Latest Indian Baby Girl names Starting Letter L

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Latest Indian Baby Girl names starting Letter L

Laabha 7 Profit
Laalamani 1 Ruby
Laasya 5 Dance Performed By Goddess Parvathi
Labangalata 9 A Flowering Creeper
Laboni 8 Graceful
Labuki 2 Musical Instrument
Ladhi 7 Sangeet
Ladli 2 Loved One
Lagan 8 Dedication
Laghima 6 Goddess Parvathi
Laghuvi 8 Tender
Lahari 4

Laiba 7 Female Of The Haven
Lajila 9 Shy
Lajita 8 Modest
Lajja 7 Modesty
Lajjawati 6 A Sensitive Plant; Modest Woman
Lajvanti 8 touch Me Not' Plant
Lajvati 3 Shy
Lajwanti 9 A Sensitive Woman
Lajwati 4 Modest
Lakhi 5 Goddess Lakshmi
Laksha 7 White Rose
Lakshaki 9 Goddess Sita
Lakshana 4 One With Auspicious Signs On Her; Duryodhana's Daughter
Lakshanya 2 One Who Achieves
Lakshita 9 Distinguished
Lakshmi 1 Goddess Of Wealth, Wife Of Lord Vishnu
Lakshmishree 2 Fortunate
Lakshya 5 Aim; Destination
Lakya 5 Born On Thursday
Lalan 4 Nurturing
Lalana 5 A Beautiful Woman
Lalasa 1 Love
Lali 7 Beloved Darling Girl
Lalima 3 Beauty And Goddess Laxmi
Lalita 1 Variety, Beauty, Goddess Durga
Lalitamohana 8 Attractive; Beautiful
Lalitha 9 Elegant; Beautiful
Lama 9 Darkness Of Lips
Lamees 1 Soft To The Touch
Lamya 7 Dark-lipped
Lani 9 Angel From Above
Laranya 9 Graceful
Larina 1

Lasaki 8 Sita; Made Of Lac
Lata 7 A Creeper, Vine, Beauty
Latakara 2 Mass Of Creepers
Latangi 1 A Creeper
Latasha 8 Surprise
Lateefa 5 Gentle; Kind
Latha 6 A Creeper
Latika 9 A Small Creeper
Latikara 1 Mass Of Creepers
Laura 8 Laurel
Lavali 3 Clove
Lavangi 3 Apsara, Of The Clove Plant
Lavani 5 Grace
Lavanya 4 Grace, Beauty
Laveena 6

Lavena 1 The Vine
Lavenia 1 Purified
Laxmi 5 Goddess Of Wealth
Leandra 1

Leela 8 Divine Play, Amusement
Leelamayee 3 Playful Leelavati,
Leelavati 6 Playful; Goddess Durga
Leena 1 A Devoted One; Tender
Leila 3 Dark As Night
Lekha 1 Writing; Picture
Lekisha 2 Life
Lemmie 3 Dovted To The Lord
Leora 6 Light
Leya 7 Lion
Libni 1 Manuscripts Of God
Ligy 8

Likhitha 6 Studious
Lilavati 5 Goddess Durga
Lilawatti 8

Lili 6 German Diminutive Of Elizabeth
Lillian 6 Lily
Lilly 7 A Flower
Lily 4 A Flower
Limna 4

Lina 9 Devoted
Lincy 9

Lingammal 1 Goddess Parvati
Linisha 9

Lipi 1 Manuscripts Of God
Lipika 4 Litters; Alphabets
Lira 4

Lochan 8 Bright Eyes
Lochana 9 Eye; Eyes
Logambal 9 Goddess Parvati
Loganayaki 6 Goddess Parvati
Lohini 4 Red Skinned
Lohita 2 Red, Ruby
Lokajanani 7 Mother Of The World
Lokamatri 1 Lakshmi; Mother Of The World
Lola 4 Goddess Lakshmi
Lolaksi 7 A Sakti Of Ganesha
Lolita 6 Ruby
Lona 6 Beauty; Pretty
Lopa 8 Wife Of Sage
Lopamudra 2 Wife Of Saint Agastya; Learned Woman
Lorena 2 Crowned With Laurels
Loshini 5

Lotus 6

Loukya 4 Worldly Wise, Goddess Lakshmi
Loveleen 9

Lubaaba 4 The Innermost Essence
Lucia 1 The Light Of India
Lulu 3 Pearl
Lumbika 6 A Musical Instrument
Lunasha 4 Beauty And Brightness Of Flowers
Lydia 6 Happiness


