Ancient Names, Vedic Names, Mythological Names in the letter A

Ancient Names, Vedic Names, Mythological Names in the letter A

Names Meaning
Abhimanyu Arjuna's son with Subhadra who married Uttara, daughter of King Virata.
Acharya Guru or Teacher.
Achuta Another name os Sri Krishna meaning imperishable.
Adhiratha Karna's foster-father.
Adi Shankara The first Hindu philosopher who consolidated the principles of the Advaita Vedanta.
Aditi A goddess of the sky, consciousness, the past, the future and fertility.
Advaita A school of Hindu philosophy often called a monistic or non-dualistic system which refers to the indivisibility of the Self (Atman) from the Whole (Brahman).
Agastya A great sage in mythilogy, his wife Lopamudra was equally a great sage in her own right. Agastya was born of both Gods, Mitra and Varuna, from Urvashi.
Agneyastra Agneyastra is the fire weapon, incepted by God Agni, master of the flames.
Agni Hindu fire god.
Agnihotra A sacrifice to God Agni.
Ahi Means snake.
Airavata Lord Indra's white elephant.
Ajatasatru Having no enemy, friend of all born things, an epithet for Yudhishthira.
Akshayapatra A mythilogical vessel given to Yudhishthira by the Sun god which was never empty of food.
Amaravati The city of Indra.
Amarkantak The place from where the Narmada River, the Sone River and Johila River emerge.
Amba, Ambika, Ambalika The three daughters of King of Benares, Eldest daughter Amba was in love with King Shalwa
Amrit The food of the gods, which makes one immortal.
Ananta The thousand headed snake, Adisesha. Author and commentator of Katyayana sutra.
Andhaka Andhaka was the demon son of Shiva, and was created from a drop of his sweat. He was born blind. After birth, Andhaka was given to Hiranyaksha to be raised, as he had no sons. Later, Andhaka became the King of Hiranyaksha's Kingdom.
Anga Mlechchha Kings, a Kaurava supporter.
Angada Son of Vali. One of the Vanar in Lord Rama's army.
Aniruddha Son of Pradyumna (a rebirth of Shatrughana who married with Charumati and Usha).
Anjalika The greatest of Arjuna's arrows with which he slays Karna.
Anjana Mother of Hanuman or Anjaneya.
Anshumat A mighty chariot-fighter.
Anusuya Sati Anusuya was wife of the sage Atri and mother of Dattatreya who is considered by some Hindus (in western India ) to be an incarnation of the Divine Trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Siva.
Apsaras Heavenly beauties, The dancers of Indra's court.
Arjuna The third of Pandavas, son of Pandu.
Artha Wealth, one of the objects of human life, the others being Dharma, (righteous- ness), Kama (satisfaction of desires), Moksha (spiritual salvation).
Arundhati Wife of sage Vasishtha.
Arya civilised, best.
Asamanja Son of Sagra.
Ashta Lakshmi Eight aspects of goddess Lakshmi, symbolising eight sources of wealth.
Ashtavakra A towering scholar who is still in his teens.
Ashvatthaman Son of Dronacharya and last supreme commander of the Kaurava force, strong as a horse.
Ashvins The divine twins.
Ashwapati Uncle of Bharata and Shatrughna.
Ashwasena Five mighty arrows shot by Karna.
Asita A sage who held that gambling was ruinous and should be avoided by all wise people.
Asmaka A Kaurava warrior who attacked Abhimanyu.
Astra A missile charged with power by a holy mantra.
Atma The underlying metaphysical self, at times translated as spirit or soul.
Ayodhya Unconquerable, The city in the country of Koshala. Rama's Kingdom.


