Latest Indian Baby Boy names Starting Letter G

Searching for Baby Boy Names in the letter [ G ] ? We have list of Latest and Modern Indian Baby Names. Surf and Enjoy.

Gada 4 Mace
Gadhadhar 7 Name Of Lord Vishnu
Gadhi 2 Father Of Vishvamitra
Gadin 8 Lord Krishna
Gafur 8 Invincible
Gagan 3 The Sky, Heaven
Gagandeep 6 A Lamp In The Sky.
Gaganjyot 1 Light Of The Sky
Gaganvihari 7 One Who Stays In Heaven
Gagnesh 7 Lord Shiva
Gajaadhar 6 Who Can Command An Elephant
Gajanan 3 One With An Elephant Face ( Lord Ganesh)
Gajanand 7 Other Name For The Hindu God Ganesh
Gajananvihari 7 One Who Stays In Heaven
Gajbaahu 6 Who Has Strength Of An Elephant
Gajdant 3 Elephant Teeth, Ganesha
Gajendra 6 Elephant King (lord Airavat)
Gajendranath 4 Owner Of Gajendra (lord Indra)
Gajkaran 9 Like Ears Of Elephant
Gajpati 1 Master Of Elephant, Ganesha
Gajra 1 Garland Of Flowers
Gajrup 1 Lord Ganesh
Gajvadan 6 Name Of Lord Ganesha
Galav 7 To Worship
Gambheer 5 Deep, Serious
Ganak 7 An Astrologer
Ganaka 8 One Who Calculates
Ganapati 6 Other Name For The Hindu God Ganesh
Ganaraj 7 Lord Of The Clan
Gandesha 5 Lord Of Fragrance
Gandhaa 9 A Sweet Smelling
Gandhar 8 Fragrance
Gandharaj 1 King Of Scent , Sandal - Wood
Gandharv 3 Master In Musicgandhi Sun
Gandharva 4 Celestial Musician
Gandhi 7 Sun
Gandhik 9 Fragant,fragrance
Gandira 9 Hero
Gandiva 4 The Bow Of Arjuna
Ganendra 1 Lord Of A Troop
Ganesh 9 Hindu God With An Elephant's Head
Gangadatt 3 Gift Of The Ganges
Gangadhar 7 One Who Wears Ganga (lord Shiva), Ocean
Gangadutt 5 Gift Of Ganga
Gangesh 7 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Gangesha 8 Lord Of Ganga.
Gangeya 6 Son Of River Ganga
Gangol 2 A Precious
Ganjan 2 Surpassing,the God Of Silence,exceeding
Gannaath 3 An Epithet Of Shiva
Gannon 2 The God Of Silence
Garg 6 Name Of A Saint
Garisht 1 Heaviest
Garjan 6 Thunder
Garry 6 Spear
Garud 6 The King Of Birds, Falcon
Garuda 7 The God Who Carried Vishnu
Gatik 3 Fast, Progressive
Gaurang 6 Fair Complexioned
Gaurav 7 Honour; Pride; Respect
Gauresh 7 A Name Of Lord Shiva.
Gaurikant 3 Husband Of Gauri ( Lord Shiva)
Gaurinandan 5 Son Of Gauri (lord Ganesh, Kartikeya )
Gaurinath 9 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Gaurish 2 Lord Shiva
Gaurishankar 2 Lord Shiva And Gauri ( Parvati )
Gaurisuta 9 Son Of Gauri. Lord Ganesha
Gautam 9 Lord Buddha
Gaveshan 5 Search
Gavisht 5 Abode Of Light
Gayak 9 Singer
Gayan 3 Singing, The Sky
Geet 1 Excellent
Ghaalib 4 Victor
Ghaazi 7 Conqueror
Ghalib 3 Excellent
Ghanaanand 2 Happy Like Cloud
Ghanapriya 1 Lover Of Clouds ( Peacock )
Ghanashyam 7 Other Name For The Hindu God Krishna
Ghanendra 9 Lord Of Clouds (lord Indra )
Ghanshyam 6 Lord Krishna
Ghasaan 6 Old Arabic Name
Ghiyaath 7 Succorer
Gian 4 Master Of Knowledge; Apostle Of Knowledge
Gianender 5
Giles 7 Youthful Downy-beared One
Girdhari 2 Lord Krishna
Giri 7 Mountain
Giridari 3 Other Name For The Hindu God Krishna
Giridhar 2 One Who Holds ( Lifts ) Mountain (lord Krishna)
Girijanandan 3 Son Of Girija (lord Ganesh)
Girik 9 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Girilal 5 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Girindra 8 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Giriraj 9 Lord Of Mountain ( Himalaya )
