Latest Indian Baby Girl names Starting Letter R

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Latest Indian Baby Girl names starting Letter R

Raadhika 8

Raaida 7 Leader
Raaka 5 Full Moon
Raakhi 3 Symbol Of Protection;full Moon In The Sravan Month
Raashi 2

Raawiya 6 Transmitter (of Ancient Arabic Poetry)
Rabab 6 White Cloud
Rabani 9 Divine
Rabeea 5 Garden
Rabhya 1 Worshipped
Rabia 4 Famous; Godly
Rachana 1 Creation
Rachel 2 Lamb; Female; Gental
Rachi 3

Rachika 6 Creator
Rachita 6 Created
Rachna 9 Construction; Arrangement
Radha 5 Krishna's Lover; Prosperity
Radhana 2 Speech
Radhani 1 Worship
Radhika 7 Radha, Lover Of Lord Krishna
Radhiyaa 4 Content; Satisfied
Radhwa 1 Name Of Mountain In Medina
Rafa 8 Happiness; Prosperity
Raga 9 Melody
Ragavarshini 1 One Who Showers Ragas
Raghd 2 Pleasant
Ragi 8 Loving
Ragini 4 A Melody
Rahat 3 Relief
Rahel 8

Rahini 5 Goddess Saraswati
Raima 6 Pleasing; Rama Of The Axe
Raisa 3 Leader, Flower
Raja 3 King-queen
Rajahansa 1 Swan
Rajalakshmi 4 Goddess Lakshmi
Rajani 8 Night
Rajanigandha 7 Night Blossoming Scented Flower
Rajashri 3 King's Pride, Ornament
Rajasi 4 Worthy Of A King, Goddesss Durga
Rajata 6 Sovereignty
Rajdulari 4 Dear Princess
Rajeshri 7 Queen
Rajeshwari 4 Queen ( Main ), Goddess Parvati
Rajhans 8 Swan
Rajhansa 9 Swan
Raji 2 Shining
Rajika 5 Lamp
Rajitha 4 Illuminated
Rajivini 2 Collection Of Blue Lotuses
Rajkumari 3 Princess
Rajnandhini 3 Princess
Rajnandini 4 Princess
Rajni 7 Night
Rajrita 5 Prince Of Living
Rajshri 2 Sage-like King
Rajul 8 Brilliant
Raka 4 Full Moon
Rakhee 3 Thread Used In Brother-sister Bonding During Festival Of Rakhsha Bandhan
Rakhi 2 Thread Of Brother-sister Bonding
Raksha 4 The Moon, Protection,protection
Rakshasamardini 2 Destroyer Of Demons.
Rakshita 6 Protector
Rakti 5 Pleasing
Rama 6 Goddess Lakshmi
Ramana 3 Pleasing; Delightful,enchanting
Ramani 2 A Beautiful Girl
Rambha 7 Name Of An Apsara
Rameshwari 7 Goddess Parvati
Ramila 9 Lover
Ramini 1 Beautiful Woman
Ramita 8 Pleasing
Ramola 6 Who Takes Interest In Everything
Ramra 6 Splendour
Ramya 4 Delightful
Rana 7 Royal
Rand 1 Tree Of Good Scent
Rangana 2 A Flower
Rangitha 6 Charmed
Ranhita 8 Quick
Ranhitha 7 Swift
Rani 6 Queen; Princess
Ranita 9 Tinkling
Raniya 5 Gazing
Ranjan 4 Enjoyment
Ranjana 5 Pleasing; Exciting; Charming
Ranjika 1 Exciting
Ranjini 3 Pleasing
Ranjita 1 Amusing, Decorated
Ranju 1

Ranjudeep 4 Pleasant
Ranvitha 3 Joyous
Ranya 5 Pleasant
Raqueliza 2

Rasha 2 Young Gazelle
Rasheeda 7 Wise; Mature
Rashi 1 A Collection Of Wealth; Sign
Rashika 4

