Latest Indian Boy Girl names Starting Letter U

Searching for Baby Boy Names in the letter [ U ] ? We have list of Latest and Modern Indian Baby Names. Surf and Enjoy.

Ubaadah 2 Old Arabic Name
Ubaidah 1 Servant Of God
Ubay 4 Old Arabic Name
Uchadev 1 Lord Vishnu
Uchit 7 Correct
Udant 6 Correct Message
Udar 8 Generous
Udarathi 1 Lord Vishnu
Udarchis 2 Lord Shiva
Udarsh 8 Brimming
Udavan 9
Uday 6 Appearance, To Rise
Udayachal 4 Eastern Horizon
Udayan 3 Rising; Name Of King Of Avanti
Udayasooriyan 6 Rising Sun
Udbal 4 Mighty
Udbhav 4 Creation, To Arise From
Uddhar 2 Liberation
Uddhav 6 A Festival, Sacrificial ( Yagya ) Fire,
Uddip 9 Giving Light
Uddiran 8 Lord Vishnu
Uddish 2 Lord Shiva
Uddiyan 6 Flying Speed
Uddunath 3 Lord Of Stars
Udeep 6 Flood
Udit 9 Grown; Awakened; Shining
Udu 1 Water
Udupati 2 Lord Of Stars
Uduraj 3 Lord Of Stars
Udyam 1 Effort
Udyan 2 Garden
Ugresh 6 Lord Shiva
Uja 5 Grow
Ujagar 4 Bright
Ujala 9 Bright
Ujas 6 First Light
Ujendra 1 Conqueror
Ujesh 9 One Who Bestows Light
Ujjala 1 Bright
Ujjay 4 Victorious
Ujjwal 5 Bright, Clear
Ujval 3 Splenderous
Ujwal 4 Bright
Ulagan 2 Wordly
Ulagappan 8 Creator Of The World
Ulagarasan 5 King Of The World
Ulhas 7 Joy; Delight
Ullas 2 Light
Ulmuk 6 Lord Indra
Umaarah 9 Old Arabic Name
Umachandra 3 Uma ( Goddess Parvati) And Lord Shiva
Umair 8 Old Arabic Name
Umakant 9 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Umanand 5 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Umanant 3 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Umang 2 Enthusiasm
Umapati 9 Lord Shiva
Umaprasad 4 Blessing Of The Hindu Goddess Parvati
Umar 8 Old Arabic Name (second Khalifah)
Umashankar 8 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Umed 7 Hope
Umesh 3 Other Name For The Hindu God Shiva
Umeshwar 9 Lord Shiva
Umrao 5 Noble; King
Unmaivilambi 9 Honest
Unmesh 8 Flash; Blowing; Opening
Unnabh 6 Highest
Unnat 7 Energized
Unnatish 7 Lord Of Progress
Unnikrishnan 8 Lord Krishna (baby Stage)
Upagupta 4 Name Of A Buddhist Monk
Upamanyu 4 Name Of A Devoted Pupil
Upanshu 1 Chanting Of Hymns Or Mantras In Low Tone
Upendra 7 Lord Vishnu, An Element
Uppas 1 Gem
Uqbah 4 The End Of Everything
Urav 8 Excitement
Urjani 1 Lord Of Strength
Urjita 7 Energized
Urmiya 6 Lord Of Light
Urugay 3 Lord Krishna
Urvang 2 Mountain
Urvish 7 Lord Of The Earth
Usaamah 1 Description Of A Lion
Ushakanta 6 The Sun
Ushangu 1 Lord Shiva
Ushapati 5 Husband Of Dawn (sun)
Ushnisin 5 Lord Shiva
Usman 5 Salve Of God
Utanka 5 A Disciple Of Th Sage Veda
Utathya 6 Name Of A Wise Man
Utbah 7 Old Arabic Name
Utkarsh 8 Prosperity; Awakening
Utkarsha 9 Advancement,proud
Utpal 7 A Water Lily, Fleshless
Utpalaksh 1 Lord Vishnu
Utsav 2 Celebration
Uttal 2 Strong, Formidable
Uttam 3 Best
Uttamesh 8 Lord Shiva
Uttar 8 Son Of King Virata
Uttarak 2 Lord Shiva
Uttiya 6 A Name In Buddhist Literature
Uzair 3

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