    # Gavishti गविष्टि-desire , eagerness , ardour
    @ Gatravati गात्रवती- having a beautiful body. It
    is feminine of गात्रवत्. Here गात्र means beautiful
    body + वती means one having
    >> Gathika/Gaathika गाथिका- an epic song
    � Gathani गाथानी- leading a song or a choir
    @ Gathini/Gaathini गाथिनी- familiar with songs
    , singer
    , name of a metre (containing 12 + 18 + 12 + 20
    or 32 + 29 syllables)
    <> Gayanti गायन्ती- name of Gaya's wife, singing
    @ Gayatrini गायत्रिणी- one who sings hymns. It
    is feminine of गायत्रिन्
    << gayani/gaayani गायनी- a female singer
    # gayantika गायन्तिका- " singing " , name of a
    cave in the him�laya
    =< gayasi/gaayasi गायसी- singing
    @ gistara/geestara गीस्तरा- excellent speech or
    ♥ gairi गैरी- flame lily [ gloriosa superba- bot. ],
    relating to or growing in mountains, mountain-
    <= gairika गैरिका- red chalk
    @ gairiki गैरिकी- mountain, mountain-born or
    produced. it is feminine of गैरिकी
    >> Gaireyi गैरेयी- growing or relating to mountain,
    mountaineer, mountain-born.. Bitumen, Red
    # Goja गोजा- produced by milk ( " born amidst
    rays " ; " born in the earth "
    � Gotarani गोतरणि- a kind of flower
    @ Gotara गोतरा- a better cow
    <> Gotami गोतमी- excellent cow
    # Godavari गोदावरी- " granting water or kine " ,
    Name of a river in the Dekhan
    � Goda गोदा- presenting with cattle or kine
    kind of serpent Lit. Suśr. v , 4 , 34.
    << godhuli गोधूलि- " earth-dust " ,i.e. " a time at
    which mist seems to rise from the earth " , a
    period of the day (in the hot season) when the
    sun is half risen , (in the cold and dewy seasons)
    when the sun is full but
    mild , (and in the 3 other seasons) sunset . here
    गो means earth + धूलि means dust
    # gomati गोमती- a place abounding in herds of
    cattle. here गो means cattle, cows + मती means
    # gopayita गोपायिता- preserved, protected. it
    is derived from sanskrit word गोपायित
    》gopayaki/gopaayaki गोपायकी-a preserver, a
    cherisher, one who guards or protects. it is
    feminine of गोपायक
    => Goshtha गोष्ठा- an abode for cattle , cow-pen
    , a place where cows are kept
    # Goshthi गोष्ठी- an assembly , meeting ,
    society ,
    association , family connections (esp. the
    dependent or junior branches) , partnership ,
    � Gosakhi गोसखि- " having milk as its friend " ,
    mixed with milk (Soma). Here गो means milk of
    cow + सखी means friend
    >> Gorakshi गोरक्षी- tending or guarding cattle.
    Here गो means cow, cattle + रक्षी means tending
    or guarding
    # Govithi गोवीथी- " cow-path " , that portion of
    the moon's path which contains the asterisms
    Bhadra-padā , Revatī , and Aśvinī (or according
    to others , Hasta , Citrā , and Svātī). Here गो
    means cow + वीथी means path
    � Goshadi गोषादी- "settling on cows " , a kind
    of bird
    # Gonika गोणिका- a kind of woollen cloth
    ,Name of the mother of Patanjali [← It is
    originated from Pali language ]
    #Gauri गौरी- fair,fair complexioned girl, a name
    of godess Parvati
    #Gaura गौरा- a young girl, a virgin, maid, eight
    years old girl
    #Gaurika गौरिका-, young girl,eight years old girl,
    a girl prior to mensuuration
    #Gauragrivi गौरग्रीवि- white necked
    Here गौर means white/fair +ग्रीवि means necked
    $ Gauramukhi/Gaurmukhi गौरमुखी-white faced
    Here गौर means fair/white +मुखी means faced
    $ Gauravavati गौरववती-important, proudful
    #Gaurita गौरिता- whitened, faired
    #Garvari गर्वरी- haughty,haughtiness,proudful, a
    name of durga
    #Garvita गर्विता- proud, haughty
    #Garvati गर्वति- (verb)be or become proud or
    #Garvayati गर्वयति- (verb)be or become proud or
    #Gavachi गवाची-barred splnyeel [Macrognathus
    #Gavishti गविष्टि- fervour, battle, desire, ardour
    #Gavini गविनी- a herd of cows
    #Gavini/Gaveeni गवीनी- groins, the womb
    #Gavinika गवीनिका-the womb, groins
    #Gufita गुफिता-arranged, placed in order

