Latest Indian Baby Boy names Starting Letter T

Searching for Baby Boy Names in the letter [ T ] ? We have list of Latest and Modern Indian Baby Names. Surf and Enjoy.

Taahir 3 Chaste; Modest
Taamir 8 One Who Knows Dates
Taarank 3 Part Of A Star
Taha 3 Pure
Tahir 2 Holy
Tahoma 4 Someone Who Is Different With A Cute Personality
Taizeen 8 Encouragement
Taj 4 Crown; Jewel
Tajdar 9 Corwned
Taksa 7 A Son Of Bharata
Taksha 6 King Bharat's Son
Takshak 8 A Cobra
Takshaka 9 Carpenter
Taksheel 9 Someone With A Strong Character
Talaketu 1 Bhishma Pitamaha
Talal 1 Nice; Admirable
Talan 3
Talank 5 Lord Shiva
Talat 9 Prayer
Talha 6 Kind Of Tree
Talib 8 Divine
Talin 2 Lord Shiva
Talish 6 Lord Of Earth
Talleen 6 Absorbed
Tamal 2 A Tree With Very Dark Bark
Tamam 3 Generous
Tamas 9 Darkness
Tamila 2 Sun
Tamish 7 God Of Darkness (moon)
Tamkinat 8 Pomp
Tamoghna 7 Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva
Tamonash 1 Destroyer Of Ignorance
Tamra 8 Copper Red
Tana 9 Issue
Tanak 2 Prize
Tanav 4 Flute
Tanay 7 Of The Family
Tandu 6 God Of Dancing
Tanish 8 Ambition
Tanishq 7 Jewel
Tanmay 2 Reincarnated; Concentrate
Tanoj 6 Son
Tanuj 3 Son
Tanveer 4 Englightened
Tanvir 3 Strong
Tapan 7 Summer, The Sun
Tapas 3 Heat; Penance
Tapasendra 9 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Tapasranjan 7 Lord Vishnu
Tapendra 7 Lord Of Heat (sun)
Tapesh 6 The Holy Trinity
Tapeshwar 3 Lord Shiva
Tapomay 1 Full Of Moral Virtue
Taporaj 9 Moon
Tarachand 7 Star
Tarachandra 8 Star & Moon
Taradhish 7 Lord Of The Stars
Tarak 6 Pupil Of Eye, Protector, Star
Tarakesh 2 Stary Hair
Tarakeshwar 8 Lord Shiva
Taraknath 4 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Taraksh 6 Mountain
Taral 7 Honeybee
Taran 9 Raft; Heaven
Tarang 7 Wave
Taranga 8 Wave
Tarani 9 Boat, Sun
Taraprashad 8 Star
Tareef 1 Rare; Uncommon
Tarendra 9 Prince Of Stars
Taresh 8 God Of The Stars ( Moon)
Tarfah 9 Kind Of Tree
Tarik 5 One Who Crosses The River Of Life
Tariq 2 Name Of A Star
Tarit 5 Lightning
Tarkesh 1 God Of Stars ( Moon)
Tarkeshwar 7 Lord Shiva
Tarosh 9 Heaven, Small Boat
Tarpan 7 Refreshing
Taru 6 Small Plant
Tarun 2 Youth , Young
Taruntapan 9 Morning Sun
Tarusa 8 Conquerer
Tathagat 6 Title Of The Buddha
Tathagata 7 Walks The Straightway
Tatharaj 7 Buddha
Tatya 4 Lord Shiva
Tauheed 1 Victoriuos
Tausiq 6 Reinforcement
Tautik 1 Pearl
Tavish 7 Heaven
Tawfeeq 5 Success; Reconciliation
Tayib 3 Good
Taymullah 5 Servant Of God
Tayseer 3 Facilitation
Teerth 4 Holy Place; Sacred Water
Teerthankar 4 A Jain Saint
Tej 8 Light; Lustrous
Tejal 3 Bright
Tejas 1 Lustre; Brilliance
Tejendra 5 The Lord Sun
Tejeshwar 1 Lord Of Brightness
Tejomay 8 Glorious
Tereshan 9 Solid Redemption
Thaabit 7 Firm
Thakarshi 5 Lord Krishna
Thakur 7 Leader; God
Thaman 3 Name Of A God
Thangabalu 6 Golden
Thangadurai 5 Golden King
Thangam 1 Gold, Full Of Joy