Rashmi 5 A Ray Of Light
Rashmika 8 A Ray Of Light
Rasika 5 Sugarcane Juice, Connoiseur
Rasna 8 The Tongue
Ratanjali 5 Red Sandal Wood
Ratchika 8 Protector, Saviour
Rathika 5 Satisfied
Rathna 8 Pearl
Rati 3 Most Beautiful Lady; Wife Of Cupid
Ratna 9 Precious Stone
Ratnabala 7 Jewelled
Ratnabali 6 String Of Pearls
Ratnajyoti 7 Light From A Jewel
Ratnajyouti 1 Lustrous Jewel
Ratnalekha 1 Splendour Of Jewels
Ratnali 3 A Jewelled,a Jewel
Ratnamala 9 String Of Pearls
Ratnangi 3 Whole Body Adorned With Jewels
Ratnaprabha 1 Earth, Light From A Jewel
Ratnapriya 6 One Who Likes Jewels
Ratnavali 8 A Bunch Of Gems, Earth
Ratrinight 7 A Name For Goddess Durga
Ravali 9 Eshwara
Ravati 8 A Mythical Princess
Raveena 3 Sunny
Raviprabha 6 Light Of The Sun
Rawdha 1 Garden
Raya 9 Flow; Sated With Drink
Rebha 7 Sings Praises
Rechal 2

Reem 5 Gazelle
Reema 6 Goddess Durga; White Antelope
Reena 7 Gem
Reeya 9

Rehana 2 Sweet Smelling Plant
Reheila 4

Reina 2

Rekha 7 Line; Artwork
Reneeka 5 Song
Renu 4 Molecule, Particle, Earth
Renuka 7 Mother Of Parasurma; The Sixth Incarnation Of Lord Vishnu
Resha 6 Line
Resham 1 Silk
Reshma 1 Soft & Shining Like Silk
Reshmi 9 Silken
Reva 1 Goddess Durga, Narmada River
Revathi 2 Wealth
Revati 3 Wife Of Balarama, 27th Nakshatra
Rewa 2 Swift
Reya 4

Reyna 9

Rhea 5 Singer
Rhia 9 Singer
Rhyah 6 Queen Of The Sun
Ria 1 Singer
Richa 3 Hymn; The Writing Of The Vedas
Riddhi 7 Good Fortune
Ridhi 3 Prosperity
Ridhima 8 Full Of Love
Riju 4 Innocent
Riju/ Rijul 2 Innocent
Rijul 7 Innocent
Rijuta 7 Innocence
Rima 5 White Antelope
Rimjhim 8

Rimpy 9 Pretty
Rina 6 Dissolved Rinkal
Rinku 1

Risha 1 Sanity
Rishika 3 Saintly
Rishima 5 Moonbeam
Rishita 3 The Best
Rita 3 Way Of Life
Rithika 4 Of A Stream
Riti 2 Memory; Well Being
Ritika 5 Movement, Of Brass
Ritisha 3 The Goddess Of Truth
Ritkriti 6 Creation Of God Sun
Ritoma 4

Ritsika 6 Traditional
Ritu 5 Season
Rituparna 1 Leafy Season
Riya 8 Graceful, Singer
Rizmi 3

Rochana 6

Rochi 8 Light
Rohana 3 Sandal Wood
Rohin 1 Rrising
Rohini 1 4th Nakshatra, Cow, Lightening
Rohita 8 Brahma's Daughter
Roja 8

Rolee 1 Sindoor
Roma 2 Goddess Lakshmi
Romila 5 Heartfelt
Rooma 8

Roop 1 Appearance
Roopa 2 Blessed With Beauty
Roopali 5 Pretty
Roopini 6 Beautiful Appearance
Roshan 3 Bright
Roshana 4