  2. SANSKRIT NAMES of girls with meaning
    ♥ Grishma ग्रीष्मा- lotus bark tree [ Symplocos
    racemosa - Bot. ]
    ♥ Grishmi ग्रीष्मी- jasmine (growing in summer)
    @ Graishmi ग्रैष्मी- "relating to or belonging to
    summer", Jasmine [ Jasminium Sambac -Bot.]
    # Grishmaja ग्रीष्मजा- growing in summer,
    custard apple [ Anona Reticulata -Bot. ]. Here
    ग्रीष्म means hot season + जा means growing,
    @ Grishmabhava ग्रीष्मभवा- growing in summer,
    jasmine [ Jasminum sambac -Bot. ]. Here ग्रीष्म
    means summer + भवा means growing
    $ Gatvari गत्वरी- going to a place ( in comp.),
    beginning or undertaking ,transient
    # Gatadhi/Gataadhi गताधि- free from anxiety ,
    happy. Here गत means free from, gone + अधि
    means anxiety
    ♥ Gatabhi गतभी- free from fear. Here गत means
    free from, gone away + भी means fear
    � Gatakalmashi गतकल्मषी- freed from crime. Here
    गत means freed from, gone away + कल्मषी means
    crime. it is feminine of गतकल्मष
    # Gatvaa गत्वा- Having gone, gone to or attained
    $ Gatvi गत्वी- having gone, gone to or attained
    � Gargara गर्गर- a churn
    # Gargi/Gaargi/Gargie गार्गी-Name of the
    learned woman ( वाचक्नवी), a woman disciple of
    sage Garga. [She was a teacher in Mithila and
    also taught godess Sita ]
    > Gargari गर्गरी- A churn, A water vessel, a
    � Gargaa गर्गा- an imitative sound, gurgling,
    disciple of sage Garga (गर्ग )
    @ Galda गल्दा- speech, "ardent, eager" .
    # Garvi गर्वि- pride, haughty
    $ Galantika गलन्तिका- a water-jar (with a hole in
    the bottom from which water drops upon a Liṅga
    (लिङ्ग) or a Tulasi( तुलसी) plant
    @ Garvari गर्वरी haughty, haughty woman Name
    of Durga
    # Gardhini गर्धिनी-desirous , greedy , eager after
    , longing for. It is feminine of गर्धिन्
    # Gandharvaa गन्धर्वा- A name of goddess Durgā,
    female celestial musician or pious
    $ Gandharvi गन्धर्वी- female celestial musician
    daughter of Surabhi and mother of the race of
    # Gabhastimati गभस्तिमती- shining , brilliant. It is
    feminine of गभस्तमत्
    ♥ Gabhastini गभस्तिनी- shining, brilliant, Name
    of wife of sage Dadhichi
    << gaandharvi गान्धर्वी- speech (according to the
    legend that the gods gave speech to the
    gandharvas (गन्धर्वs) and received from them the
    nectar (सोम) in return, the art of the (गन्धर्व)
    gandharva's song, music, concert, pious, a name
    of goddess दुर्गा/durga, it is also the name of an
    << gopini गोपिनी- cowherdess, female guardian,
    black creeper plant [ ichnocarpus frutescens -
    bot. ]
    >> Gopila गोपिला- one who preserves or
    # Godha गोधा-a sinew, a chord, a leathern fence
    wound round the left arm to prevent injury from a
    bow-string, an Iguana ( either the Gosamp or the
    alligator )
    # Gopi गोपी- a cowherd's wife, a cow-herdess ,
    milkmaid (esp. the cowherdesses of Vrindāvana ,
    companions of Krishna's juvenile sports ,
    considered sometimes as holy or celestial
    personages, a protectress , female guardian
    � Gopa/Gopaa गोपा- a cowherdess, milkmaid, a
    protectress, female guardian. Here गो means cow
    + पा means to protect
    $ Gopika गोपिका- a cowherd's wife ,cowherdess
    ,a protectress
    � Gopakanya गोपकन्या- "girl protecting cows",
    Name of a plant, cowherdess
    @ Gopana गोपना- guarding , protection ,hiding
    <> Gopanasi गोपानसी- the wood or bamboo
    frame-work of a thatch
    # Gopali गोपाली- cowherdess, earth-protectress
    $ Gopalika गोपालिका- cowherdess, milkmaid.
    Here गो means cow + पालिका means protecting
    @ Gopalini गोपालिनी- protectress, cowherdess.
    Here गो means cow + पालिनी means protecting

  3. modern Sanskrit baby girl names starting with G
    # Gagana गगना- sky, heaven
    ♥ Gagani गगनी- sky, relating to sky or heaven
    @ Gangeshti गङ्गेष्टि/गंगेष्टि- a pearl
    @ Gananayika गणनायिका- the leader of the
    attendants of any god ," chief of Shiva's
    attendants " ,the head of an assemblage or
    corporation, A name of Goddess Durgā . Here गण
    means attendants, assemblage of people +
    नायिका means female leader
    # Gaddarika गड्डारिका- Name of a river with a
    very slow current (of which the source and course
    are unknown) , a single ewe going in front of a
    flock of sheep
    # Gajagamini/GajGamini गजगामिनी- a woman of
    a stately elephant-like walk . Here गज means
    elephant + गामिनी means ( lady) who walks,
    gait of a female
    # Gandhanilaya गन्धनिलया- a kind of jasmine,
    Double jasmine, (J. Zambac floribus
    multiplicatis.). Here गन्ध means smell, and निलया
    from निलय means a house.
    $ Gandhanisha गन्धनिशा- a variety of Turmeric
    ( Curcuma )
    @ Gandhanakuli गन्धनकुली- Rinco orchid plant
    [ Vanda Roxburghii - Bot. ]
    # Gandhamadini/ GandhMadini गन्धमादिनी "
    strong-scented " , lac, a sort of perfume
    � Gandhamula/GandhMula गन्धमूला-" having
    fragrant roots", Olibanum tree [ Boswellia sacra -
    Bot. ]. Here
    गन्ध means fragrance + मूला from मूल means root
    � Gandhamansi गन्धमांसी- kind of Indian
    @ Gandhamukhi गन्धमुखी- mole
    # Gadgadika गद्गदिका- stammering
    $ Gadarati गदाराति- " the enemy of diseases " ,
    a drug , medicament
    @ Ganashri गणश्री- associated in troops ,
    @ Gandhi गन्धि- having the smell of ,smelling of ,
    perfumed with, having only the smell of ,
    containing only a very small quantity , bearing
    only the name of
    ▶ Gandhottama गन्धोत्तमा- "best in fragrance",
    spirituous or vinous liquor. Here गन्ध means
    fragrance + उत्तमा means excellent
    � Gandhechha गन्धेच्छा- " wishing fragrances " ,
    Name of a goddess . Here गन्ध means fragrance +
    इच्छा means wish
    # Gandhini गन्धिनी- having a smell , odoriferous,
    a kind of perfume . It is feminine of गन्धिन्
    $ Gandhika गन्धिका- " having the smell or,
    smelling of " , having only the smell. It is feminine
    of गन्धिक
    � Gariyasi गरीयसी- extremely heavy, greater
    than (abl.)
    more precious or valuable , dearer than (abl.),
    extremely important, very honourable, highly
    venerable , more venerable than (abl.), dearer
    than , dearer. It is feminine of गरीयस्
    � Garishtha गरिष्ठा- superl. fr. [ guru ]heaviest
    ,excessively heavy, most venerable ,thickened
    excessively. It is feminine of गरिष्ठ
    # Gatashri गतश्री- one who has obtained fortune
    or happiness
    @ Gabhirika/Gabheerika गभीरिका- "deep-
    sounding " , a large drum, a gong
    ♥ Gatadhi/Gataadhi गताधि- 'free from anxiety' ,
    @ Gatalika/Gataalika- गतालीका- " void of
    untruth " , real , true. It is feminine of गतालीक
    � Gantrika गन्त्रिका- a small cart
    $ Gamyata गम्यता- accessibility, perceptibility ,
    intelligibleness , clearness, the being intended or
    meant #Gauravi गौरवी-dignity, respectful, significant
    #Gurvi गुर्वी- (adj.) great, bulky, (f) mother,
    venerable woman
    #Gurvangana गुर्वङ्गना/गुर्वंगना-Guru's wife, any
    woman entitled to great respect
    It is joining of गुर्व+अङ्गना .Here गुर्व means great/
    respectful & अङ्गना means woman
    #Gavi गवी- cow
    #Gopi गोपी- proctress, milk-maid, cow-herdess,
    female guardian
    #Giti/Geeti गीति-song, ballad
    #Geeta/Gita गीता- sacred song or poem, sacred
    book of 'Sanatana dharma'(सनातन धर्म) , religious
    doctrines declared in metrical form by an sage
    #Geetha/Githa गीथा- song
    #Geetika/Gitika गीतिका- a short song
    #Gunita गुनिता/गुणिता- intensified, virtousness,
    augmented, state of possessing good qualities
    #Gritachi घृताची- night, shining with ghee, dewy,
    sacrificial ladle filled with ghee