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    # Anal अनल- fire, god of fire, digestive power, bile
    # Analad अनलद- quenching fire (said of water)
    # Analasakh/Analsakh अनलसख - fire's friend(Wind)
    # Analopal अनलोपल -'fire-stone', crystal.
    # Analp अनल्प -much, numerous. It is joining of अन्+अल्प. Here अन् means not +अल्प
    means a little
    ♥Afull अफुल्ल -unblown [a rose]
    ▲ Aritri अरितृ -rower
    ▼ Aritra/Aritr अरित्र -propelling, driving, oar
    # Arisht अरिष्ट- secure, unhurt. It is joining of अ
    + रिष्ट .Here अ means not +रिष्ट
    means unlucky, wounded, injured
    ♥ Aarit आरित -praised
    # Arishyat अरिष्यत् -not being hurt
    # Arinut अरिनुत -praised even by enemies.
    # Arindam अरिन्दम -victorious, foe-conquering
    ♥Arih अरिह -killing of enemies.
    Here अरि means enemies + ह means killing
    # Arihin अरिहीन -one having no enemies
    # Arijit अरिजित -conqueror of enemies
    # Arijay अरिजय -conqueror of enemies
    ▲ Amish अमिष- not guile(honest), free from deceit, not having rivalary, authentic. Here अ means not or
    without + मिष means guile, deceit, rivalary
    ▲ Adas/Adaas अदास -free, independent, not slave
    Here अ means not + दास means slave
    # Abja/Abj अब्ज- 'born in water', the conch, moon
    (n.) a lotus
    ♣ Abjaj अब्जज- sprung (at the creation) from the
    lotus (which arose from the navel of Vishnu), A
    name of Brahma/ब्रह्मा
    # Abjabhav अब्जभव- sprung(at the creation) from
    the lotus (which arose from the navel of Vishnu),
    A name of Brahma
    # Abjadrish अब्जदृश् -lotus eyed, Having large fine
    eyes. Here अब्ज means lotus + दृश् means eyes/eyed
    # Abjanetra/Abjanetr अब्जनेत्र -lotus eyed, having large fine
    Here अब्ज means lotus +नेत्र means eyes
    # Abjanayan अब्जनयन- lotus eyed, having large fine
    eyes. Here अब्ज means lotus + नयन means eyes
    #Abjanabh अब्जनाभ- whose navel is a lotus
    Here अब्ज means lotus +नाभ means navel
    # Abjavahan अब्जवाहन- 'carrying the moon'(on his
    forehead), Shiva.
    Here अब्ज means lotus + वाहन means carrying
    # Abjasaras अब्जसरस्- a lotus pond
    Here अब्ज means lotus + सरस् means pond
    # Abjaad अब्जाद -'eating lotus leaves'a swan
    ★ Abjit अब्जित -conquering waters
    Here अब्/अव् means water +जित् means conquering
    # Arya/Aarya आर्य -courteous, respectable, wise,
    faithful, noble, excellent, Aryan, master, friend,
    Buddha, honourable man
    # Arya अर्य- dear, true, devoted, excellent, master, lord
    # Aryamik अर्यमिक -intimate, very friendly
    # Aryaman अर्यमन्- bosom friend, sun, play-fellow,
    milkweed plant
    # Aryamaan आर्यमान् -one having qualities of an Aryan, noble respectable ,excellent.
    # Aryam अर्यम -bosom friend, companion
    ♥ Aryav आर्यव -honourable behavior, honesty
    # Aryavach आर्यवाच् -speaking Aryan language
    Here आर्य means Aryan +वाच् means language
    # Aryachetas आर्यचेतस् -noble-minded
    # Aryavrat आर्यव्रत -observing laws and ordinances
    of the Aryans or honourable men, behaving like
    Aryans. Here आर्य means honourable, Aryan + व्रत means behaviour
    # Aryavritt आर्यवृत्त -behavior of an Aryan or noble man, honest
    # Aryavesh आर्यवेश -dressed like an Aryan or honest person
    ♥ Aryak आर्यक -an honourable or respectable man
    # Aryakarman आर्यकर्मन् -doing noble actions, acting like an Aryan
    # Aryakumar आर्यकुमार- a noble Prince, an Aryan
    means prince
    # Aryajusht आर्यजुष्ट -liked by or agreeable to
    noble ones
    # Aryapal आर्यपाल- protector of Aryans
    Here आर्य means Aryans + पाल means protector
    ♥Aryap आर्यप -protector of Aryans, ruler of
    Aryans. Here आर्य means Aryans + प means to
    ♥Aryaj आर्यज- son of an Aryan or a gentleman, 'highly born'
    # Aryasut आर्यसुत- son of an Aryan or noble person
    # Aryajaat/Aryajat आर्यजात- son of an Aryan or gentleman
    # Aripra/Aripr अरिप्र -spotless, clear,faultless,
    blameless,stainless, pure. Here अ means not or without +रिप्र means spot, fault, stain

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