Latest Indian Baby Girl names starting Letter B

Looking for Latest Baby Girl Names with starting letter [ B ] ? We have list of Latest and Modern Indian Baby Names. Surf and Enjoy.

Latest Indian Baby Girl names starting Letter B

Babita8Little Girl
Babitha7Born In The First Quarter Of An Astrological Day
Badriya6Resembling Full Moon
Bageshri6Name Of A Indian Music Raaga.
Baheera4Dazzling; Brilliant
Bahiyaa2Beautiful; Radiant
Bahugandha4One With Lot Of Scent, Bud Of Champa Flower
Bahula9Cow, Kritika Nakshatra
Bahuputri8With Many Sons, Durga
Bahuratna5Rich In Gems
Baijanti / Vaijanti8Name Of Flower ( Lord Vishnu's Favourite)
Baijayanthi1Garland Of Lord Vishnu
Bairavi8Goddess Durga; Music; Melody
Baisakhi6Of The Month Baishakh
Baishali7An Ancient City
Bakhtawar4One Who Brings Good Luck
Bakul2The Name Of A Flower
Bakula3Nagakeshar Flower
Bala7Young Girl, Ear- Ring
Balamani8Youthful, Tender
Balqis6The Name Of The Queen Of Sheba
Banan5Finger Tips
Bandhananashini2Detacher Of Attachments
Bandhini7Bound, Bond
Bani8Goddess Saraswati
Banmala8A Garland Of 5 Types Of Flowers
Bansari1Flute; Instrument Played By Lord Krishna
Barnali3Dispersion Of Seven Colors
Baruna3Wife Of The Lord Of The Sea
Baruni2Goddess Durga
Basabi7Wife Of Lord Indra
Basanti3The Spring Season , Yellow Colored
Basheera5Bringer Of Good Tidings
Basma9A Smile
Batool2Ascetic Virgin
Beena9A Musical Instrument
Behula4Perfect Wife
Bel1Sacred Wood Apple Tree
Bela2Flowering Creeper, Sea Shore
Beli1A Flower,jasmine
Belli4Silver (in Kannada/tamil); A Companion

Betsy8God's Witness
Bhadra7Asteroid Belt, Earth, Holy, Cow, Cultured
Bhagirathi2The River Ganga
Bhagwati8Goddess Durga
Bhagyalakshmi9Goddess Of Fortune
Bhagyashri8Goddess Lakshmi, Lucky
Bhairavi7A Melody In Classical Music, Goddess Durga
Bhamini2A Beautiful, Short Tempered Lady
Bhanavi3Sacred, Illuminating
Bhanu1Sun; Fame
Bhanuja3The River Yamuna
Bhanumati8Ganga River , Bright, Shining
Bhanuni6Charming Woman
Bhanupriya7Beloved Of The Sun
Bhanusri2Rays Of Laxmidevi
Bharani8Name Of A Celestial Star
Bharati5Goddess Saraswati, Speech
Bharavi7Tulsi Plant ( Basil)
Bhargavi5Goddess Parvati
Bhaumi9Goddess Sita
Bhavana4Feelings; Sentiments
Bhavani3Goddess Parvati, Goddess Durga
Bhavanika6Living In A Castle
Bhavika9Well-meaning, Righteous
Bhavini2Emotional, Beautiful Lady
Bhavna3Good Feelings, Emotions
Bhavya5Grand, Splendid, Goddess Parvati
Bhayanashini3Remover Of Fear
Bheema7Goddess Durga
Bhikkhuni3A Nun
Bhilangana6A River
Bhimadevi1Frightening Goddess
Bhini6Mild (usually Used With Fragrance)
Bhoomi8The Earth
Bhoomika2The Earth
Bhrithi2Strengthened; Nourished; Cherished
Bhupali6A Raagini In Indian Music
Bhuvana6Being, The Earth

Bijli6Lightning, Bright
Bina8A Musical Instrument

Binata2The Wife Of Sage Kashyap
Bindhiya9Dew Drop
Bindiya1Drop; Point
Bindu5Drop, Point
Bindurekha3A Line Of Dots, A Verse
Binodini4Handsome; Beautiful Radha
Bipasha2A River; Beas
Bishakha5A Star
Brahmacharini6Seeker Of Brahman
Breonna6Just Pretty
Brijabala2Daughter Of Nature
Brinda3The Basil Plant; Radha
Bryn5Strong, Vigilant, Honored
Bubby7My Beloved
Bulbuli7A Songbird
Bunny4Cute Like Rabbit (per Name)
Bushra6Good Omen
Buthayna2Of Beautiful And Tender Body