  4. # Guruta गुरुता- weight ,heaviness, " heaviness "
    and " dignity " ,burden , trouble ,importance,the
    office of a teacher
    @ Gurubharyaa गुरुभार्या- wife of Guru. Here गुरु
    means Guru + भार्या means wife
    # Gurumatta गुरुमत्ता- heaviness
    $ Guruvartita गुरुवर्तिता- respectful behaviour
    towards venerable persons
    @ Gurusakhi गुरुसखी- the female friend of an elder
    $ Gurvangana गुर्वङ्गना/गुर्वंगना- any woman
    entitled to great respect, wife of Guru. Here गुरु
    means Guru/Spiritual teacher + अङ्गना means
    @ Gulmi गुल्मी- a cluster or clump of trees, the
    Myrobalan tree, jujube ,small cardamoms ,a tent
    # Gunadhara गुणधरा-possessing good qualities.
    Here गुण means quality + धर (धरा) means one
    $ Gunapadi गुणपदी- (a woman) having feet thin
    as cords . Here गुण means thin as cords + पदी
    means feet (of a woman)
    @ Gunamati गुणमती-the doctrine of those who
    worship the qualities, a woman (having good
    # Gunamukhyaa गुणमुख्या- "superior by good
    qualities" , Name of an Apsaras. Here गुण means
    good qualities + मुख्या means superior
    $ Gunashalagha गुणश्लाघा- encomium , praise.
    Here गुण means good quality + श्लाघा means to
    #Gunanvita गुणान्वित- endowed with virtues ,
    auspicious . It is feminine of गुणान्वित
    � Gitapriya/Geetpriya गीतप्रिया- "fond of songs
    " , Name of one of the mothers attending on
    # गीतायन- accompanied with songs
    $ Giti/Geeti गीति- song , singing
    @ Gitika/Geetika- a short song or hymn, a metre
    of 4 x 20 syllables, a stanza composed in the Gīti
    $ Girni गीर्णि- praise , applause, celebrity
    # Girvi गीर्वि- swallowing
    � Gunjita गुञ्जिता/गुंजिता- uttered in a low tone
    , murmured, humming
    # Gunjini गुञ्जिनी/गुंजिनी- murmuring. It is
    feminine of गुंजिन्
    $ Gutika गुटिका- a small globe or ball ,a pill,a
    pearl, a small pustule , the cocoon of the silk-
    worm ,a goblet
    # Gudakeshi गुडाकेशी- " thick-haired ". Here गुडा
    means thick + केशी means hair (of female)
    $ Gudachi गुडची- Heart Leaved Moonseed plant
    [ Cocculus cordiofolius- Bot.]
    � Guduchi गुडुची/गुडूची- Heart-Leaved Moonseed
    plant [ Cocculus cordifolius -Bot. ]
    # Guduchika गुडुचिका- Heart-Leaved Moonseed
    ♥ Gunakari गुणकरी- (in music) Name of a Rāginī,
    "productive of good qualities", profitable. Here गुण
    means qualities + कर (करी) means to do, having
    # Gunakiri गुणकिरी- (in music) Name of a Ragini
    or melody
    $ Gunakeshi गुणकेशी- "excellent-haired", having
    thick hair, Name of a daughter of lord Indra's
    charioteer. Here गुण means excellent, having good
    qualities + केश (केशी) means hair
    #Gauri गौरी- fair,fair complexioned girl, a name
    of godess Parvati
    #Gaura गौरा- a young girl, a virgin, maid, eight
    years old girl
    #Gaurika गौरिका-, young girl,eight years old girl,
    a girl prior to mensuuration
    #Gauragrivi गौरग्रीवि- white necked
    Here गौर means white/fair +ग्रीवि means necked
    $ Gauramukhi/Gaurmukhi गौरमुखी-white faced
    Here गौर means fair/white +मुखी means faced
    $ Gauravavati गौरववती-important, proudful
    #Gaurita गौरिता- whitened, faired
    #Garvari गर्वरी- haughty,haughtiness,proudful, a
    name of durga
    #Garvita गर्विता- proud, haughty
    #Garvati गर्वति- (verb)be or become proud or
    #Garvayati गर्वयति- (verb)be or become proud or
    #Gavachi गवाची-barred splnyeel [Macrognathus
    #Gavishti गविष्टि- fervour, battle, desire, ardour
    #Gavini गविनी- a herd of cows
    #Gavini/Gaveeni गवीनी- groins, the womb
    #Gavinika गवीनिका-the womb, groins
    #Gufita गुफिता-arranged, placed in order

