Latest Indian Baby Boy names Starting Letter F

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Faakhir 9 Proud; Excellent
Faaris 9 Horseman; Knight
Faarooq 1 One Who Distinguishes Truth From Falsehood
Fadi 2 The Redeemer
Fadl 5 Outstanding; Honourable
Fadl Ullah 5 The Excellence Of God
Fahad 2 Lynx
Faisal 3 Decisive
Faiyaz 5 Artistic
Faiz 6 Gain
Faizan 3 Generosity; Abundance; Benefit
Fakhry 6 Honorary
Falak 4 The Sky
Falgu 2 Lovely
Falguni 7 Born In The Hindu Month Of Falgun
Fanibhusan 5 Lord Shiva
Fanibhushan 4 Lord Shiva
Fanindra 4 Other Names For The Hindu Serpent God
Fanish 3 Other Names For The Hindu Serpent God
Fanishwar 9 Lord Of Serpents; Vasuki
Faraz 7 Equitable
Fardden 7
Fareed 3 Unique
Farhad 2 Happiness
Farhat 9 Happiness
Farid 2 Wide
Faris 8 Ability To Discern, Perspicacity
Farokh 5 Power Of Discrimination
Farukh 2 Power Of Discrimination
Fateen 6 Clever, Smart
Fateh 4 Victory
Fatik 2 Crystal
Fawad 8 Heart
Fawaz 3 Successful
Feroz 7
Fidaa 3 Redemption; Sacrifice
Firdaus 6 Paradise
Firoz 2 Name Of A King
Frashegird 5 Wonderful
Fravash 3 Guardian Angel
Fuad 5 Heart


  1. Meaning of Sanskrit boy names
    # Falahetu/Falhetu फलहेतु-"one who has results for a
    motive", acting with a view to results
    $ Falagam फलागम- "access of fruits", production
    of fruits, autumn, season of fruits, load of fruits.
    Here फल means fruit + आगम means access
    @ Falasansth/Falsansth फलसंस्थ- bearing fruit.
    Here फल means fruit + संस्थ means bearing
    � Falashreshth फलश्रेष्ठ- "best of fruits", mango
    # Falavrikshak फलवृक्षक- the bread fruit tree
    $ Falashalin फलशालीन्- yielding wages, sharing
    in results, experiencing consequences
    @ Falavat/Falwat फलवत्- fruit-bearing, fructiferous,
    successful, profitable, advantageous. Here फल
    means fruit + वत् means bearing
    ♥ Falaraj/Falraj फलराज- "king of fruits", a water-
    ■ Falarajan/Falrajan फलराजन्- "King of fruits", a water-
    melon.Here फल means fruit + राजन् means king
    � Falamool/Falmool फलमूल- fruits and roots. Here
    फल means fruit + मूल means root
    # Falabhaaj/Falbhaj फलभाज- receiving fruits, sharing in a reward. Here फल means reward, fruits +भाज means sharing
    $ Falabhuj/Falbhuj फलभुज्- enjoying fruits, a monkey
    . Here फल means fruits + भुज् means enjoy
    @ Falabhaksh/Falbhakdh फलभक्ष- feeding on fruits. Here फल means fruit + भक्ष means to feed
    � Falabhaag/Falbhag फलभाग- share in any product,
    share of advantage or fruit
    ■ Falaprepsu फलप्रेप्सु- wishing to obtain fruit,
    desirous to attaining results. Here फल means
    results, fruit + प्रेप्सु means wishing to obtain
    # Falaram फलाराम- fruit-garden, Orchard. Here फल means fruits + आराम means garden
    $ Falaprad/Falprad फलप्रद- bringing profit or a reward.