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  2. MEANING OF SANSKRIT GIRL NAMES Starting from letter ' Bh'
    $ Bhanita भणिता- uttered ,spoken , said , related, speech
    # Bhaniti भणिति- speech , talk , discourse
    $ Bhattini भट्टिनी -formed in analogy to a noble lady (applied to
    queens not crowned or consecrated like the Devī ,to the wife of a Brāhman and any woman of high
    $ Bhatta भट्टा- a noble lady, any woman of high
    rank. Name of an enchanteress
    ♥ Bhattarika भट्टारिका- " noble
    lady " or " tutelary deity" Name of goddess Durgā,
    a king's mother (in the plays) , venerable
    # Bhanjana भञ्जना - breaking , a breaker ,
    destroyer , dispeller ,causing violent pain,
    explanation, breaking , interrupting , dispelling ,
    removing, smoothing (of hair)
    $ Bhanjika भञ्जिका/ भंजिका- who or what breaks or divides or destroys, breaking , plucking
    # Bhaginika भगिनिका - a little sister
    $ Bhagini भगिनी- a sister ( " the
    happy or fortunate one " , as having a brother)
    # Bhagni भग्नी- a sister
    $ Bhajanata भजनता- state of
    adoration, act of worship, the act of sharing
    # Bhangavati/ Bhangvati भङ्गवती- "
    having folds " and " having waves " ,
    $ Bhangavasa भङ्गवासा - turmeric
    # Bhanga भङ्गा- hemp (Cannabis Sativa), an
    intoxicating beverage (or narcotic drug
    commonly called " Bhang " ) prepared from the
    hemp plant
    $ Bhangi भङ्गी - breaking, a bend ,
    curve a roundabout mode of acting or speaking,circumlocution " in an indirect manner" ),explaining
    mode , manner , way, way of dressing , fashion ,
    toilet, mere appearance or semblance of
    fraud , deception, irony , wit , repartee, modesty
    figure , shape ,a step ,a wave
    ♡ Bhaa भा - light or a beam of light ,
    lustre , splendour ,the shadow of a gnomon ,appearance ,resemblance
    # Bhakaksha भकक्षा- the path of
    the asterisms
    # Bhasandhi भसंधि- " point of
    junction of the asterism " Name of the last
    quarters of the asterism Āślesha , Jyeshtha
    $ Bhakshapattri भक्षपत्त्री-
    betel pepper (the leaf of which serves for food)
    $ Bhaktaja भक्तजा- nectar
    # Bhaktata भक्तता- devotedness
    attachment , inclination
    $ Bhaktada भक्तदा- giving food,
    supporter , maintainer
    # Bhakti भक्ति -distribution ,partition, a division , portion , a division of a Sāman (also
    called [ vidhi ] , of which 7 or 5 are
    enumerated) ,division by streaks or lines a streak
    , line , variegated decoration
    a row , series , succession , an attribute
    attachment , devotion , fondness for , devotion to,
    trust , homage , worship , piety , faith or love or
    devotion (as a religious principle or means of
    $ Bhaktimati भक्तिमती -accompanied by devotion or loyalty
    $ Bhaktila भक्तिला- attached ,
    faithful , trusty

