Latest Indian Baby Girl names Starting Letter G

Looking for Latest Baby Girl Names with starting letter [ G ] ? We have list of Latest and Modern Indian Baby Names. Surf and Enjoy.

Latest Indian Baby Girl names starting Letter G

Gagana 4 The Sky
Gaganadipika 9 The Lamp Of The Sky
Gaganasindhu 7 Ocean Of The Sky
Gajagamini 9 Majestic- Like An Elephant's Walk
Gajalakshmi 2 Lakshmi As Graceful As An Elephant
Gajara 2 Garland Of Flowers
Gajra 1 A String Of Flowers
Ganda 9 Knot
Gandha 8 Fragrant
Gandhali 2 Fragrance Of Flowers
Gandhara 9 Fragrance
Gandhari 8 Name Of A Princess
Gandharika 2 Preparing Perfume
Gandhini 3 Fragrant
Ganesa 2 Good Luck
Ganga 3 Indian River Ganga ( Bhagirathi, Mandakini)
Gangi 2 Goddess Durga
Gangika 5 River Ganga
Gangotri 1 Sacred River Of India
Ganika 7 Flower
Ganitha 6 Regarded
Ganjan 2 Surpassing,the God Of Silence,exceeding
Garati 2 Virtuous Woman
Gargi 6 Name Of A Learned Woman, Goddes Durga
Garima 4 Prowess, Strength, Honor
Garudi 6 Bird Of Prey
Gatha 1 Song
Gathika 3 Song
Gatita 4 A River
Gauhar 2 A Pearl
Gaura 3 Goddes Parvati, Also Name Of A Raaga
Gauri 2 Goddes Parvati, Fair Complexioned
Gaurika 5 Pretty Young Girl
Gautami 9 Wife A Sage Gautam; River Godavari
Gayana 4 Singing
Gayanthika 7 Singing
Gayatri 9 Mother Of The Vedas, Goddess Saraswati
Gazala 3 A Deer
Geena 5 Silvery
Geet 1 Melody
Geeta 2 Holy Book Of The Hindus
Geeti 1 A Song
Geetika 4 A Little Song
Gehna 8 Ornament
Geshna 9 Singer
Ghaada 4 Beautiful
Ghaaliya 1 Fragrant
Ghaydaa 2 Young And Delicate
Ghazal 1

Ghusoon 9 Branches (tree)
Giinni 8 Precious Gold Coin
Gina 4 Silvery
Ginni 8 Precious Gold Coin
Gira 8 Language
Giribala 5 Godess Parvathi
Girija 9 Daughter Of Mountain; Goddess Parvati
Girisha 8 Goddess Parvati
Gisele 3

Gita 1 Song, Bhagwad Gita
Gitali 4 Lover Of Song
Gitanjali 2 A Collection Of Poems
Gitashri 1 The Bhagvat Gita
Githika 2 A Small Song
Gitika 3 A Small Song
Giva 3 Hill
Gnanachelvi 6 Intelligent Girl
Gnanamalar 1 Intelligent Flower
Gnanamangala 5 Intelligent Girl
Gnanamani 2 Intelligent Gem
Godavari 5 River Godavari In India
Godavri 4 A River
Goldy 9 Made Of Gold
Gomati 2 River Gomati In India
Gomti 1 A River
Gool 4 A Flower
Gopa 3 Gautama's Wife
Gopi 2 Milkmaid Friends Of Lord Krishna
Gopika 5 A Cowherd; Cowherd Woman
Gori 4

Gorma 9 Goddess Parvati
Gorochana 1 Goddess Parvati
Gourangi 2 Fair Complexioned
Govindi 8 A Devotee Of Lord Krishna
Gowri 9 Bright; Parvati
Granthana 3 Book
Greashma 9 Summer (a.p)
Greeshma 4 Kind Of Season
Grhitha 8 Understood And Accepted
Grihalakshmi 8 Lakshmi Of The House
Grishma 3 Warmth
Gudiya 4 Doll
Gul 4 Flower
Gulab 7 Rose
Gulal 8 Auspicious Powder
Gulika 7 A Pearl
Guna 7 Good Character
Gunalakshmi 8 Lakshmi The Virtuous
Gunasundari 3 Made Beautiful By Virtues
Gunavati 5 Virtuous
Guneet 9 Full Of Talent
Gunita 9 Virtuous
Gunitha 8 Proficient
Gunjan 4 Buzzing Of A Bee
Gunjana 5 Buzzing Of A Bee
Gunjika 1 Humming
Gunjita 1 The Humming Of Bee
Gunnika 5 Garland
Gunwanti 1 Virtuous
Gurbani 9 Sikhs Religious Prayer
Gurjari 3 Name Of An Indian Raaga
Gurparveen 1 Goddess Of The Stars
Gurpraveen 1 Goddess Of The Stars
Gyanada 8 Goddess Saraswati


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