Latest Indian Baby Girl names Starting Letter N

Searching for Baby Girl Names in the letter [ N ] ? We have list of Latest and Modern Indian Baby Names. Surf and Enjoy.
Latest Indian Baby Girl names starting Letter N

Naamagal 5 Magnificent Poetess, Orator
Naavarasi 5 Magnificent Poetess, Orator
Naaz 6 Pride
Nabah 8 Nobel High, Sky
Nabanipa 4 A New Flower
Nabeeha 9 Intelligent
Nabeela 4 Noble
Nabha 8 Nobel High, Sky
Nabhanipa 3 A New Flower
Nabhanya 3 Celestial
Nabhi 7 Focus; The Best,central
Nabhitha 9 Fearless
Nabhya 6 Central
Nachni 4 Dancer; Suggestive Look
Nada 2 Generosity; Dew
Nadeeda 7 Equal (to Another Person); Rival
Nadhinee 6

Nadia 2 The Begining; First
Nadira 2 Rare; Precious
Nadwa 7 Council
Naeema 3 Blessing; Living An Enjoyable Life
Nafeesa 6 Precious Thing
Naganalatha 8 Snake Goddess
Naganandini 7 Mountain Born
Naganika 4 Serpent Maiden
Nagashree 6 Snake Goddess
Nagasri 6 Wealth Of Serpents
Nagina 1 Jewel
Nahla 9 A Drink (of Water)
Naidhrua 4 Parvati; Almost Perfect
Naija 8 Daughter Of Wisdom
Naila 1 Acquirer; Obtainer
Naima 2 Belonging To One
Naina 3 Name Of A Goddess
Naini 2 A Girl With Beautiful Eyes
Nainika 5 Pupil Of The Eye
Naisha 7 Special
Naishada 3 Poetry
Naishadha 2 Poetry
Naishi 6

Naiya 5 Water Or Boat
Naiyah 4 New
Najaah 8 Success
Najat 1 Safety
Najeeba 2 Of Noble Birth
Najiya 6 Safe
Najla 2 Of Wide Eyes
Najma 3 Sorry
Najwa 4 Confidential Talk; Secret Conversation
Najya 6 Victorious
Nakshatra 3 Star,pearl
Nakti 1 Night
Nakula 6 Goddess Parvati
Nalika 3 Lotus
Nalina 6 Lotus
Nalini 5 Lotus; Sweet Nectar
Namaha 2 Respect; Pray
Namana 8 Bending
Nami 1 One Of Vishnu's Name
Namita 4 Humble
Namrah 1 Tigress
Namrata 5 Politeness
Namuchi 6 Kama; Permanent
Namya 9 Worthy Of Honour
Nanaki 5 Sister Of Nanaka
Nancy 3 God's Flavour
Nanda 7 Happiness, A Daughter, Goddess Durga
Nandana 4 Goddess Durga
Nandha 6

Nandhinee 2

Nandi 6 The Bull Of Shiva; Lord Shiva,goddess Durga
Nandika 9 Goddess Lakshmi, Water Vessel Made Up Of Clay
Nandini 2 Goddess Durga; A Delightful Goddess
Nandita 9 Cheerful
Nangai 1 Cultured Lady
Naomi 7 Pleasantness
Narayani 2 Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Durga
Narita 9

Narmada 7 Name Of A River
Narois 4 Flower
Narpendyah 7 Queen
Nartan 5 Dance
Naseen 4 Cool Breeze
Nashida 2 Student
Nashita 9 Energetic And Full Of Life
Nasiha 7 One Who Gives Valuable Advice
Nasira 8 Victorious; Helper
Natali 3 Princess
Natasha 1 Russian For Natalie, Means Birthday
Natkuna 1 With Good Character
Natun 7 New
Nauka 3 Boat
Navadurga 8 All Nine Forms Of Durga.
Navami 6 New
Navaneeta 2 Butter
Navashree 3 New
Navdha 5 New
Naveena 8 New
Naveshni 2

Naveta 9 New
Navika 4 New
Navina 7 New; Fresh; Young
Navistha 4 Youngest
Navita 4 New
Naviya 9 New
Navneeta 1 Butter -like
Navya 9 Worth Praising
Nawal 6 Gift
Nawar 3 Flower
Nayana 2 One With Attractive Eyes
Nayani 1