Roshna 3 Bright
Roshni 2 Brighteners
Rosy 5 Deep Pink
Rouble 1 Money
Rozmin 5 Rose Flower
Rubaina 3 Bright
Rucha 6 Vedic Lyrics
Ruchi 5 Lustre; Beauty
Ruchika 8 Shining; Beautiful; Desirous
Ruchira 6 Saffron, Tasty
Ruchita 8 Splendorous
Ruchitha 7 Bright
Rudra 8 Parvati, Consort Of Shiva; Crying
Rudrabhiravi 5 Goddess Durga
Rudrakali 5 Godess Durga
Rudrani 4 A Wife Of Shiva (idurga), A Raagini
Rudrapriya 5 Beloved Of Rudra (parvati/durga)
Rugu 4 Soft
Ruhani 8 Spiritual; Sacred; Divine
Ruhi 2 Soul
Ruhika 5 Desire
Ruhin 7 Spiritual
Rujul 1 Soft Spoken
Rujula 2 Who Endows Wealth, Goddess Lakshmi, Soft, Innocent
Rujuta 1 Honesty; Sincerity
Rukan 2 Steady; Confident
Rukhmini 4 Goddess Laxmi
Rukma 1 Radiant, Sun,golden
Rukmini 5 Consort Of Lord Krishna
Ruksana 4 Brilliant
Ruma 8 Queen Of The Apes
Run Zhun 5 Sweet Sound
Rupa 2 Beauty, Silver
Rupal 5 Made Of Silver
Rupali 5 Beautiful; Pretty
Rupashi 2 Beautiful
Rupashri 2 A Musical Raagini
Rupasi 3 Beautiful Lady
Rupeshwari 3 Goddess Of Beauty
Rupi 1 Beauty
Rupika 4 Beautiful Woman
Ruqaya 2 Name Of The Prophet's Daughter
Rushada 9 Good News
Rusham 8 Peaceful
Rushda 8 Good News
Ruth 4 Season
Rutuja 1 Queen Of Seasons
Rutva 1 Speech,season
Ruwayda 3 Walking Gently
Ryka 1 Born Out Of A Hymn Or Prayer
Rytasha 2


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    # Ritajata/Ritjata ऋतजाता- of true nature, well
    made, proper. Here ऋत means true + जाता means
    nature, made
    $ Ritajita ऋतजिता- gaining the right. Here ऋत
    means right, proper + जिता means gaining
    # Ritajyaa ऋतज्ञा- knowing or conversant with
    the sacred law or usage. Here ऋत means sacred
    law + ज्ञा means one who knows
    $ Ritadhi ऋतधी- of right intelligence or
    knowledge. Here ऋत means right + धी means
    intelligence or knowledge
    # Ritadhiti ऋतधीति- worshipped with true
    devotion , praised or adored sincerely. Here ऋत
    means true + धीति means worship, to praise
    $ Ritapa ऋतपा- guarding divine truth. Here ऋत
    means divine truth + पा means guarding
    # Ritaprajata ऋतप्रजाता- a woman delivered (of a
    child )at proper time. Here ऋत means proper time
    + प्रजाता means delivering (a woman who
    delivers child)
    $ Ritambhara ऋतम्भरा- intellect or knowledge
    which contains the truth in itself
    # Ritayukti ऋतयुक्ति- well applied, proper (as a
    word of hymn). Here ऋत means well + युक्ति
    means applied
    $ Ritavati ऋतवती- being right, saying the truth
    # Ritavadini ऋतवादिनी- saying right, speaking
    the truth. Here ऋत means right + वादिनी means
    a woman who says anything
    $ Ritavrata ऋतव्रता- one whose vow is truth,
    truthful. Here ऋत means true + व्रता means one
    who vows
    ♥ Ritashri ऋतश्री- true beauty. Here ऋत means
    true +श्री means beauty
    # Ritasadani ऋतसदनी- the right or proper seat.
    Here ऋत means right, proper + सदनी means seat
    $ Ritastha ऋतस्था- standing in the right manner.
    Here ऋत means right manner + स्था means
    # Ritamrita ऋतामृता- lawful gleaning &
    unsolicited alms
    $ Riteja ऋतेजा- produced or come forth at the
    time of sacrifice.
    # Ritokti ऋतोक्ति- telling the truth. Here ऋत
    means truth + उक्ति means telling
    $ Ritayini ऋतयिनी- truthful. It is feminine of
    # Ritupa ऋतुपा- drinking the libation at the right
    $ Ritumati ऋतुमती- "having courses", a girl at the
    age of puberty. Here ऋतु means courses + मती
    means one having
    # Rituvritti ऋतुवृत्ति- revolution of the seasons, a
    year. Here ऋतु means season + वृत्ति means
    revolution or repetition
    $ Ritushtha ऋतुस्था- being in season or in the
    seasons. Here ऋतु means season + स्था means
    being in
    # Ritutha ऋतुथा- at the due or proper time,
    regularly, properly
    # Rikthini ऋक्थिनी- receiving or inheriting
    property, an inheritor ऋक्थिन्
    $ Rikvi ऋक्वी- praising, jubilant with praise. It is
    feminine of ऋक्व
    # Rikvati ऋक्वती- praising. It is feminine of ऋक्वत्
    $ Rikvani ऋक्वनी- jubilant with praise. It is
    feminine of ऋक्वन्
    # Rijudha ऋजुधा- straight, correctly, in right
    manner. Here ऋजु means straight + धा means
    $ Rijumati ऋजुमति- "honest mind" , sincere. Here
    ऋजु means honest + मति means mind
    # Rijulekha ऋजुलेखा- a straight line. Here ऋजु
    means straight + लेखा means line
    $ Rijuvani ऋजुवनि- granting rightly or liberally
    (said of earth)
    # Rijuhasta ऋजुहस्ता- good handed lady. Here ऋजु
    means good +हस्त/हस्ता means hand
    ♥ Ridu/Ridoo ऋदू- soft, pleasant
    # Ridudara ऋदूदरा- having a soft or pleasant inner
    $ Ridupa/Ridoopa ऋदूपा- drinking what is sweet
    or pleasant. Here ऋदू means pleasant + पा means
    to drink
    # Ridhadri ऋधद्री- one whose speed is increasing
    or excessive, exceedingly swift (as horses)
    $ Ribhumati ऋभुमती- clever, skilful, prudent. Here
    ऋभु means cleverness, skill +मती means one
    # Ribhushthira ऋभुष्ठिरा- clever and wise
    $ Rishvi ऋष्वी- elevated, high, sublime, noble. It
    is feminine of ऋष्व
    # Rishivati ऋषीवती- associated with Rishis. Here
    ऋषि means Rishi + वती means associated with
    $ Rishikulyaa ऋषिकुल्या- "the river of rishis", a
    sacred river, Name of river Sarasvati river and
    goddess Sarasvati. Here ऋषि means Rishi +
    कुल्या means river Rishti ऋष्टि-spear, sword, lance
    #Rikstha ऋक्स्था-consisting of ऋच् verses
    #Riksheshti ऋक्षेष्टि- offering to stars
    #Rijraa ऋज्रा-leader, quick, going straight