Girish 7 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Girisha 8 Storm God
Girivar 3 Lord Krishna
Girvaan 9 Language Of God
Gitashri 1 Bhagavat Gita
Gitesh 5 Lord Of Geet
Glen 2 Dweller Of Valley
Gobhil 8 A Sanskrit Scholar
Goerge 3 Farmer
Gogula 9 Lord Krishna
Gokul 3 A Place Where Lord Krishna Was Brought Up
Gopal 6 Lord Krishna; Protector Of Cows
Gopan 8 Protection
Gopesh 7 Lord Krishna
Gopi 2 Protector Of Cows (female
Gopichand 5 Name Of A King
Gorakh 6 Cowherd
Gorakh-naath 5 Saint Of Gorakh Community
Goraksh 7 Lord Shiva*
Goral 8 Lovable
Gorav 9 Lord Shiva*
Goswamee 7 Master Of Cows
Gourishankar 7 Mount Everest
Goutheesh 9 Wisdom
Govardhan 9 Name Of A Mountain In Gokul
Govind 8 Popular And Powerful God
Govinda 9 Lord Krishna
Govindaraj 2 God Vishnu
Grahish 7 Lord Of The Planets
Granthik 7 Astrologer, Narrator
Grihith 7 Understood, Accepted
Grishm 2 Heat
Guatam 9
Gudakesha 5 The Archer Arjuna
Guffd 8 Serpent God
Gul 4 Flower
Gulab 7 Rose
Gulal 8 Colour Red
Gulfam 6 The Colour
Gulshan 1 Garden Of Flowers
Gulzar 4 Gardener
Gulzarilal 2 Name Of Lord Krishna
Gumwant 9 Virtuous
Guna 7 Bestowed With Qualities
Gunaakar 2 An Ancient King
Gunagya 4 Knower Of Virtues
Gunaja 9 Virtuous Maiden
Gunalan 7 Filled With Virtue
Gunamay 1 Virtuous
Gunaratna 7 Jewel Of Virtue
Gunayukth 2 Endowed With Virtue
Gunin 2 Virtuous
Gunina 3 Lord Of All Virtues. Lord Ganesh
Gunjan 4 Buzzing Of A Bee
Gunvant 9 Virtuous
Gunwant 1 Virtuous
Gupil 2 A Secret
Gurbachan 3 Promise Or Words Of The Guru
Gurcharan 1 Feet Of The Guru
Gurdayal 8 Compassionate Guru
Gurdeep 4 Light Of The Teacher
Gurjas 4 Fame Of Lord
Gurman 2 Heart Of The Guru
Gurmeet 8 Friend Of The Guru
Gurmukh Gurnam 2 Name Of The Guru
Gurnam 2 Name Of The Guru
Gurpreet 2 The Loved One Of The Guru Or God
Gurraj 3
Gursharan 8 Refuge At The Guru
Gurson 4
Guru 4 Master, Teacher , One Who Shows The Path
Gurubachan 6 The Voice Of The Guru
Gurucharan 4 The Feet Of The Guru
Gurudas 1 Servant Of The Guru
Gurudatt 4 Bestowed By A Guru
Gurudutt 6 Gift Of The Guru
Gurumurthi 3 Idol Of Guru
Guruprasad 9 Blessings Of Guru
Gurusharan 2 Refuge At The Guru
Guruttam 4 The Greatest Teacher
Gurveer 6 Warrior Of The Guru
Gurvinder 1 Guru
Guvid 9
Gyan 2 Knowledge
Gyan; Gyani 4 Knowledge
Gyandev 6 Lord Of Knowledge
Gyaneshwar 4 Lord Of Knowledge


  1. Modern Indian boy Names starting from letter E
    $ Ekajanman एकजन्मन् -"once born", having pre-
    eminent birth (a King). Here एक means once, pre-
    eminent + जन्मन् means born or birth
    # Ekajyotis एकज्योतिस्- 'the only light', Shiva .Here
    एक means only +ज्योतिस् means light
    $ Ekataan एकतान- directed to one object only,
    closely attentive, tone or song. Here एक means
    single +तान means tone, attentive
    # Ekataal एकताल- harmony, unison (of song,
    dance & instrumental music)
    $ Ekatejan एकतेजन- having a single shaft (as an
    Here एक means single +तेजन means a shaft
    # Ekadish एकदिश्- being in same quarter or
    direction. Here एक means one +दिश् means
    $ Ekadevat एकदेवत -devoted or offered to one
    deity, directed to one deity. Here एक means