Nayantara 5 Twinkling Star In The Eye
Nayonika 9 One With Expressive Eyes
Nazaaha 7 Purity; Righteousness; Honesty
Nazarha 6 A Sight
Nazeeha 6 Honest
Nazeera 7 Like; Equal; Matching
Nazeeya 5 Optimistic And Full Of Hope
Nazima 1 Song
Nazneen 7

Neeharika 9 As Pure As Dew Drops
Neela 1 Blue Colour
Neelabja 5 Blue Lotus
Neelaja 3 River Starting From Blue Mountain ( Neelparvat )
Neelakshi 3 Blue- Eyed Girl
Neelam 5 Blue Or Dark Eyes; Gem
Neelambari 8 A Raagini
Neelanjana 5 Blue
Neelesh 5 Lord Krishna; The Moon
Neelima 5 Blue Sky
Neelkamal 2 Blue Lotus
Neelkamala 3 Blue Lotus
Neelu 3

Neena 3 New
Neepa 5 Name Of A Flower
Neera 7

Neeraja 9 Lotus Flower, Pure, Goddess Lakshmi
Neeru 9 Light
Neeta 9 Within Rules
Neeti 8 Good Behaviour
Neetu 2

Neha 1 Rain; One Who Loves And Is Loved
Nehal 4 Rainy, Beautiful
Neharika 4 Dew Drops
Nerisha 2

Nesayem 1 Flower
Netra 4 Eyes
Netravati 2 One With Beautiful Eyes
Nevedha 5

Niamh 9 Tradition
Nibaal 3 Arrows
Nichelle 5

Nida 1 Call
Nidhi 8 Treasure
Nidhipa 7 Treasure Lord
Nidhyana 4 Intuition
Nidhyathi 8 Meditation
Nidra 1 A Form Of The Devi
Niharika 8 Dew Drop. Curtain Of Mist.
Niju 9 Pansophist
Nikara 9 Collection
Nikhila 1 Complete
Nikhita 9 Earth; Ganges
Nikita 1 Earth; Ganges
Nikki 9 Small
Nila 9 Name Of A River In Kerala
Nilakshi 2 Blue-eyed
Nilambari 7 Clothed In Blue
Nilanjana 4 One With Blue Eyes
Nilaruna 9 The First Light Of The Dawn
Nilasha 1 Blueness
Nilashri 9 Blue Beauty
Nilavoli 4 Ray Of Light From The Moon
Nilaya 8 Abode, House
Nileen 5 Surrendered
Nilima 4 Blueness
Nilini 4 Perpetuator Of The Kuru Race
Niloufer 1 A Celestial
Nilshikha 1 Blue Mountain's Top
Nilutha 4 Providing Water
Nima 1 The Mother Of Kabir; To Adjust
Nimaat 4 Blessings; Loans
Nimi 9

Nimisha 1 Twinkling Of An Eye
Nimita 3 Fixed
Nina 2 Beautiful Eyes
Ninarika 5 Misty
Nipa 4 One Who Watches Over
Nipuna 3 Expert
Niraimadhi 5 Full Moon
Niral 9 Unique,calm
Nirali 9 Different
Niramayee 1 Pure, Clean, Spotless
Niranjana 1 A River; Goddess Durga; Full Moon
Nirja 7 Goddess Laxmi
Nirmala 5 Clean; Virtuous
Nirmayi 8 Without Blemish
Nirmitha 2 Created
Nirosha 3 Pious
Nirupa 7 A Decree; Command
Nirupama 3 Unique; Uncomparable
Nirvana 7 Deep Silence, Ultimate Bliss
Nirvani 6 Goddess Of Bliss
Nirveli 8