    ♥Rajini राजिनी- shining, beautiful lady. It is
    feminine of राजिन्
    ♥ Ramini रामिनी/रमिनी- charming , happy or
    pleasuring lady, mistress. It is feminine of रामिन्
    $ Ramana रमणा- "charming lady",mistress,
    woman, wife, beloved lady
    # Ramani रमणी - "charming lady", mistress,
    woman, wife
    $ Ramita रमिता- pleasured, charming
    # Raamita रामिता- pleasured, charming,
    ♥ Ramaa रमा- godess of fortune (Godess
    Lakshmi), wife, mistress, good luck
    # Rama/Raamaa रामा- lovely or charming
    woman, mistress, river
    ♥ Rami/Raami रामी- night
    ♥ Rushati रुशती- light, bright, white
    # Rushanti रुशन्ती- bright, light.It is feminine form
    of रुशन्त्
    $ Rushadurmi रुशदूर्मि- having glistening or bright
    ♥ Rushana रुशना- (probably) adorning,
    decoration, shining. [ It was the name of one of
    wives of Rudra]
    # Roshansha रोशंसा- wish

  5. #Ruma रुमा- salty, salt lake or salt mine.It was
    the name of the wife of Sugriva In Ramayana
    #Rayi रयि- rich, treasure, goods, stuff, wealth
    #Rayida रयिदा- bestowing wealth
    Here रयि means wealth +दा means bestowing
    #Riri रिरी- prince's metal, pale brass # Ruha/Ruhaa रुहा- 'ascending',Bermuda grass
    ♥ Ruhi रुही- ascending, mounting,desire
    $ Ruhika रुहिका- longing, desire, mounting
    ♥ Rohika रोहिका- ascending, growing
    ♥ Rohi/Rohie रोही - doe
    # Ruharuhika रुहरुहिका- longing, desire
    $ Ruhiruhika रुहिरुहिका- longing, desire
    $ Rohati रोहति-climb, ascend, heal, develop
    # Ruhati रुहति- climb, mount, ascend
    Richati ऋचति-honor
    #Rijvi ऋज्वी- straight, sincere, right
    #Rityaa ऋतया-in right manner
    #Ritapa ऋतपा-guarding divine truth
    #Rijuyaa ऋजूया-in a straight line
    #Rita ऋता- true or righteous, honest, luminous,
    #Ritu ऋतु-season, splendour
    #Rishika ऋषिका-female saint who is wife of a
    #Ritaja ऋतजा-well-made, truly-born, excellent
    #Ritani ऋतनि-leader of right path
    #Richa ऋचा-verse
    #Rijiti ऋजीति-going or tending upwards