    # Beeja/Bija बीजा- by or with seed, sowing with
    $ Bijakoshi/Beejkoshi बीजकोशी- a seed vessel
    (especially of lotus), a pod. Here बीज means
    seed + कोशी as a suffix means a vessel
    # Bijagupti/Beejgupti बीजगुप्ति- "seed-
    protector", a pod. Here बीज means seed + गुप्ति
    means protector
    $ Bijapuri/Beejpoori बीजपूरी- "seed-filled", a
    citron, Citrus Medica
    # Bijavapini/Beejvapini बीजवापिनी -"sowing-
    seed", a female sower. It is feminine form of
    बीजवापिन्. Here बीज means seed + वापिन्
    means one who sows anything
    $ Bijasu/Beejasu बीजसू- "bringing forth seed",
    the earth. Here बीज means seed + सू means
    bringing forth
    # Bukkasi बुक्कसी- the Indigo plant
    $ Budbuda बुद्बुदा (बुद् + बुदा)- an ornament or
    decoration resembling a bubble, bubbly, Name of
    an Apsaras/Nymph
    # Bimba बिम्बा- Spiny bitter gourd (A medicinal
    plant having red gourds), reflection, disk of sun or
    moon, image, disk
    $ Bimbi बिम्बी- Spiny Bitter Gourd
    # Bimbaja बिम्बजा- Spiny Bitter Gourd
    # Bimbini बिम्बिनी- the pupil of the eye
    $ Bimbita बिम्बिता- mirrored back, reflected
    # Bimbika बिम्बिका- the disk of sun or moon,
    a round form, roundness (of face), Spiny Bitter
    $ Bindumati बिन्दुमती- a kind of verse, having
    drops or clots, formed into balls or globules
    # Bindu बिन्दु- dot, spot, a point, drop, a
    detached particle, a coloured mark made on the
    forehead between eyebrows
    $ Buddhikari बुद्धिकारी- bestowing wisdom
    $ Buddhistha बुद्धिस्था- fixed in or present to
    the mind. Here बुद्धि means mind + स्था means
    present or fixed in
    # Budhita बुधिता- known, understood.It is
    feminine of बुधित
    $ Budhila बुधिला- wise, learned lady. Here बुधि
    means wisdom + ला means obtaining
    # Bubhutsa बुभुत्सा - wishing to know, curiosity
    # Bubhutsita बुभुत्सिता- curiosity
    $ Bodhakara बोधकरा- one who wakens or
    teaches, awakener.It is feminine of बोधकर
    # Bodhatasi बोधतसी- through wisdom or
    understanding. It is feminine of बोधतस्
    ♥ Bodhani बोधनी- intellect, knowledge
    $ Bodhini बोधिनी- awakening lady,
    enlightening, intent upon, knowing
    ♥ Bodhila बोधिला - "obtaining
    wisdom","perfect knowledge giver", learned,
    wakener. Here बोधि means wisdom, perfect
    knowledge, learned + ला means obtaining, giving
    # Bahulika बहुलिका- the Pleiades
    $ Bahulatara/Bahultara बहुलतरा- denser, thicker
    # Bahulagandha/Bahulgandha बहुलगन्धा-
    $ Bahula बहुला- a cow
    # Bahudha बहुधा- in many ways or parts, in
    many forms or directions, manifoldly, much,
    repeatedly, divulge. Here बहु means many + धा
    means way, directions, parts
    $ Bahurja बहूर्जा-possessing much strength.
    Here बहु means much + ऊर्जा means possessing
    stength, strong
    # Bahudita बहुदिता- loquacity
    $ Bahushakhini बहुशाखिनी- having many
    branches, manifold. Here बहु means many +
    शाखिनी means branches
    # Bahushasti बहुशस्ति- very excellent or right.
    Here बहु means very +शस्त/ शस्ति means
    excellent, happy
    $ Bahuvistara बहुविस्तरा- great extension, very
    It is feminine of बहुविस्तर .Here बहु means very +
    विस्तर means extension, detailed
    # Bahuvidha बहुविधा- manifold, various
    $ Bahuvi बहुवि- containing many birds
    # Bahuvadini बहुवादिनी- talking much,
    garrulous. Here बहु means much + वादिनी
    means one who talks or says
    $ Bahuvarna बहुवर्णा- many coloured. It is
    feminine of बहुवर्ण
    ♥ Bahurai बहुरै- having great riches, very rich
    # Bahurupa बहुरूपा- multiform, variegated,
    checkered. Here बहु means many, multi + रूप
    means form, appearance
    $ Bahumati बहुमति- high opinion or esteem. Here
    बहु means high + मति means opinion
    # Bubhusha बुभूषा- desire of being or living
    $ Bubhursha बुभूर्षा-desire of supporting or
    # Bubhuksha बुभुक्षा- desire of enjoying
    anything, wish to eat, hunger
    $ Bumbhi बुम्भी- coarse ground meal
    # Busa/Busaa बुसा- a younger sister
    $ Brisi बृसी- a roll of twisted grass, cushion,
    seat of a religious student or of an ascetic
    # Brishi बृषी- a roll of twisted grass, cushion,
    seat of a religious student or of an ascetic
    ♥ Brinhita बृंहिता- strength, growth, cherished, increased