  5. Sanskrit girl names with meaning
    # Ghaasi घासि- food,"voracious", fire
    $ Ghatari घटरी- a kind of flute
    # Ghushita घुषिता- sounded, proclaimed
    ♥ Ghosha घोषा- cries of victory, battle cry,
    roaring of storm, thunder or of water, sound
    # Ghoshavati घोषवती- "sounding", a peculiar kind
    of flute
    $ Ghoshi घोषि/घोषी- sounding aloud
    # Ghurnana घुर्णना- moving to and fro, shaking
    $ Ghurni घुर्णि-moving to & fro, shaking
    # Ghurnika घुर्णिका- moving to and fro, shaking
    $ Ghritadhara/Ghritdhara घृतधारा- stream of
    ghee. Here घृत means ghee + धारा means stream
    # Ghritapadi/Ghritpadi घृतपदी- whose path is ghee
    or whose foot drops with ghee. Here घृत means
    ghee + पदी means foot of a woman
    $ Ghritapri घृतप्री- enjoying ghee(Agni)
    # Ghritashri/Ghritshri घृतश्री- mixed with ghee,
    brilliant with ghee. Here घृत means ghee + श्री
    means to mix, brilliant
    $ Ghritasthala/Gritsthala घृतस्थला- "abiding in
    ghee", Name of an Apsaras. Here घृत means ghee
    + स्थल/स्थला means abiding in
    # Ghritasna घृतस्ना- dropping or sprinkling ghee
    $ Ghritachi घृताची- abounding in ghee, filled with
    ghee, shining with ghee, "dewy", the night, Name
    of an Apsaras
    # Ghritabdhi घृताब्धि- a sea of ghee. Here घृत
    means ghee + अब्धि means sea
    $ Ghrini घृणि- a ray of light, the sun, day, a flame,
    a wave, water, passion, anger
    # Ghrinivati घृणिवती- glowing
    $ Ghora घोरा- night
    # Ghori घोरी - sublime, awful, venerable, dreary,
    Name of a female attendant of Durga
    $ Ghorika घोरिका- snorting
    # Ghrati/Ghraati घ्राति- smelling, perception of
    odour, nose

  6. Meaning of Sanskrit Names
    Lakshi /Laxi लक्षी means-mark, object, aim, look
    #Lakshayati/Laxayati लक्षयति means-(verb) view,
    sign, perceive, design indirectly, see, mark
    #Lakshyata /Laxyata लक्ष्यता means-being
    visible, visibility, being an aim
    $ Lakshita/Laxita लक्षिता means-observed,
    excellent, ambiguous, noticed, aimed,
    #Lakshana/Laxana लक्षणा means-view, mark,
    quality, characteristic, goose
    $ Lakshina/Laxina लक्षिना means-having good
    marks or signs.It is feminine form of लक्षिन्
    #Lakshini/Laxini लक्षिनी means-having good
    marks or signs.It is derived from लक्षिन्(Lakshin)
    $ Laksha/Laxa लाक्षा means-a kind of species
    of plant, lac, kind of red eye
    $ Lakshmana/Laxmana लक्ष्मणा means-goose,
    kind of potherb
    $Layaputri लयपुत्री means-actress, daughter of
    time, dancer
    #Lohita लोहिता means-woman with red face
    $ Libuja लिबुजा means-creeper
    #Limpi लिम्पी means-writing
    $ Lipta लिप्ता means-minute
    #Lashvi लष्वी means-dancer, actress
    $ Lishvi लिष्वी means-dancer, actress
    #Lushati लूषति means-adorn, decorate
    $ Lavi लवि means-sharp, cutting, plucking, an
    iron instrument used for cutting
    #Linati लिनाति means-
    #Layana means-dissolution,house,repose,place of
    #Lasika लासिका means-dancer
    #Lapita लपिता means-hum,spoken,chatter
    $Lingini लिङ्गिनी/लिंगिनी means-female
    $Lavana लवणा means-
    salt,beautiful,charming, graceful.It is derived from
    sanskrit word (Lavana/लवण)
    #Lilavati लीलावती means-a beautiful woman