  6. Sanskrit girl names with meaning
    ◀ Rucha रुचा- liking ,desire, light ,lustre ,beauty,
    the note of the parrot or Maina
    ♥ Ruchi रुचि -light, lustre ,beauty, colour, liking (intrest), taste ,relish ,pleasure , appetite ,taking pleasure in, desirous of
    ♣Ruchida रुचिदा -to please, splendid. Here रुचि
    means pleasure + दा means giving
    * Ruchikari रुचिकरी -causing pleasure ,exciting desire
    causing an appetite or relish. Here रुचि means pleasure, appetite + करी means causing
    ◀ Ruchita रुचिता -the having a taste or liking or
    desire for ,taking pleasure in
    ▼ Ruchika रुचिका -a kind of ornament, garland, agreeable, bright
    ☆ Ruchira रुचिरा -bright, brilliant, beautiful,
    pleasant ,charming , agreeable to, sweet ,dainty,
    a kind of pigment
    * Ruchyakshi/Ruchyaxi रुच्याक्षी -bright eyed woman
    beautiful eyed. Here रुच्य means bright + अक्षि means eye + ई means woman
    # Ruchini रुचिनी- beautiful lady, splendid
    @ Ruchila रुचिला- beautiful, brilliant. Here रुचि means shining + ला means having, taking
    ◀ Radha राधा -prosperity, success, Name of the 21st Nakshatra Vishākhā ( containing 4 stars in the form
    of a curve), lightning, a partic. attitude in shooting
    (standing with the feet a span apart), Emblic Myrobolan, Clytoria Ternatea
    ◀ Radhika राधिका -endearing form of Rādhā
    (the Gopī), success, prosperity
    * Radhavati/Radhawati राधावती -wealthy ,rich. Here राधा means wealth + वती means having
    ★ Radhini राधिनी -pleasure, satisfied, obtaining, worshipping. It is derived from word राधन
    ▶ Radhana राधना -speech
    ☆ Radhani राधनी -worship
    ♧ Radhasi राधसी -favour, kindness, bounty ,a gift of affection, liberality, accomplishment of one's wishes
    , success. It is feminine of राधस्
    ★ Raddhi राद्धि -accomplishment ,perfection ,completion, success ,good fortune
    ♣ Radhiki राधिकी- successful, prosper. It is derived from word Radha
    ◀ Radhishi राधिषि -to succeed ,be accomplished, prosper, to be ready for,partake of
    ♥ Raraddhi राराद्धि- to succeed, to be fit for, achieve, prepare, be satisfied
    @ Roosha रूषा -bitter and sour taste. It is feminine of रूष
    * Rupyada/Roopyada रूप्यदा -one who gives silver. Here रूप्य means silver + दा means giving
    ☆ Rupini/Roopini रूपिणी -having or assuming a partic. form or figure , embodied ,having a beautiful form or figure ,well-shaped, beautiful. It is feminine
    of रूपिन्
    ★ Rupita/Roopita रूपिता -formed ,represented, exhibited , imagined. It is feminine of रूपित
    ◀ Rupasvini/Rupaswini रूपस्विनी -beautiful lady. It is feminine of रूपस्विन्
    ♧ Rupashraya रूपाश्रय -a repository or receptacle of beauty, exceedingly beautiful. Here रूप means beauty + आश्रया means repository
    ▶ Rupavati/Rupawati/Roopwati रूपवत -having
    form or colour ,formed, having a beautiful form or colour ,handsomely formed ,beautiful, a handsome woman. Here रूप means beauty, form + वती means having
    * Rupadheyi रूपधेयी -form and colour ,external appearance ,beauty. It is feminine of रूपधेय
    ◀ Rupatama/Rooptama रूपतमा -the best form or colour, beautiful. It is feminine of रूपतम
    @ Rupaguni/Roopguni रूपगुणी -possessing the quality of colour, beauty of form. Here रूप means colour form + गुणी means good quality
    ☆ Roodha रूढा -mounted, ascended ,imposed on ,laden, sprung up, grown ,increased, budded,
    high ,noble, diffused ,spread about ,famous. It is feminine of रूढ
    ★ Roodhi रूढि -rise ,ascent, increase ,growth, birth, production, decision,fame ,celebrity, tradition,
    current usage (esp. of speech)
    @ Ruhva/Ruhwa रुह्वा-to ascend , mount, to reach to, attain (a desire), spring up ,grow ,increase, prosper ,heal (as a wound)
    ☆ Rodhana रोधना -a dam ,bank ,wall