Nirvi 9 Bliss
Nisha 6 Night
Nishanthi 3

Nishay 4

Nisheeta 9

Nishi 5 Getting Stronger
Nishita 8 Alert
Nishithini 2 Night
Nishka 8 Honest
Nishtha 7 Determination
Nisita 9 Night
Nistha 8 Firmness
Nita 8 Moral, Faithful
Nitara 9 Deeply Rooted
Nitha 7 Carried, Red
Nithilam 5 Pure Like The Pearl
Nithya 5 Eternal
Niti 7 Principles
Nitika 1 niti Means 'policy' In Hindi.
Nitima 3 Girl Of Principles
Nitya 6 Goddess Parvati, Ever Present
Nityapriya 3 Ever Pleasing
Nityasree 8 With Eternal Beauty
Nityasri 7 With Eternal Beauty
Nivedita 3 One Dedicated To Service Of God
Niveditha 2 Offered To God
Niverta 8 Bliss
Nivriti 2 Bliss
Nivritti 4 Nonattachment
Niyati 6 Fortune, Fate, Supreme Power
Noopur 9 Anklet
Noor 8 Light; Angel
Noorjehan 1 Light Of The World
Noshi 2 Sweet
Nouf 2 Highest Point On A Mountain
Nudhar 3 Gold
Nuha 8 Intrelligence; Mind
Nupoor 9 Anklet
Nupur 9 Payal
Nupura 1 Anklet
Nusayba 2 Proper Name
Nusrat 3 Help
Nutan 7 New; Fresh
Nuti 1 Worship, Praise, Reverence
Nuzha 7 Pleasure Trip; Excursion Spot
Nyneishia 5 Indian Princess


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    #Niravadhi निरवधि- unlimited, incessant
    Here निर्/निः means without or free +अवधि from
    means limit, stop
    #Niragni निरग्नि- having no(consecrated) fire
    Here निर्/निः means without +अग्नि means fire
    #Niratapa निरातपा- night
    Here नि:/निर् means not or without +आतप means
    sunshine आतपा is feminine form of आतप
    #Niraadhi निराधि- free from anxiety, secure
    Here निः/निर् means without +आधि means
    anxiety, insecurity
    #Nirapeksha निरपेक्षा- disregard, indifference,
    Here निर्/निः means without + अपेक्षा means
    regard, dependence
    #Nirapada निरापदा- prosperity, security, no
    Here निः/निर् means no or without +आपदा
    means disaster, misfortune
    ♥Niramayi निरामयी- healthy, pure, secure,
    entire, untained
    Here निः/निर् means without + आमय as a suffix
    means deficiency, uncomplete, impure +ई is added
    to make it feminine. It is feminine form of निरामय
    # Nupur/Noopur नूपुर- anklet
    ▶ Nupurini नूपुरिणी- woman adorned with anklets
    ● Nupuravati/Nupurvati नूपुरवती- woman adorned
    with anklets or foot-ornaments. Here नूपुर means
    anklets + वती means one having
    ☆ Neera नीरा- water
    》Narogi नरोगी- healthy. Here न means not +
    रोगी means ill
    ▶ Nayanika नायनिका- beautiful eyes that induce
    magnetism, one with expressive eyes. [ It is not a
    Sanskrit name. It has origin in Marathi, Bengali &
    other Indian languages ]
    ◆ Naimishi नैमिषी- momentary, transient
    ▶♥ Nayaki/Naayaki नायकी- female leader
    ★ Nayara/Naayara नायरा- leader (female),
    providing leadership. It is joining of two Indian
    words/ Sanskrit or pali words नाय + रा . Here
    means leading, leadership, directing + रा means
    bestowing, providing
    #Nihari निहारी- mist, fog, dew
    #Nihara निहारा- mist, fog, dew
    #Niharika निहारिका-dew drops
    #Niha-निहा-yield,stoop,descend,be deprived of

  4. #Nayana नयना-pupil of eyes
    #Nayani नयनी-pupil of eye
    #Nayanamadhu/Nayanmadhu नयनमधु-honey of
    #Nayati नयति- (verb)lead, gude
    #Nitirsha नितीर्षा- desire to cross over
    #Nirjhari निर्झरी- stream
    #Nirjhara निर्झरा-stream
    #Nisheva निषेवा-adorned, observing, excercising
    #Nihshoka निःशोका-without sorrow, happy
    It is joining of निः +शोका .Here निः means
    not /without & शोका means sorrow
    #Nihshoki निःशोकी-without sorrow, happy
    #Nishiti निशिति-exciting, refreshing
    #Nisha निशा-night
    #Nishi निशि-night
    #Nishita निशिता-night
    #Nishadi निशादि-beginning of night, twilight
    It is joining of निशा+आदि .Here निशा means
    night & आदि means beginning
    #Namyaa नम्या-night
    It should not be confused with masculine name
    namya (नम्य)
    #Nishaata निशाता-sharpened, keen, whetted,
    #Nuti नुति-praise, worship, reverence
    #Niketa निकेता-house, mark, sign, habitat
    ♥ Niya/Niyaa निया- incur, to pass over (with
    carriage), to fall into
    # Navina/Naveena नवीना- new, young, modern
    $ Navini नवीनी- new, modern, fresh
    � Nutana नूतना- new, fresh, modern
    # Nutani नूतनी- new, modern. It is derived from
    @ Nikhila निखिला- entire, complete
    $ Nikhili निखिली- whole, entire. It is derived
    from निखिल