    Here फल means reward + प्रद means to bring or
    to give
    @ Falapoor/Falpoor फलपूर- "full of kernels", the citron tree. Here फल means kernel + पूर means full of
    � Falapushpit/Falpushpit फलपुष्पित- covered with fruits and flowers. Here फल means fruit + पुष्पित
    means flowered
    # Falapushp/Falpushp फलपुष्प- fruit and flowers. Here फल means fruit + पुष्प means flower
    @ Falamay फलमय- having fruits, consisting of
    $ Faladharman/Faldharman फलधर्मन्- "having the nature of fruits". Here फल means fruits + धर्मन्
    means having nature of

    # Faal फाल- a ploughshare, a kind of hoe or
    shovel, a nosegay, a bunch or bundle, a jump, a
    garment of cotton, a ploughed field, a name of
    lord Shiva, A name of Balarama
    $ Faalagupt फालगुप्त- "ploughshare-defended",
    An epithet for Balarama
    @ Faalahat फालहत- "ploughshare-struck",
    ₩ Full/Phull फुल्ल- split or cleft open, a full blown
    flower, expanded, blown (as a flower),fowery,
    inflated (as cheeks), dilated,opened wide (as
    eyes), smiling, beaming (as a face)
    � Falig फलिग- a cask or leather-bag or
    anything to hold fluids (applied to clouds or
    water-receptacles in mountains)
    ♥ Falk/Phalk फल्क- one who has an expanded or
    extended body
    # Falgud फल्गुद- "giving little", avaricious
    $ Falgun/Phalgun फल्गुन- reddish, red, born under
    lunar mansion(Nakshatra) Phalguni, Month
    Phaalgun, A name of Arjuna
    ↑ Faalgun/Phaalgun फाल्गुन- relating to lunar
    Mansion Phalguni, born under lunar mansion
    Phalguni (Feb-Mar), A name of Arjuna
    � Falgunik फाल्गुनिक- relating to the lunar
    mansion Phalguni or to the day of full moon in
    the month Phalguna
    @ Falgunya फाल्गुन्य- Name of planet Jupiter
    $ Falf/Phalph फल्फ्- to grow, increase
    # Fingak फिङ्गक/फिंगक- the fork tailed shrike
    ₩ Futkrit फुत्कृत- puffed blown, the sound of a
    wind instrument, a loud scream
    @ Falatray फलत्रय- "fruit-triad", the 3 myrobalans
    $ Falatrik फलत्रिक- "fruit-triad", the 3
    $ Falikrit फलीकृत्- threshed, winnowed
    # Falibhu फलीभू- to obtain fruit or reward
    @ Falik फलिक- enjoying the reward, a mountain
    � Falit फलित- bearing or yielding
    fruit,successfull, producing consequences,
    developed, a tree
    � Faalit फालित- expanded, blown
    $ Falin फलिन्- bearing or yielding fruit,
    successful, reaking advantage, a fruit tree, having
    an iron point (as an arrow)
    # Falin फलिन- bearing fruit, bread fruit tree
    @ Falahak फलहक- a plank, a board
    ♥ Falak फलक- fruit, result, gain, a board, a
    picture, the palm of the hand, a shield, a layer
    � Falakin फलकिन्- having a board or shield, a
    wooden bench, sandal wood
    ♥ Falas फलस्- the bread fruit tree
    # Falakapani फलकपाणि- a soldier armed with a
    shield.Here फलक means shield +पाणि means
    armed with
    ♥ Falan फलन- bearing fruit or producing
    $ Falodbhav फलोद्भव- obtained or derived from
    fruit. Here फल means fruit + उद्भव means derived,
    @ Falocchay फलोच्चय- collecting or collection of
    .Here फल means fruit + उच्चय means collection
    � Falasav फलसव- a decoction of fruit
    ↓ Feluk फेलुक- the scrotum
    � Falarthin फलार्थिन्- one who aims at fruits
    or reward. Here फल means reward + अर्थिन्
    means aiming
    # Falashin फलाशिन्- feeding or living on fruits.
    Here फल means fruits + आशिन् means feeding
    $ Falasakt फलसक्त- attached to fruit or results,
    fond of fruit, acting for the sake of reward
    @ Falya फल्य- a flower, bud
    ♥ Falish फलीश- Indian Tulip
    $ Fenil फेनिल- foamy, frothy
    # Fenal फेनल- frothy, foamy
    @ Fenagra/Fenagr फेनाग्र- 'point of foam', a
    bubble on the water
    � Fenavahin फेनवाहिन्- 'carrying of the scum',
    Indra's thunderbolt. Here फेन means scum +
    वाहिन् means carrying
    $ Fenavat फेनवत्- foamy, frothy
    # Fenaprakhya फेनप्रख्य- foam-like. Here फेन
    means foam + प्रख्य means like
    @ Fenap फेनप- "foam-drinking", feeding on fruits