  7. ₩ Laavani लावणी- (fr. लवण ) saline, salted,
    cooked or dressed with salt, beautiful
    $ Lavani लवनी- custard apple [ Anona Reticulata
    Bot. ] , to cut
    ♥ Laya/Layaa लया- the act of sticking or
    clinging , �to become attached to any one,
    cowering, dissolution, �to disappear, be
    dissolved or absorbed� ,extinction, destruction,
    rest, repose, delight in anything
    an embrace, (in music) time (regarded as of 3
    kinds, viz. द्रुत, �quick�, मध्य , �mean or
    moderate�, and विलम्बित ,
    �slow�), the union of song, dance and
    instrumental music
    >> Lavaniki लावणिकी- 1. Salted, cooked or
    dressed with salt, 2. Relating to salt, 3. Lovely,
    $ Lasa/Lasaa लसा- saffron, turmeric
    � Laasa लासा- to sport, jump, dance
    # Lashita लषिता- desire, strive after, long for
    $ Lashati लषति- to wish, desire
    # Lashyati लष्यति- desire, long for
    $ Lasya लास्या- a dancing girl
    # Laasaki लासकी- dancing girl, harlot
    $ Laasika लासिका- dancing girl, wanton
    woman, harlot
    # Lavali लवलि/लवली- Star Gooseberry[ A verrhoa
    Acida- Bot.]
    $ Laavali लावली- a species of myrobalan
    # Lapita लपिता- chattered, spoken, said
    $ Lalana ललना- lady
    # Laluka/Laaluka लालुका- a kind of garland,
    ♥ Laghvi लघ्वी- soft bodied lady, gentle, swift,
    pleasant, easy, young, small, slight. It is feminine
    of word लघु
    # Lina/ Leena लीना- clung or pressed closely
    together, attached or devoted to, merged in ,
    sticking ,lying or resting on, staying in,
    hiding,disappeared, the clinging to, being
    dissolved or absorbed in
    # Lalatika/Lalaatika ललाटिका- an ornament
    worn on the forehead ,a mark made with sandal
    or ashes on the forehead
    $ Lalami/Lalaami ललामी- having a mark or spot
    on the forehead, marked with paint (as
    cattle) ,having any mark or sign, beautiful,
    charming ,eminent, best of its kind ,ornament,
    decoration, embellishment. It is feminine of ललाम
    # Lalama/Lalaama ललामा- having a mark or
    spot on forehead, beautiful, best of its kind,
    ornament, decoration. It is feminine of ललाम
    $ Lakshika/Laakshika लाक्षिका- relating to or
    dyed with lac, relating to a large number or to a
    lac. It is feminine of लाक्षिक
    # Lakshani/Laakshani लाक्षणी- relating to or
    acquainted with characteristic signs or marks
    $ Lakshanika लाक्षणिका- knowing marks,
    acquainted with signs, an interpreter of marks or
    indicatory, expressing indirectly or figuratively.
    metaphorical, secondary, technical
    $ Lakshaki/Laakshaki लाक्षकी- A name of
    goddess Sita, related to lac or dye, having
    auspicious signs or marks

    ♥ Lipta लिप्ता- smeared, anointed, soiled,
    defiled,sticking or adhering to, joined, connected,
    eaten, a minute, 60th part of a degree
    ♥ Lipti लिप्ति- ointment
    《 Liptika लिप्तिका- smeared, covered with
    poison, a poisoned arrow.
    《Liptahasta लिप्तहस्ता- Having the hands
    stained or smeared. Here लिप्त means stained or
    smeared + हस्ता means hands
    《 Liptavati लिप्तवती- Anointed, plastered, 2.
    Touched, 3. Vitiated, defiled. It is feminine of
    $ Lavanyalakshmi लावण्यलक्ष्मी-" wealth of
    beauty " , great beauty. Here लावण्य means
    beauty + लक्ष्मी means wealth
    � Lavanyashri लावण्यश्री- "wealth of beauty",
    great beauty. Here लावण्य means beauty + श्री
    means wealth
    # Lavanyalahari लावण्यलहरी- salty wave, wave of
    beauty, Name of an Apsaras. Here लावण्य means
    salty, beauty + लहरी means wave, wavy
    $ Lavanyavati लावण्यवती- consisting entirely of
    beauty, charming. It is feminine of लावण्यवत्
    # लावली- a species of myrobalan
    $ Likhita लिखिता- scratched, scraped , scarified,
    ,drawn , delineated , sketched , painted. It is
    derived from Sanskrit, Hindi word लिखित
    $ Lvi ल्वी- to go , move , approach
    # Lyi ल्यी- to join , unite , mix
    $ Lpi ल्पी- to join , unite , mix with
    # Lauheyi लौहेयी- red coloured, copper coloured,
    Name of an Apsaras
    $ Laulyata लौल्यता- lustfulness , eager desire
    ♥ Lekhini लेखिणी- scratching, grazing,
    touching. It is feminine of word लेखिन्
    # Lekhani लेखनी- scratching, scraping, scarifying,
    lancing, exciting, stimulating,
    an instrument for writing or painting, reed-pen,
    painting-brush, pen, pencil, a spoon, ladle, the act
    of scratching or scraping, lancing, touching,
    writing down, transcribing, an instrument for
    $ Likhita लिखिता- written
    ♥ Lochana लोचना- eye, a kind of pigment or
    ♥ Lochani लोचनी- eye