Thangamani 7 Golden Gen
Thangarajan 5 Golden King
Thangasami 3 Golden Lord
Thangavel 9 Lord Murugan, God
Thaqib 3 Shooting Star
Thavachelvan 9 Gift Of God
Thavanesh 8 Lord Shiva
Thayanban 5 Devoted To Ones Mother
Theeran 8 Brave
Thenappan 5 Kind
Thevan 7 Godly
Thinakaran 7 Brilliant Like The Sun, Intelligent
Thirugnanam 9 Wise, Knowledgeable, Attained Realization
Thirumal 3 Lord Venkateshwara
Thirumalai 4 Abode Of Lord Venkateshwara, Holy Place
Thirumani 5 Precious Gem
Thiruvalluvar 5 Author Of Tamil Classic, Thirukural
Thiruvoli 8
Thooyavan 4 Pure, Flawless
Tijil 6 Moon
Tilak 8 Ornament, Ornamental Mark On Fore-head
Timin 2 Large Fish
Timir 6 Darkness
Timirbaran 6 Dark
Timmy 8 Disaple Of Paul
Timothy 2 Name Of A Saint
Tirishaanth 1 King Of Surya Dynasty
Tirranand 9 Lord Shiva
Tirth 3 Pilgrim
Tirtha 4 Holy Place
Tirthankar 3 Lord Vishnu
Tirthankara 4 Jains Saint
Tirthayaad 8 Lord Krishna
Tirumala 5 Seven Hills
Tirupathi 5 Seven Hills
Tisyaketu 5 Lord Shiva
Titir 4 A Bird
Tonto 3 Indulgence, Devotion
Toshan 5 Satisfaction
Toya 7 Water
Toyesh 2 Lord Of Water
Trailokva 1 The Three Worlds
Trambak 3 Lord Shiva
Triambak 3 Lord Shiva
Tribhuvan 7 With Knowledge Of 3 Worlds
Tridev 6 Hindu Trinity ( Bramha, Vishnu & Mahesh - The Creator, Sustainer, Destroyer)
Tridhaman 7 The Holy Trinity
Tridhatri 8 Lord Ganesh
Tridib 8 Heaven
Tridiva 2 Heaven
Trigun 8 The Three Dimensions
Trigya 8 Lord Buddha
Trijal 7 Lord Shiva
Trikay 3 Lord Buddha
Trilochan 1 One With Three Eyes ( Lord Shiva)
Trilok 4 The Three Worlds; Heaven; Earth; Hell
Trilokanath 3 Lord Shiva
Trilokchand 7 Moon Of The Three Worlds
Trilokesh 9 Lord Vishnu
Trimaan 4 Worshipped In Three Worlds.
Triman 3 Ruler Of Three World's; Worshipped In Three World's
Trimurti 2 The Holy Trinity
Trinabh 9 Lord Vishnu
Trinath 9 Lord Shiv
Trinayan 3 Lord Shiva
Tripada 6 God Of Fever
Tripurajit 7 Lord Shiva
Tripurari 4 Name Of Lord Shiva
Trishanku 4 A King Of The Surya Dynasty
Trishar 3 Pearl Necklace
Trishul 8 Lord Shiva's Trident
Trishulank 7 Lord Shiva
Trishulin 4 Lord Shiva
Trivid 1 One Who Knows The Three Vedas
Trivikram 4 An Epithet Of Vishnu
Tufan 8 Storm
Tuhin 9 Snow
Tuhinsurra 5 White As Snow
Tuka 8 Young Boy
Tukaram 4 A Poet Saint
Tula 9 Balance Scale, Zodiac Sign Libra
Tulasidas 7 Servant Of Tulasi; Basil Plant
Tulsidaas 7 Servant Of Tulsi
Tulsidas 6 A Famous Saint
Tulsikumar 1 Son Of Tulsi
Tunava 7 A Flute
Tunda 6 Lord Shiva
Tunganath 7 Lord Of The Mountains
Tungar 9 High; Lofty
Tungesh 4 Moon
Tungeshwar 1 Lord Of The Mountains
Tungish 8 Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
Turag 4 A Thought
Turanyu 3 Swift
Turvasu 5 A Son Of Yayaati
Tushaar 7 Frost
Tushar 6 Mist, Fine Drops Of Water
Tusharkanti 7 Lord Shiva
Tusharsuvra 6 White As Snow
Tusya 5 Lord Shiva
Tuvidyumna 6 Lord Indra
Tuvijat 4 Lord Indra
Tyaagaraaj 4 A Deity
Tyagraja 2 A Famous Poet