    fallen from trees. Here फेन means foam + प from
    पा means drinking
    ₩ Fen फेन- foam, froth, saliva, moisture of lips
    $ Falatas फलतस्- relating to the reward or result,
    virtually, consequently
    @ Falacharak फलचारक- "fruit distribution"
    # Falabhrit फलभृत्- fruit-bearing, fruitful. Here फल
    means fruit + भृत् means who bears
    � Falagrahishnu फलग्रहिष्णु- fruit bearing,
    fruitful. Here फल means fruit + ग्रहिष्णु means

    # Fanadhar फणधर- 'bearer of expanded hood or a
    serpent on neck', A name of lord Shiva. Here फण
    means expanded hood, a serpent on neck + धर
    means bearer, to bear
    $ Fanipriya फणिप्रिय- 'species-friend', the
    # Fanindra फणीन्द्र- 'serpent-king', Name of
    Sheshanaga. Here फणि means serpent, snake +
    इन्द्र means king
    $ Fanish फणीश- 'serpent-lord', A name of sage
    Patanjali. Here फणि means serpent + ईश means
    # Fanishvar फणीश्वर- serpent-lord', Name of
    Sheshanaga. Here फणि means serpent + ईश्वर
    means lord
    $ Fatkarin फत्कारिन्- a bird
    # Farvar फर्वर- a scatterer, a sower
    $ Fariv फरिव/ फारिव- scattering, liberal,
    ♥ Prithul पृथुल- broad , large, great
    # Prishanayu पृशनायु- gentle, tender 》Pritsu पृत्सु-
    battle, contest
    # Pritsutur पृत्सुतुर्- victorious in battle. Here पृत्सु
    means battle + तुर् means victorious
    @ Prithivikshit पृथिवीक्षित्- dwelling on or ruling
    over the earth, a prince , king. Here पृथिवी means
    earth + क्षित् means dwelling on or ruling over
    ◆ Prithivichandra पृथिवीचन्द्र- " earth-moon " ,
    Name of a prince of the Tri-gartas. Here पृथिवी
    means earth + चन्द्र means moon
    ◀ Prithivijay पृथिवीजय- "earth-conquering". Here
    पृथिवी means earth + जय means victorious
    ■ Prithivinjay पृथिवींजय- earth-conquering. Here
    पृथिवीं/ पृथिवीम् means earth + जय means
    # Prithivital पृथिवीतल- "earth-surface " , ground ,
    the terrestrial ground. Here पृथिवी means earth +
    तल means surface, ground
    ♥ Prithu पृथु- broad, expansive, extensive , large, great , important, ample ,copious, manifold,
    detailed, clever, dexterous, fire,opium, Name of lord Shiva
    ♡ Prithukarman पृथुकर्मन्- "performing great or
    wide work", Name of a son of Shasha-bindu and
    grandson of Chitra-ratha.
    ■ Prithujay पृथुजय-"victorious far and wide". Here
    पृथु means far & wide + जय means victorious
    � Prithujman पृथुज्मन्- broad-pathed. Here पृथु
    means broad + ज्मन् means path
    ● Prithujray पृथुज्रय- widely extended. Here पृथु
    means widely + ज्रय means extended
    # Prithujrayas पृथुज्रयस्- widely extended. Here पृथु
    means widely + ज्रयस् means extended
    ♥ Prithunjay पृथुंजय- "victorious far & wide"
    @ Prithutam पृथुतम- broadest , widest , largest ,greatest.
    ~ Prithutar पृथुतर- broader, wider, larger, greater
    ◀ Prithutva पृथुत्व- breadth ,width, largeness ,greatness.
    ♥ Prithivish पृथिवीश- " earth-lord" , a king.
    @ Prithivishakra/Prithivishakr पृथिवीशक्र- "the
    Indra of the earth". Here पृथिवी means earth +शक्र means lord Indra
    ■ Prithivishvar/Prithiwishwar पृथिवीश्वर- "earh-lord", king.
    ● Prithivishad पृथिवीषद्- abiding on earth
    # Prithivibhuj पृथिवीभुज्- "earth-enjoyer" , a king.
    @ Prithivibhujang पृथिवीभुजंग- "earth-lover" ,king.
    # Prithivibhrit पृथिवीभृत्- "earth-bearer" , a mountain.
    � Prithividhar पृथिवीधर- "earth-bearer", a mountain.
    ■ Prithivindra पृथिवीन्द्र- "the Indra of the earth" ,a prince , king
    ◀ Prithivipati पृथिवीपति- "earth-lord " , a prince ,
    king, Name of Yama.
    ▼ Prithivipalak पृथिवीपरिपालक-
    "earth-guardian" , a prince ,king.
    ◀ Prithiviparvatak पृथिवीपार्वतक- rock-oil ,petroleum
    ■Prithivipal पृथिवीपाल- "earth-guardian", a king.
    @ Prithivipalak पृथिवीपालक- "earth-guardian", a king.
    ■ Prithivipra पृथिवीप्र- earth-filling.
    # Prithivipratisth पृथिवीप्रतिष्ठ- having the earth as a support.
    # Prithug पृथुग- "far-moving"