  7. Sanskrit girl names with meaning

    ◀ Reva/Rewa रेवा -the indigo plant, Name of Rati (the wife of Kāma-deva), (in music) a partic. Rāga, flowing, to move (Name of the Narma-dā or Nerbudda river)
    @ Revanti रेवन्ती -wealthy, opulent, abundant, splendid. ( the cows or the waters); Name of a lunar mansion
    ♥ Revati/Rewati रेवती -wealthy, beautiful, Name of the fifth नक्षत्र/asterism , a woman born under the नक्षत्र रेवती, Tiaridium Indicum, Jasminum Grandiflorum ‘the wealthy ones’ or ‘the shining one's’ (applied to cows and the waters)
    @ Rechika रेचिका -emptying, having a gentle laxative effect, emitting the breath, exhalation, purging
    ☆ Ruksha/Rooksha रूक्षा -smeared, arid, meagre [ rough, dry], wild Croton plant or purging Croton [Croton Polyandrum & Croton Tiglium -Bot.]
    ■ Rodhovakra रोधोवक्रा "winding along its banks" , a river. Here रोधो means banks + वक्रा means winding along
    ◆ Rodhovati/Rodhowati रोधोवती -"having banks" , river
    . Here रोधो means banks + वती means having
    ☆ Rodhasvati/Rodhaswati रोधस्वती -having high banks, Name of a river. Here रोधस् means high banks + वती means having
    ● Rodhini रोधिनी -obstructing ,overpowering or drowning (one sound by another) ,filling ,covering. It is feminine of रोधिन्
    ▲ Rurutsa रुरुत्सा -the wish to obstruct or check or prevent
    * Ruddha रुद्धा- a siege
    ▶ Rodha रोधा -sprouting, growing. It is feminine of रोध
    ♥ Rochuki रोचुकी -causing pleasure or delight. It is feminine of रोचुक
    ☆ Rochuka रोचुका -causing pleasure or delight. It is feminine of रोचुक
    @ Rochishmati रोचिष्मती -possessing or giving light. Here रोचिष् means light + मती means possessing
    ● Rochakshi रोचाक्षी- bright eyed woman. Here रोच means bright + अक्षि means eye
    ☆ Rocha रोचा -shining ,radiant, one who lightens or makes bright
    ◀ Rochi रोचि/रोची -light, a beam ,ray
    * Rochanastha/Rochnastha रोचनस्था -abiding in light or in the firmament
    ▶ Rochana रोचना -the bright sky or luminous sphere,
    a partic. yellow pigment, a beautiful woman,
    a red lotus-flower, bamboo manna or Tabāshīr
    dark Shālmali (silk cotton tree), Name of an Apsara, light, brightness
    ★ Rochani रोचनी -a partic. yellow pigment, light, brightness, red arsenic , realgar, Name of various plants (Convolvulus Turpethum ;the myrobalan
    tree ; Croton Polyandrum ; =[ kāmpilla] , name of a goddess in Buddhism (beautiful woman)
    @ Rochisi रोचिसी -light ,lustre ,brightness, grace , lovelines. It is derived from word रोचिस्
    ★ Rochasi रोचसी -light , lustre. It is feminine of रोचस्
    ■ Rochamana रोचमाना -shining , bright , splendid, pleasing , agreeable. Here रोच means shine + माना means one having
    * Rochanika रोचनिका- Name of various plants, bamboo
    manna or Tabāshir, bright, light