  9. ♥ Livi लिवि /लिवी- Writing, hand-writing, or a
    writing, a manuscript.
    $ Libi लिबि/लिबी-writing, a manuscript
    ♥ Lohinika/ Lohineeka लोहिनीका- red glow or
    lustre Lohitangi लोहिताङ्गी/लोहितांगी- "red-
    limbed ".Here लोहित means red + अङ्गी means
    one whose limbs or body are
    ₩ Lohitakshi लोहिताक्षी- "red-eyed". Here
    लोहित means red + अक्षि means eye
    $ Lohika लोहिका- an iron pot or vessel (being a
    sort of large shallow bowl ,usually of wood and
    bound with iron , used for washing rice )
    # Lota लोटा- sorrel
    # Lotika लोटिका-sorrel ,Name of a princess
    $ Lohini लोहिनी- a woman whose skin becomes
    red (may be because of shyness or anger), a
    woman with red coloured skin
    # Lohita लोहिता- red-coloured, Name of one of
    tongues of Agni
    ♥ Lipta लिप्ता-a minute , the 60th part of a
    $ Lepyastri लेप्यस्त्री- a perfumed woman
    # Lipyi लिप्ति- ointment
    $ Lipika लिपिका -a writing , written paper,
    (sometimes also refers to) female clerk
    # Lindu लिन्दु- slimy , slippery
    $ Lekhini लेखिनी- scratching ,grazing ,
    touching,"touching the sky " ) .It is feminine of
    $ Lekhi लेखी- a spoon , ladle
    # Lekha लेखा- a scratch , streak , line , stroke ,
    stripe , furrow, the pale or faintly discernible
    streak of the
    young moon's crescent , the act of delineation
    ,drawing , painting, writing , handwriting, a
    drawing , likeness , figure , impression, the
    drawing of lines
    a hem , border , rim , edge , horizon ,the crest
    #Lishati लिशति- to go, move, lessen
    ♥ Leshyaa लेश्या- light
    # Lesha लेशा- small, little, some
    # Lila/Leela लीला-play, sport , diversion ,
    amusement , pastime , mere sport or play ,
    child's play , ease or
    facility in doing anything, mere appearance ,
    semblance , pretence ,disguise , sham (ibc.
    sportively , easily , in sport , as a mere joke,
    feignedly), grace , charm , beauty , elegance ,
    ( in rhet.) a maiden's playful imitation of her
    lover ,
    # Lilarati/Lilaarati लीलारति-sportive
    ,amusement , amusement with
    $ Lilavapi/Leelavapi लीलावापी-a pleasure-tank
    or lake
    # Lilayita/Leelayita लीलायिता- sporting ,
    dallying , rejoicing ,(ifc.) pretending to be ,
    representing ,
    resembling, sport , amusement
    # Lunchana लुञ्चना/लुंचना- concise speech
    $ Lundi लुण्डी- proper behaviour ,acting and
    judging rightly
    $ Lobhani लोभनी-alluring, attracting. a kind of
    Sphaerantus, allurement , enticement
    ♥ Lumbika लुम्बिका- a kind of drum
    # Lolakshika लोलाक्षिका- (a woman) with a
    rolling eye Li
    $ Lolakshi लोलाक्षी- (a woman) with a rolling
    # Luni लूनि/लूनी- the act of cutting or reaping
    # Lokagati/LokGati लोकगति- " way of the world
    " , actions of men. Here लोक means men, world +
    गति means action, way
    $ Lokagatha/ LokGatha लोकगाथा- a verse or
    song (handed down orally) among men. Here लोक
    means men + गाथा means story, song
    $ Lokajanani/LokJanani लोकजननी- "mother of
    the world " , Name of goddess Lakshmī . Here
    लोक means world + जननी means mother
    # Lokajyata लोकज्ञता- knowledge of the world ,
    knowledge of mankind
    $ Lokapalini/LokPalini लोकपालिनी- "world-
    protectress " , Name of goddess Durgā. Here लोक
    means world + पालिनी means protectress
    # Lokamatri/LokMatri लोकमातृ- the mother of the
    world Name of goddess Lakshmi, Name of
    goddess Gaurī . Here लोक means world + मातृ
    means mother
    # Lokamatrika/LokMatrika लोकमातृका- the
    mother of the world. Here लोक means world +
    मातृका means mother
    $ Lokadhika लोकाधिक-extraordinary ,
    uncommon .It is derived from word लोकाधिक
    # Lokeshvari लोकेश्वरी- the goddess of the world.
    Here लोक means world + ईश्वरी means goddess,
    $ Lokaishana लोकैषणा- desire or longing after
    # Lokottara लोकोत्तर-excelling or surpassing the
    world , beyond what is common or general ,
    unusual . It is feminine of लोकोत्तर
    ♥ Lokyata लोक्यता- the attainment of a better