    directed to one + देवत means deity
    # Ekadhan एकधन- a choice portion of wealth, "put
    down in an odd number", Name of a particular
    water vessel by means of which water is taken up
    at certain sacrificial observances
    $ Ekanath एकनाथ- having one master. Here एक
    means one + नाथ means master
    # Ekadhanavid एकधनविद्- obtaining the chief
    portion of wealth .Here एक means chief +धनविद्
    means one who obtains wealth
    $ Ekadhanin एकधनिन्- having one part of wealth,
    having choice portion of wealth. Here एक means
    one part + धनिन् means wealth
    # Ekapatnik एकपत्नीक- having one wife. Here एक
    means one + पत्नीक is used for wife
    $ Ekapar एकपर- of singular importance, first of all
    (said of dice), more important than any other
    # Ekapaat एकपात- happening at once, sudden,
    rapid. Here एक means once +पात means
    $ Ekamanas एकमनस्- fixed the mind upon one
    object, concentrated, unanimous
    # Ekamool एकमूल- having one root. Here एक means
    one +मूल means root
    $ Ekayam एकयम- monotonous
    ● En एण means - black antelope
    # Edhas एधस् means- prosperity, happiness
    # Esh एष means as masuline or noun-wish ,
    option, this, & as adjective it means -gliding ,
    running , seeking
    # Evayavan एवयावन- going quickly
    # Ejan एजन -tremor, shivering
    ◀ Edhit एधित- grown, filled up, enlarged

  2. Modern & Unique Sanskrit/Indian baby boy names
    # Gangodak गङ्गोदक/गंगोदक- Ganges-water. Here
    गङ्ग means river Ganga + उदक means water
    @ Gangam गङ्गम/गंगम- going,moving, restless,
    ♧ Gangadhar गङ्गाधर- "Ganges-receiver " , the
    " Ganges-supporter " , Name of Shiva (according
    to the legend the Ganges in its descent from
    heaven first alighted on the head of Śiva and
    continued for a long period entangled in his hair
    ★ Gandhin गन्धिन्-having a smell , odoriferous
    smelling of ( in comp.). having ( only the smell
    i.e.) a very little of anything, a bug , flying bug,
    Xanthophyllum virens
    ▶ Gandhik गन्धिक- " having the smell or , smelling
    of " , having only the smell, having a very little of
    anything, a seller of perfumes, sulphur
    � Gandhalu गन्धालु-"fragrant "
    # Gandhan गन्धन- the spreading or diffusion of
    odours, a kind of rice(fragrant rice)
    ■ Gandhasom गन्धसोम- the white esculent
    ■ Gandhadhik गन्धाधिक- " very-fragrant", a kind
    of perfume. Here गन्ध means fragrance + अधिक
    means excess or highly
    @ Gandhesh गन्धेश- " lord of fragrances " . Here
    गन्ध means fragrance + ईश means lord
    � Gandhod गन्धोद- "fragrant-water". Here गन्ध
    means water + उद means water
    ♡ Gandhodak गन्धोदक- fragrant water. Here गन्ध
    means fragrant + उदक means water
    # Gandhajal गन्धजल- fragrant water. Here गन्ध
    means fragrance + जल means water
    � Gandhambu गन्धाम्बु- fragrant water. Here गन्ध
    means fragrance + अम्बु means water
    ▶ Grahil ग्रहिल- taking interest in , inclined to
    # grahapati ग्रहपति- "lord of planets", the moon,
    the sun. here ग्रह means planets + पति means lord
    � Graharaj/Grahraj ग्रहराज- "king or chief among
    planets", the moon,the planet jupiter, the sun.
