter Y
    ♥ Yodh योध- a fighter , warrior
    ,soldier , a bull trained or fit for war, battle ,war ,(pl.) the third astrological mansion
    ▶ Yodhesh योधेश- chief-soldier,
    excellent warrior. Here योध means battle, warrior + ईश means lord,
    @ Yuddhesh युद्धेश- "lord of war",
    chief in the battle. Here युद्ध means war + ईश means lord, master
    ♥ Yodhavir/Yodhveer योधवीर- a
    hero, warrior. Here योध means war, warrior + वीर means brave,hero
    # Yotak योटक a combination of
    stars ,constellation
    � Yodhan योधन-the act of fighting , battle , war, battle-cry
    ■ Yodhaniya योधनीय- to be
    fought or overcome
    # Yodhik योधिक- a particular mode
    of fighting
    @ Yodhin योधिन्-fighting ,combating ,a warrior ,conqueror
    � Yodhiyas/Yodheeyas योधीयस्-
    more warlike or martial
    》Yauvanik यौवनिक- youth,
    ,adolescence , manhood
    @ Yauvanak यौवनक- youthfulness,
    young, puberty
    ♥ Yauvanin यौवनिन्- youthful
    # Yauvanavat/Yauvanvat यौवनवत्-
    possessing youth , young , youthful
    ♥ Yos योस्- welfare , health ,
    @ Yauktik यौक्तिक- suitable ,
    proper , fit , logical ,reasonable,connective , binding,usual , customary, a king's companion or associate
    ♥ Yaudheya यौधेय- a warrior ,
    soldier , (Pl.) Name of a warlike race ,Name of a son of Yudhi-shThira
    ▲ Yaudheyak यौधेयक- A person of
    Yaudheya (warrior) race, warrior
    ♧ Yauthik यौथिक ( from यूथ )- "
    belonging to a troop or herd " , a companion ,comrade
    @ Yaudh यौध- warlike , martial
    ☆ Yoddha योद्धा- warrior, soldier
    # Yautak यौतक- rightfully or
    exclusively belonging to any one , being the property of anyone, a present, private property , (esp.) property given at marriage , a woman's dowry ,presents made to a
    bride at her marriage by her father and friends (accord. to some also " a gift to the bridegroom" )
    * Yautuk यौतुक- a gift to the
    bridegroom, dowry, a present, being the property of anyone
    # Yuth/Yooth यूथ- a herd , flock,
    troop , band , host , multitude , number , large quantity
    @ Yuthak/Yoothak यूथक- a herd,
    troop, host, large quantity
    * Yuthanath/Yooth-nath यूथनाथ-
    the lord or leader of a herd or band or troop (esp. the chief elephant of a herd). Here यूथ means troop or herd
    + नाथ means leader, master
    ★Yuthap/Yoothap यूथप- the
    protector or leader of a herd or band or troop. Here यूथ means herd
    or band + प from word पा means
    leader, protector
    ₩ Yuthapal/yooth-pal यूथपाल- the
    lord or leader of a herd or troop
    @ Yuvanak/Yuvaanak युवानक-
    ▼ Yuvanyu युवन्यु- youthful,
    ♥ Yuvasen/yuv-sen/yuvsen युवसेन-
    "having young or youth army"
    ♣ Yuvarajan/Yuv-rajan/
    Yuvrajan युवराजन्- " young king " , an heir-apparent associated with the
    reigning sovereign in the government , crown prince. Here युव means young + राजन् means king
    # Yuvatva युवत्व- youthfulness, youth