  8. Meaning of girl names in Sanskrit
    ■ Rodhati रोधति-to sprout ,shoot ,grow, ascend
    * Rudhira रुधिरा- blood. It is feminine of रुधिर
    ◀ Rupyakshi रूप्याक्षी- beautiful eyed woman, having silver coloured eyes. Here रूप्य means beautiful +
    अक्षि means eye
    ☆ Rupyangana रूप्याङ्गना/रूप्यांगना- beautiful woman
    . Here रूप्य means beautiful + अङ्गना means woman
    # Rogantaka रोगान्तका -"disease-destroying" ,
    curative, a physician. Here रोग means disease +
    अन्तका means destroying
    * Rogaha रोगहा -"destroying disease" ,a drug ,medicament. Here रोग means disease + हा means destroying
    ● Rogaghni रोगघ्नी -removing disease, medicine.
    Here रोग means disease + घ्नी means destroying
    # Raitika रैतिका -of or belonging to brass ,brazen.
    It is feminine of रैतिक
    ♥ Raivati/Raiwati रैवती -descended from a wealthy family ,rich. It is feminine of रैवत
    * Raiyati रैयति -to desire riches
    ☆ Retaja रेतजा -born from (one's own) seed ,one's own or beloved (daughter). Here रेत means seed
    + जा means born. It is feminine of रेतज
    ♣ Renuka रेणुका -a particular drug or medicinal substance ( said to be fragrant ,but bitter and
    slightly pungent in taste ,and of greyish colour
    ☆ Renu रेणु -dust ,a grain or atom of dust ,sand,
    the pollen of flowers ,powder of anything,
    a partic. measure, name of a partic. drug , Piper
    Aurantiacum, Oldenlandia Herbacea
    ◀ Reti रेटि -the sound of fire, harsh or unrestrained speech
    ♡ Rechani रेचनी -Name of various plants (Ipomoea
    Turpethum ;Croton Polyandrum; = [ kālāñanī कालाननी
    ] , [ gundrā गुन्द्रा] , [ kāmpilla काम्पिल्ल]
    ■ Rupika/Roopika रूपिका -swallow-wort , Asclepias Lactifera
    # Rubheti रुभेटि -fog ,vapour
    ◀ Rumra रुम्रा -tawny or "the dawn" ,beautiful. It is derived from word रुम्र

  9. Meaning of Sanskrit girl names
    ◀ Rayya/Rayyaa रय्या- property ,goods, treasure ,wealth
    * Rala रला -a species of bird
    @ Rashana रशना -a rope ,cord ,strap
    rein ,bridle, girth ,girdle ,zone (esp. of woman) ,(also fig. applied to the fingers), a ray of light ,beam, the tongue, girt by ,dependent on
    @ Rasita रसिता -sounded ,resounding, a roar, thunder, covered or overlaid with gold ,gilded, having taste or flavour or sentiment. It is derived from word रसित
    # Rasata रसता -juiciness , fluidity becomefluid)
    @ Rasanetrika/Rasnetrika रसनेत्रिका -realgar ,red arsenic
    # Rasanetri/Rasnetri रसनेत्री -realgar ,red arsenic
    @ Rasamatri रसमातृ -"mother of taste " ,the tongue. Here रस means taste + मातृ means mother
    # Rasamatrika रसमातृका -"mother of taste " ,the tongue. Here रस means taste + मातृका means mother
    @ Rasavatta रसवत्ता -juiciness, savouriness ,sapidity, beauty,
    tastefulness ,elegance
    * Rasavati/Raswati रसवती -a kitchen, a meal
    @ Rasasiddhi रससिद्धि -perfection attained by means of quicksilver,
    skill in alchemy
    @ Rasollasa रसोल्लासा -( scil)
    spontaneous evolution of the fluids (or juices of the body ,without nutriment from without) " ,Name
    of one of the 8 Siddhis or states of perfection
    @ Rasayani रसायनी -a canal or channel for the fluids (of the body)
    * Rasadhika रसाधिका -full of taste ,a species of grape without seeds or stones. Here रस means enjoyment; taste + अधिका means full of, abounding
    # Rasika रसिका -an emotional wife,
    the juice of sugar-cane ,molasses,
    curds with sugar and spice ,chyle,
    the tongue, a woman's girdle
    ▲ Rasala रसाला -curds mixed with sugar and spices, the tongue, Dūrvā grass, Desmodium Gangeticum,
    a vine or grape
    @ Rasali रसाली -sugar
    * Rasa रसा -moisture ,humidity,
    a mythical stream supposed to flow round the earth and the atmosphere,
    the lower world, the earth, the tongue, Name of various plants ( Clypea Hernandifolia ;Boswellia Thurifera ; Panicum Italicum ; a vine
    or grape ;[ kākolī ])
    @ Rasana रसना -the tongue, organ of taste, Name of plant [gandha-bhadrā]
    @ Romancha रोमाञ्चा/रोमांचा -thrill of the hair ,to feel a thrill of joy, adventure
    ■ Romanchita रोमाञ्चिता/रोमांचिता-
    having the hair of the body erect or thrilling with joy
    * Rosansa रोसंसा -wish ,desire
    ☆ Rohani रोहणी-a medicine for healing or cicatrizing, the act of mounting or ascending or riding
    the growing over ,healing (of a wound)
    * Rohita रोहिता- red, reddish
    ☆ Rohiti रोहिती- red