    # Labhavati लाभवती-one who has gain or
    (ifc.) one who has got possession of . It is
    feminine of
    $ Labhini लाभिनी- (ifc.)obtaining , meeting with
    , finding . It is feminine of लाभिन्
    # Lipsuta लिप्सुता-" desire of gaining "
    $ Lampa लम्पा-the black banana
    # Lambakesha लम्बकेशा- having hanging or
    flowing hair. Here लम्ब means hanging, flowing +
    केश means hair
    $ Lambakeshi लम्बकेशी- having hanging or flowing
    . Here लम्ब means hanging + केश/केशी means hair
    ♥ Lambakshi लम्बाक्षी- "long-eyed " . Here लम्ब
    means long + अक्षि means eye
    ♥ Lambudha लम्बुषा- a necklace of seven strings
    $ Lambini लम्बिनी- hanging down , pendent ,
    hanging by or down to (comp.)
    # Lambika लम्बिका -the uvula or soft palate.
    $ Labdhavara लब्धवरा- one who has obtained a
    boon or favour. It is feminine of लब्धवर
    # Labdhi लब्धि- obtaining , gaining, acquisition
    ,gain , profit ,in (arithm.) the quotient
    $ Labdhika लब्धिका- obtained, got, gained
    $ Lambha लम्भा- a sort of fence or enclosure
    # Lambhita लम्भिता- caused to obtain or receive
    , given ,procured , gained, " heightened , improved
    ; cherished ;applied , adapted ; addressed ,
    spoken to ; abused " ) .
    ♥ Labha लाभा- meeting with ,finding ,getting ,
    attaining , acquisition ,gain , profit , capture ,
    conquest, apprehension , perception , knowledge
    enjoying . It is derived from Hindi, Sanskrit word
    ♥ Labuki/Laabuki लाबुकी- a kind of lute
    $ Lalasa लालसा- longing or ardent desire , fond
    attachment or devotion to, " regret ,sorrow ;
    asking , soliciting ; the longing of a pregnant
    woman ; dalliance "
    # Ladita लडिता- moving hither and thither
    $ Latabha लटभा- a handsome girl , beautiful
    # Latahi लटही- handsome ,pretty. It is feminine of
    $ Lanja लञ्जा/लंजा- an adulteress, sleep, a
    Name of goddess Lakshmī
    $ Lajyaa लज्या- shy, shame ,modesty
    # Lajjini लज्जिनी- shy female , touch-me-not
    plant [Mimosa-Pudica- Bot.]
    $ Lajjari लज्जरी- touch-me-not plant
    # Lajjaka लज्जका- wild cotton tree, cotton
    $ Latvaa लट्वा- kind of bird, safflower,a kind of
    Kara�ja bird, any fruit, a game , gambling, a curl
    on the forehead, a kind of musical instrument,
    $ Latangi लताङ्गी- a kind of gall-nut
    # Latamani लतामणि- "creeper-jewel " , coral
    ♥ Latika लतिका- a delicate or slender creeper or
    small winding tendril (to which the graceful curve
    of a slim figure is compared) ,a string of pearls
    # Lapita लपिता- chattered, spoken , said. It is
    feminine of लपित
    $ Lapini/Laapini लापिनी- speaking , uttering
    ,wailing , lamenting. It is feminine of लापिन्
    # Lapinika/Laapinika लापिनिका- talk ,
    $ Laghuvritti लघुवृत्ति- " short commentary ",
    having a light nature ,light in conduct or
    behaviour, light-minded, ill-conducted or
    conditioned, ill-done , mismanaged
    # Laghuhasta लघुहस्ता- light-handed , ready-
    handed , possessing skill in the hands (as an
    archer , writer ) , a good archer. Here लघु means
    light, skilled + हस्त means hand
    # Laghishtha लघिष्ठा- (superlative of [ laghu ]
    q.v.) most light or quick ,very light or quick. It is
    feminine of लघिष्ठ
    $ Laghiyasi लघीयसी- more or very quick or light.
    It is feminine of लघीयस्
    # Lankhani लङ्खनी/लंखनी- the bit of a bridle
    $ Lajjari लज्जरी- a white sensitive plant
    # Lajja लज्जा-shame , modesty ,bashfulness
    ,embarrassment (also Shame personified as the
    wife of Dharma and mother of Vinaya) ,the
    sensitive plant , Mimosa Pudica
    # Lajjakriti लज्जाकृति- feigning modesty.
    # Lakshata लक्षता- the state of being a mark or

  11. Lakshanavati लक्षणवती- possessing marks or
    signs , marked or characterized by
    (instr.) ,endowed with auspicious marks, giving
    correct definitions, (ifc. after a numeral) having a
    particular number of marks or characteristics
    $ Lakshanini लक्षणिनी- possessing marks,
    endowed with auspicious marks. It is feminine of
    $ Lakshmivati लक्ष्मीवती- possessed of fortune
    or good luck , lucky, prosperous , wealthy ,
    beautiful. Here लक्ष्मी means prosperity, fortune,
    beauty + वती means one who has
    $ Lakshmindada लक्ष्मींददा- bestowing fortune,
    bestowing prosperity. Here लक्ष्मीं means fortune,
    wealth, beauty + ददा means to bestow or to give
    # Laghugati लघुगति- having a quick step
    $ Laghuchitta लघुचित्ता- light-minded , little-
    minded , fickle
    # Laghutara लघुतरा- more quick , lighter , easier
    $ Laghutari लघुतरी- more quick, lightier, easier
    $ Laghuta लघुता- quickness ,promptness , agility ,
    dexterity ,lightness , ease , facility, feeling of ease
    , feeling of bodily freshness, prosodial shortness,
    smallness , littleness , meanness ,insignificance,
    light-mindedness , thoughtlessness , levity ,
    wantonness ,want of rank or dignity , humbleness
    disregard , disrespect
    ♥ Lri लृ- (in gram.) Name of the terminations of
    Conditional Mood or Name of that Mood itself.
    The ninth vowel of the Nagari Alphabet, having
    the power of Lri, but more usually considered to
    be expressed by Li as in Lily.
    1. The divine nature.
    2. The earth.
    3. A mountain. ind. A mystical letter $ Lokavishruti लोकविश्रुति- worldwide fame ,
    unfounded rumour or report . Here लोक means
    world wide + विश्रुति means fame, report
    # Lokashruti/LokShruti लोकश्रुति- world-wide
    fame , universal notoriety, a popular report . Here
    लोक means world-wide + श्रुति means fame
    $ Lokasundari लोकसुन्दरी- thought beautiful by
    all , generally admired. Here लोक means people,
    among people + सुन्दरी means beautiful
    ♥ Lokakshi लोकाक्षि- " eye of the world " .
    Here लोक means world + अक्षि means eye
    $ Lavanika/Laavanika लावणिका- dealing in salt,
    charming , lovely ,a vessel holding salt , salt-
    cellar. It is feminine of लावणिक
    # Lavanyaa लावण्या- saltness , the taste cr
    property of salt, beauty , loveliness , charm. It is
    feminine of लावण्य
    # Lavanyamayi लावण्यमयी- consisting entirely of
    beauty,lovely , charming .Here लावण्य means
    beauty + मयी means consisting of
    $ Lavanyalakshmi लावण्यलक्ष्मी-" wealth of
    beauty " , great beauty.

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