    here ग्रह means planets + राज means king, chief
    # grahanayak ग्रहनायक- "leader of planets", the
    planet saturn, the sun. here ग्रह means planets +
    नायक means leader
    $ galu/galoo गलू- a sort of gem
    # galvark गल्वर्क- crystal, a small crystalline
    vessel for drinking spirituous liquor
    ♥ gandharva गन्धर्व -celestial singer, divine
    musician, black cuckoo ,a sage , pious man, a
    ▶ gaandharv गांधर्व- belonging or relating to the
    गन्धर्वs (especially विवाह , or विधि, the form of
    marriage called
    after the गन्धर्वs which requires only mutual
    agreement (cf. गन्धर्व-विवाह/gandharva marriage ),
    relating to the गन्धर्वs as heavenly choristers
    ,name of a musical note, the art of the गन्धर्व/
    gandharva's music, concert
    # gandharvik/gaandharvik गान्धर्विक- a singer or
    celestial singer
    @ Gandharvak/Gaandharvak गान्धर्वक- a celestial
    musician, related to celestial singers
    # Gabhasti गभस्ति- " fork" , arm , hand a ray of
    light , sunbeam, the sun, shining
    � Gabhastipani गभस्तिपाणि-" having rays for
    hands " , the sun. Here गभस्ति means rays + पाणि
    means hand or in hand
    # Gabhastimat गभस्तिमत्- shining , brilliant, the sun
    ♣ Gabhir/Gabheer गभीर- deep in sound , deep-
    sounding , hollow-toned, profound , sagacious ,
    grave , serious , solemn, secret, dense ,
    not to be penetrated or investigated or explored ,
    inscrutable, " inexhaustible " , uninterrupted
    ■ Gabhvar गभ्वर- an abyss , depth
    ☆ Gambhanगम्भन्- depth
    @ Gambhar गम्भर- " water"
    # Graishm ग्रैष्म- relating to or belonging to the
    summer, produced by the hot season (as a
    disease) , sown in summer
    $ Graishmak ग्रैष्मक- sown in summer, to be paid
    in summer (a debt)

  3. Modern & Unique Indian, Sanskrit boy names Starting from G
    # Gaurgriv गौरग्रीव- white necked It is joining of गौर
    + ग्रीव .Here गौर means white/fair & ग्रीव means neck
    #Gaurachandr/Gaurachandra गौरचन्द्र-shining
    moon. Here गौर means white/Shining +चन्द्र means moon
    #Gauramukh गौरमुख- white faced, Here गौर means white/fair +मुख means face
    #Gauravavat गौरववत्- important
    #Gauratvach गौरत्वच्- white barked, Terminalia
    Corappa .It is joining of गौर +त्वच् .Here त्वच्
    means bark/skin
    ♥ Gaurit गौरित-whitened, faired
    #Gauriman गौरिमन्-white, the being white
    # Gaurimat गौरिमत्-white
    # Gohir गोहिर -heel, hidden part
    # Gagan गगन- sky, It also means heaven &
    sometimes air also
    #Gaganag गगनग- moving in sky, planet
    It is joining of गगन+ग .Here गगन means sky &
    गmeans moving
    #Gaganagr/Gaganagra गगनाग्र-summit or highest
    part of heaven
    Here गगन means heaven +अग्र means summit/
    highest part
    #Gaganalih गगनलिह्-reaching upto heaven
    Here गगन means heaven+लिह् means reaching
    #Gaganakusum गगनकुसुम-flower in the sky, unreal
    or fanciful thing
    # Gaganadhvag गगनध्वग-sun, planet, wandering in
    the sky, celestial spirit
    Here गगन means sky + ध्वग means wandering
    # Gaganapriya गगनप्रिय-fond of sky
    गगन means sky +प्रिय means fond of
    # Gaganechar गगनेचर-going in the air, heavenly
    spirit, bird, planet, lunar mansion
    It is joining of गगनः+चर .Here गगनः means in the
    air चर means moving/going
    ▶ Gupil गुपिल- king, protector
    ● Gupit गुपित- protected, guarded
    ◆ Graishmik ग्रैष्मिक- anything that grows in
    � Glau ग्लौ- a round lump , wen-like excrescence,
    the moon, camphor, the earth
    @ Gravan/Graavan ग्रावन्-a stone for pressing out
    the Soma (originally 2 were used), a stone or
    rock, a mountain, a cloud, hard , solid
    � Graiv ग्रैव- representing the neck ,a necklace, a
    chain worn round the neck of an elephant
    ▶ Graiveya ग्रैवेय- a necklace, a chain worn round
    the neck of an elephant
    # Graiveyak ग्रैवेयक-a necklace, a chain worn
    round the neck of an elephant, a class of deities
    (9 in
    number) who have their seat on the neck of the
    Loka-purusha or who form his necklace

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