  10. # Ratini रातिनी -containing gifts or oblations (as a sacrificial ladle). It is feminine of रातिन्
    ● Rakshoghni राक्षोघ्नी -relating to the slayer of a demon
    * Ragada रागदा -colour-giving, crystal. Here राग means colour + दा means giving
    ☆ Rodasi रोदसी -heaven and earth, Name of lightning as wife of Rudra
    companion of the Maruts ,the earth
    * Rodasipra रोदसिप्रा -filling heaven and earth. Here रोदसि means heaven & earth + प्रा means filling
    # Ropana रोपणा -causing to grow,
    healing, putting ,the act of setting up or erecting , raising, the act of planting ,setting, transplanting, sowing, healing or a healing application (used for sores). It is derived from word रोपण
    ☆ Ropita रोपिता -caused to grow, raised, elevated, fixed ,directed, aimed (as an arrow), committed,
    set ,planted. It is derived from word रोपित
    # Ropini रोपिनी -raising ,erecting ,setting, planting. It is feminine of रोपिन्
    * Ropanaka रोपणाका -a kind of bird, "a thrush", cuckoo
    # Rahasu रहसू -(a woman) bringing forth a child in secret. Here रह means secret + सू means to bring forth child
    ◀ Raka राका -the goddess presiding over the actual day of full moon (or regarded as the Full Moon's consort
    ; Anumati is supposed to preside over the previous day), the day of full moon, full moon, a girl in whom menstruation has begun, itch
    * Rakanisha राकानिशा -the night of full moon. Here राका means full moon + निशा means night
    @ Raati राति -ready or willing to give, generous ,favourable ,gracious, a favour ,grace ,gift
    ◀ Ririhi/Rireehi रिरीहि -to grant ,give, bestow ,impart ,yield ,surrender
    ♥ Rarima ररिमा -grant ,give ,bestow , impart ,yield ,surrender. It is feminine of ररिम
    ◀ Rajdara राजदारा -a kings's wife, queen. Here राज means king/royal + दारा means woman
    @ Rajadarika/Rajdarika राजदारिका -kings's daughter ,princess. Here राज means king + दारिका means girl
    # Rajakula/Rajkula राजकुला -belonging to royal family
    ◀ Rajata राजता -kingship ,royalty
    ,sovereignty ,government
    * Rajatanaya/Rajtanaya राजतनया -"a kings's daughter" ,a princess. Here राज means royal + तनया means daughter
    * Rajakanyaka/Rajkanyaka राजकन्यका
    -a king's daughter, princess. Here राज means royal + कन्यका means girl
    ◀ Rajakanya/Rajkanya राजकन्या -princess, a kind of flower. Here राज means king + कन्या means girl
    ♥ Rajata/Rajta राजता -kingship , royalty, sovereignty ,government
    ★ Ramaduti/Ramdooti/Ramduti रामदूती -"Rāma's messenger " ,a kind of basil. Here राम means lord Ram + दूती means messenger
    ■ Ratryahani रात्र्यहनी -night and day. Here रात्रि means night + अहनी means day
    ♧ Ratrika रात्रिका -night
    @ Ratrija रात्रिजा -"night-born" ,a star. Here रात्रि means night + जा means born
    ♣ Raukmi रौक्मी -golden ,adorned with gold. It is feminine of रौक्म
    ♥ Raudri रौद्री -relating or belonging to or coming from Rudra or the Rudras ,violent ,Impetuous ,fierce, Name of the Nakshatra Ārdrā when
    under Rudra, Name of Gaurī
    (goddess Parvati), one of the 9 Samidhs, (in music.) a partic. Shruti
    a partic. Mūrchanā (melody)
    @ Raupyi रौप्यी -made of silver or resembling silver ,silvery ,silver. It is feminine of रौप्य
    ☆ Rauhishi रौहिषी-a doe of the
    Rauhisha species, a creeper, Dūrvā or some other kind of grass.
    ● Rauhi रौही -the female of a
    particular kind of deer
    # Rasna रस्ना- tongue

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