    ♥ Bisa बिसा- a shoot or sucker,the lotus plant,
    the film or fibre of water-lily or lotus. It is
    feminine form of Sanskrit word बिस
    # Bisakhadika बिसखादिका- eating lotus
    fibres. Here बिस means lotus fibres + खादिका
    means eating
    $ Bisakha बिसखा- one who digs up fibres of
    lotus roots. Here बिस means fibres of lotus roots
    + खा means one who digs
    # Bisagranthi बिसग्रन्थि- a knot on lotus stalk
    (used for filtering or clearing water). Here बिस
    means lotus stalk + ग्रन्थि means a knot
    $ Bisanabhi बिसनाभि- the lotus plant
    # Bisalata बिसलता- the lotus plant. Here बिस
    means lotus + लता means creeper (plant)
    $ Bisavati बिसवती- a place abounding in lotus
    ♥ Bisala बिसला- a sprout, bud, young shoot
    ♥ Bisini बिसिनी- a lotus plant, assemblage of
    lotus flowers. Here बिस means lotus flower +
    इणि/इनि means a class of same things,
    assemblage of any things of same appearance,
    #Barbari बर्बरी- 'curly-haired', a species of
    ocimum,yellow sandal wood, gum myrrh, vermilion
    #Barbara बर्बरा- a particular flower, a species of
    #Barbarika बर्बरीका- curly-haired .It is feminine
    form of बर्बरीक
    #Bandhuki बन्धुकी- unchaste woman
    #Bandhuli बन्धुलि- noon-plant
    #Balakshi बलक्षी- white
    ♥Brihati बृहती- big, heaven and earth, speech,
    reservoir, part of body between breast & backbone
    #Brisi बृसी- pad, cushion, seat of an ascetic, roll
    of twisted grass
    #Bekuri बेकुरि- playing a musical instrument
    #Braviti ब्रवीति- (verb.) be told by itself,
    proclaim, speak, predict
    #Bashpa बाष्पा- vapour, steam
    #Bashpi बाष्पी- vaporize, steam
    ♥Bandhana बन्धना- relation
    #Bandhavi बान्धवी- female relative, friend,
    #Barishi बरिशी- fishhook
    #Bubhusha बुभूषा- desire of being or living
    ♥Brahmi ब्राह्मी- speech or godess of speech,
    energy of Brahma, pious usage, wife of a Brahman
    ★Bhairavi भैरवी- a name of godess Durga, girl of
    12 years