  1. Here's how name compatibility will reveal if you are your partner are truly compatible in all the most important areas of your personalities and lives.

    # Tuk तुक् - a boy
    $ Tuk तुक- a boy, Name of an ancient astronomer
    # Tugvan तुग्वन्- a ford
    � Tung तुङ्ग- prominent ,erect , lofty , high
    chief.strong ,an elevation , height , mountain, top ,
    peak ,(fig.) a throne a planet's apsis ,Rottleria
    tinctoria ,the cocoa-nut, Mercury, the lotus
    stamina, a metre of 4 x 8 syllables, turmeric
    # Tungatva/Tungatv तुङ्गत्व- " height " and "
    # Trikarman त्रिकर्मन्- performing (a Brāhman's) 3
    chief duties (viz. performing ceremonies ,
    repeating the Veda ,and gifts). Here त्रि means 3 +
    कर्मन् means duties
    $ Trikakud त्रिककुद्- having 3 peaks or points or
    horns, thrice excelling one's equals ", Himalaya
    Mountain, Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma. Here त्रि
    means 3 + ककुद् means peak, horn
    $ Trikakubh त्रिककुभ्- 3 pointed (Indra's
    thunderbolt ), Lord Indra. Here त्रि means 3 + ककुभ्
    # Trikantak त्रिकण्टक- three-thorn,having 3 peaks
    or horns, a kind of weapon having 3 thorns. Here
    त्रि means 3 + कण्टक means thorn
    $ Trikapardin त्रिकपर्दिन्- wearing 3 braids of hair.
    Here त्रि means 3 + कपर्दिन् means wearing braid
    # Trikash त्रिकश- having 3 whips (a chariot).Here
    त्रि means 3 + कश means whips
    $ Trikaay त्रिकाय- having 3 bodies, a Buddha.
    Here त्रि means 3 + काय means body
    $ Trikalajya/Trikaalajya त्रिकालज्ञ- knowing the 3
    times, omniscient, a Buddha. Here त्रि means 3 +
    काल means times/tenses (Past, present, future) +
    ज्ञ means one who knows
    # Trikharv त्रिखर्व-Name of a Vedic school, a
    particular high number
    $ Trikausheya त्रिकौशेय- "thrice silken " , a kind of
    garment. Here त्रि means thrice + कौशेय means
    # Trikut/Trikoot त्रिकूट-having 3 peaks or humps
    or elevations, Name of a peak of mount Meru,
    Name of a mountain in Ceylon on the top of
    which Lankā was situated, sea-salt prepared by
    evaporation. Here त्रि means 3 + कूट means peak,
    # Trigun त्रिगुण -three qualities or gunas as
    ( [ sattva सत्त्व] , [ rajas रजस् ] , and [ tamas तमस् ] ,
    consisting of 3 threads or strings, threefold ,
    thrice as great or as much , triple. Here त्रि
    means 3 + गुण means quality, times
    $ Trigambhir त्रिगम्भीर- a person who is said to
    have a deep navel , voice , and character. Here त्रि
    means 3 + गम्भीर means deep
    # Trijagadishvar त्रिजगदीश्वर- lord of the 3 worlds
    (a Jina). Here त्रि means 3 + जगत् means world +
    ईश्वर means lord
    $ Trijat त्रिजट- "wearing 3 braids of hair", Lord
    Shiva. Here त्रि means 3 + जट means braids of
    # Tridand त्रिदण्ड- triple control (i.e. of thoughts ,
    words , and acts), carrying the 3 staves tied
    $ Tridandin त्रिदण्डिन्- "carrying the 3 staves tied
    together " ,a triple commander (i.e. controlling his
    own thoughts , words and deeds)
    # Tridash त्रिदश- 3 x 10 (= 30) , the 3 x 10 (in
    round number for 3 x 11) deities (12 Ādityas , 8
    Vasus , 11 Rudras , and 2 Ashvins ,the Ashvins
    Here त्रि means 3 + दश means 10

  3. #Tamar तामर-ghee, water
    #Tinish तिनिश-indian rosewood
    #Tiraj तीरज-tree near a shore
    #Tiraat/Tirat तीराट-lotus bark tree
    #Tirit तिरीट-gold, diadem, tiara
    #Tigmanshu तिग्मांशु- fire, Shiva
    #Toj तोज-water
    #Tosh तोष- satisfaction, pleasure, joy
    #Toshin तोषिन्-pleasing, satisfied
    #Toshak तोषक-pleasing, tip
    #Toshit तोषित-satisfied, pleased
    #Taushar तौषार-snowy, cold
    #Trishah तृषाह-water, kind of anise, thirst
    #Turya तुर्य-superior power
    #Tuyam तूयम्-quick
    #Tuvijat तुविजात-of powerful nature
    #Tushit तुषित-class of celestial beings
    #Tutum तूतुम-strong
    #Talav तलव-musician
    #Trich तृच-strophe consisting of 3 verses

  4. #Tridiv त्रिदिव- heaven, third or highest or more
    sacred heaven
    #Tilvil तिल्विल-fertile
    #Tilvak तिल्वक- Indian almond, lotus bark tree
    #Tuhit तुहित-cold, frigid
    #Tanush तनुष-abounding in trees
    #Tanus तनुस्-body
    #Timit तिमित-quiet
    #Trishil त्रिशिल-3 stones
    #Tijil तिजिल-moon
    #Tigm/Tigma तिग्म-sharp, intense, Indra's
    thunderbolt, fiery
    #Tivram तीव्रम्-fiercely, excessively, sharply
    #Tivar तीवर-ocean, hunter

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