  5. # Nalika नलिका- quiver, a perfume, a tube or
    tubular organ of body
    $ Nalada नलदा- "fragrance giving", honey or
    nectar of flower. Here नल means fragrance, odour
    + दा means giving, bestowing
    ♥ Naladi नलदी- "fragrance-giving', nymph of
    odour or fragrances (Name of an Apsaras) स्वर्ग
    की एक अप्सरा/अप्सरस् का नाम.It is derived from
    Sanskrit word 'नलद'
    # Nalini नलिनी- assemblage of lotuses or water
    lily, sacred lotus
    # Nalina नलिना- water lotus flower, water-lily
    [Nelumbium Speciosum]. It is feminine form of
    $ Nripasnusha नृपस्नुषा- daughter in law of a king
    (spouse of a prince). Here नृप means king + स्नुषा
    means daughter in law
    # Nripaniti नृपनीति- royal policy. Here नृप means
    king + नीति means policy
    ♥ Nripatni नृपत्नी- king's wife, queen. Here नृ
    means king + पत्नी means wife
    ♥ Nripangana नृपाङ्गना/नृपांगना- queen(lady of
    King). Here नृप means king + अङ्गना means lady
    $ Nripasuta नृपसुता- princess, "daughter of King".
    Here नृप means king + सुता means daughter
    # Nripatmaja नृपात्मजा-princess,"daughter of
    king". Here नृप means king + आत्मजा means
    $ Naarishta नारीष्टा- dear to women, Arabian
    Jasmine. Here नारी means women + इष्ट/ इष्टा
    means dear
    # Nishchala निश्चला/निश्चाला- "fixed",earth
    $ Nishchita निश्चिता- ascertain, determined,
    settled, certainty, conclusion
    # Nadeena/Nadina नदीना- "not small", large.It is
    feminine form of नदीन where न means not + दीन
    means little
    $ Nadeeja/Nadija नदीजा- "river-born", feminine
    form of lotus, coming from river. Here नदी means
    river + जा means coming from, born
    ♥ Naayaa नाया- leader, guidance, means,
    expedient. It is derived from Sanskrit word नाय
    #Nirati निरति- engaged in, satisfied, pleased
    #Nirajata नीरजाता- water-born, aquatic
    Here नीर means water +जाता means born
    #Niraja/Neeraja नीरजा-water-born, lotus, girl as
    beautiful as lotus
    It is joining of नीर+जा .Here नीर means water &
    जा means born/daughter
    #Nirajakshi/Nirajaxi नीरजाक्षी-lotus-eyed,
    woman/girl having beautiful eyes
    Here नीरज means lotus +अक्षी means eyed,
    female's eyes
    #Niranjana निरञ्जना/निरंजना-day of full moon
    #Neeranjana नीरञ्जना/नीरंजना-bleach
    #Nirudhi नीरुढि-fame, celebrity
    #Nirmatri निर्मात्री-producer

  6. #Namata नमता- actress, master,bent,
    #Namanti नमन्ती- bending, bowing, stooping
    #Namayanti नमयन्ती- besiding, inclining, bending
    #Namaskari नमस्कारी- a sensitive plant,
    respectful salutation It is feminine form of
    #Namaskriti नमस्कृति- adoration, homage
    Here नमस् means bowing, adoration (by gesture or
    words) +कृति means doing,work
    #Namaskriyaa नमस्क्रिया- adoration, homage
    Here नमस् means adoration, reverential salutation
    +क्रिया means work
    #Namasyaa नमस्या- reverence, adoration,
    it is feminine form of 'नमस्य'
    #Namasyi नमस्यी- respected
    #Namasyanti नमस्यन्ती- saluting reverentially,
    paying adoration
    #Namasita नमसिता- respected, worshipped
    #Namasyita नमस्यिता- respected, worshipped
    ♥Namasvini नमस्विनी-worshipping, reverential

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