    $ Bhagaa/भगा - " dispenser ",gracious
    good fortune , happiness , welfare , prosperity
    dignity , majesty , distinction , excellence , beauty
    , loveliness, love ,the female organs , pudendum
    muliebre , vulva
    # Bhagatti भगत्ति- a gift of fortune
    $ Bhagada भगदा- " giving
    welfare ". Here भग means welfare + दा means
    giving, worship
    $ Bhagi भगी- " dispenser " , gracious
    good fortune , happiness ,welfare, distinction ,
    excellence , beauty ,love , affection
    # Bhageshvari भगेश्वरी - the
    godess of fortune or prosperity
    $ Bhagavati भगवती- goddess, possessing fortune
    , prosperous , happy , divine , adorable ,
    holy (applied to gods , demigods , and saints as
    a term of address ," the divine or adorable one "
    ♥ Babhravi बाभ्रवी- tawny, lady with deep
    brown hair, A name of goddess godes Durga (wife
    of Babhru). Babhru is another name of lord Shiva.
    # Balatmika बलात्मिका- Indian Heliotrope
    $ Balahva बलाह्वा- Country Mallow plant
    # Baladyaa बलाद्या- Country Mallow plant
    $ Balada बलदा- conferring or imparting power,
    Indian Ginseng. Here बल means strength, power +
    दा means imparting
    ♥ Balaja बलजा - a pretty woman, the
    earth,"produced by strength or power, Arabian
    Jasmine. Here बल means strength + जा means
    ♥ Balaa बला- military force, troops
    # Bala बाला- girl, young lady
    # Barhana बर्हणा- strongly, firmly, certainly,
    $ Barhishmati बर्हिष्मती- accompanied by
    sacrificial grass, a worshipper, shining
    # Barhiyani बर्हियानी- "having a peacock for
    $ Barishi बरिशी- a fishook
    # Babhri बभ्रि- bearing, carrying away,
    $ Bahiryuti बहिर्युति- placed outside, fastened
    # Bahirdha बहिर्धा- outward, outside of
    $ Bahirmala बहिर्माला- an outer garland i.e.
    visible garland. Here बहिर् means outer +माला
    means garland
    $ Bahuli बहुली- dense, amble, broad, many.It is
    derived from word बहुल
    # Bahuda बहुदा- much giving, liberal. Here बहु
    means much +दा means giving.
    $ Bahutha बहुथा- in numerous ways, in various
    # Bahutara बहुतरा- greater, chiefly, more
    abundant or numerous. It is feminine of बहुतर
    $ Bahutama बहुतमा- most, farthest, most
    numerous. It is feminine of बहुतम
    # Bahujyata बहुज्ञता- great knowledge
    # Bahubhuja बहुभुजा -"having many arms", A
    name of goddess Durga. Here बहु means many +
    भुजा means arms
    $ Bahubhashita बहुभाषिता- talkativeness,
    garrulity. Here बहु means much + भाषिता
    means talking
    # Bahubhashini बहुभाषिनी- talking much,
    garrulous. Here बहु means much + भाषिनी
    means one who talks
    $ Bahuprada बहुप्रदा- "much-bestowing", liberal,
    munificent. Here बहु means much + प्रदा means
    # Bahupushpa बहुपुष्पा- 'many-blossomed'. Here
    बहु means many + पुष्पा means blossomed
    $ Bahupushpi बहुपुष्पी- 'many-blossomed'. Here
    बहु means many + पुष्पी means blossomed
    # Bahuratna बहुरत्ना- rich in jems or jewels.
    Here बहु means rich + रत्ना means jewels
    $ Bahuratha बहुरथा- 'having many chariots'.
    Here बहु means many + रथ means chariots
    $ Bahuvi बहुवि- containing many birds

  6. # Balabali/Balbali बलबली- strong, very mighty
    $ Baladhara/Baldhara बलधरा- "might-bearer"
    # Balada बलदा- conferring or imparting power
    $ Balaja बलजा- a pretty woman, the earth
    # Balagupta/Balgupta बलगुप्ता- a peasant girl
    $ Balakriti/Balkriti बालकृति- a mighty deed
    $ Balakeli/Baalkeli बालकेली- child's play or
    # Balaranjini/Baalranjini बालरञ्जिनी/
    बालरंजिनी- 'pleasing children', Name of an
    elementary grammar
    $ Balalata बाललता- a young creeper बाल लता
    # Balavnita बालवनिता- a young woman बाल
    $ Balasandhya/Baalsandhya बालसंध्या- early
    twilight, dawn बाल संध्या
    # Balaaka बलाका- a crane, a mistress, loved
    $ Balula बलूला- strong. It is feminine of बलूल
    # Baliyasi बलीयसी- most powerful important or
    efficacious. It is feminine of बलीयस्
    $ Balistha बलिष्ठा- most powerful lady. It is
    feminine of बलिष्ठ
    # Balarthini बलार्थिनी- desirous of power.It is
    feminine of बलार्थिन् . Here बल means power +
    अर्थिनी means desirous
    $ Balanvita बलान्विता- possessed of power,
    leading an army
    ♥ Baladhika बलाधिका- superior in strength.
    Here बल means strength + अधिक/अधिका
    means excess, superior
    $ Balanchita बलाञ्चिता/बलांचिता- strongly
    stretched, Name of flute of Lord Rama. Here बल
    means strongly + अञ्चिता means stretched
    # Balasena/Balsena बलसेना- a strong army, an
    army. Here बल means strong +सेना means army
    $ Balashalita/Balshalita बलशालिता- strength,
    vigorous, possessing a great army
    # Balavardhini/Balvardhini बलवर्धिनी- increaser
    of strength. Here बल means strength + वर्धिनी
    means increaser

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