Latest Indian Baby Girl names Starting Letter O

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Latest Indian Baby Girl names starting Letter O

Odathi 3 Refreshing
Oditi 3 Dawn
Odra 2

Oeshi 2

Oindrila 1 Another Name For The Wife Of Indra
Oja 8 Vitality
Ojal 2 Splendour
Ojasvi 4 Bright
Ojaswini 1 Lustrous
Ojeeta 2 Born In The Month Of Falgun
Olevia 1

Olichudar 1 Brilliant
Olikodi 3 Brilliant
Olimani 1 Brilliant
Olivia 5

Oliyarasi 1 Brilliant
Oma 2 Life Giver
Omaira 3 Star
Omaja 4 Result Of Spiritual Unity
Omala 6 Earth
Omana 8 A Woman
Omisha 2 Goddess Of Birth And Death
Omkareshwari 6 Goddess Parvati, Gauri
Omkari 4 Light
Omvati 8 Sacred, Having The Power Of Om
Onella 5 Light
Oni 2 Shelter
Oorja 5 The Energy
Oparna 2 Parvathi
Ophelia 3

Orpita 7 Offering
Oshin 2

Oshma 2 Summer Season
Ovia 2 Painting
Oviya 9 Artist, Beautiful Drawing


    Starting with 'O'
    # Oghavati ओघवती- 'having strong streams'.It was the name of a river. Here ओघ means strong stream + वती as a suffix means one having
    $ Ojomaani ओजोमानी- Name of a plant
    # Odika ओडिका- wild rice
    $ Odrakhyaa ओड्राख्या- the China Rose
    # Omanvati ओमन्वती- helping, propitious, useful. It is feminine form of ओमन्वत्
    $ Omyaa ओम्या- help, kindness, favour
    # Omyavati ओम्यावती- helping, useful,
    favouable. Here ओम्या means help , favour + वती as a suffix means one who does, one who has
    $ Ovili ओविली- that in which the upper part of churning-stick turns
    # Omila ओमिला- protector, friend. It is feminine of ओमिल
    $ Omana ओमना- protector, friend, helper
    # Opistha ओपिष्ठा- having extreme shine, combustion. It is feminine form of ओपिष्ठ
    $ Ojo ओजो- splendour, shine, vigorous
    # Ojasini ओजसीनी- energetic, vigorous. It is feminine form of ओजसीन
    $ Ojmana ओज्मना- speedy, vigorous. It is derived from Sanskrit word ओज्मन्
    # Ojobala ओजोबला- Name of a godess of Bodhi tree It is joining of ओजो+ बला. probably here
    ojo/ओजो means vital energy, shine +बला means
    # Oni ओणि means-(m.f.) heaven & earth, two
    # Ova/Ovaa ओवा means-particular exclamation
    at sacrifices
    # Okhati ओखति means- (verb) suffice, adorn, be
    dry or arid, be able, ward off, refuse
    # Odani ओदनी means-country mallow plant
    # Odati ओदती means-sprinkling or refreshing
    # Obi ओबी means - cluster.It is feminine form of
    oba (ओब)
    # Ojayati ओजयति means-(verb) have vital power,
    be strong or able
    # Ojati ओजति means-(verb) have vital power, to be strong or able
    # Ojoda ओजोदा means-granting powers, strengthening. Here it is made up of ओजः+दा , here ojah
    means strength & dA or daa means to give, to grant
    #Ojasvita ओजस्विता means-magnificence, energetic, emphatic manner of expression & style
    #Omkara ओङ्कारा /ओंकारा means-Buddhist Shakti, A female personification of divine energy
    #Omatra/Omatraa ओमात्रा means-protection, favour , readiness to help
    # Ojasvati ओजस्वति means-one having vital energy.It is made up with joining of ओजस् +वति.
    here 'ojas' means vital energy and 'vati' means
    # Ojasvini ओजस्विनी means-female having vital energy, splendid woman, courageous girl or woman
    # Ojayita ओजायिता means-one who behaves courageously

  2. Unique, Modern Sanskrit girl names starting with ' A'
    ♥ Amara अमरा- immortal, placenta, residence of lord Indra
    ♥ Amari अमरी- goddess, "immortal", imperishable
    ♥ Amura अमुरा- wise, intelligent
    $ Amoora अमूरा- wise, intelligent
    # Amita अमिता- bounlessness, not measurable
    $ Amiti अमिति- boundlessness
    # Amitamati/Amitmati अमितमति- of unbounded
    wisdom. Here अमित means unbounded + मति
    means wisdom
    $ Amitabha अमिताभा - unbounded shine. Here
    अमित means unbounded + आभा means shine
    # Amitasha अमिताशा- unbounded hope,
    immeasurable or infinite hope. Here अमित means unbounded + आशा means hope
    ♥ Ahaani अहानि- (plural) days
    # Ahna अह्ना- day
    $ Ahana अहना- dawn, morning
    # Ahani अहनि/अहनी-day, days
    $ Ahni अह्नि- day
    #Aryi अर्यी- a woman of third caste, wife of an
    farmer, Aryan lady
    #Aryani अर्याणी- a woman of third caste, wife of
    an farmer, Aryan lady
    #Aryaa अर्या- a woman of 3rd caste, wife of an
    ♥Aaryaa/Aryaa आर्या- Aryan woman, faithful or
    respectable lady,noble lady
    ♥Aryika आर्यिका- Aryan woman, respectable
    lady, noble lady
    #Aryari आर्यारी- Aryan woman,noble or
    respectable lady
    #Aryati आर्यति- praise
    #Aryata आर्यता- honourable behavior,
    #Abjaa अब्जा- 'born in water', aquatic
    #Abjini अब्जिनी- a multitude of lotus flowers,
    assemblage of lotuses
    Here अब्ज् means lotus +इनी/इणी means
    assemblage, a particular class of similar things
    #Ameni अमेनि-harmless, without punishment
    Here अ means not +मेनि means punishment
    #Aravindini अरविन्द-assemblage of lotus flowers
    Here अरविन्द means lotus +इनी/इणी as a suffix
    depicts assemblage
    ♥Ahladini आह्लादिनी- causing joy or delight, A
    name of godess Durga/दुर्गा
    #Ahladita आह्लादिता - happiness, joy, delighted
    #Ashvi अश्वि- horse-tamer, cavalier, mounting on
    #Ashvini अश्विनी- head of Aries or the first of 28
    nakshatras, Name of wife of Surya/सूर्य who
    concealed herself in the form of a mare (Mother
    of Ashvini-Kumars)
    #Aashvini आश्विनी- name of a month in rainy
    #Ashvika अश्विका- a little mare
    #Ashviki अश्विकी- drawn by horses
    #Ashvisena अश्विसेना- cavalry
    ♥Aaka आका- (verb) love, desire (आचके)
    #Agrapa अग्रपा- drinking first
    Here अग्र means first +पा means drinking
    #Agrepa अग्रेपा- first-drinking, precedence in
    Here अग्रे means first +पा means drinking
    #Apara अपरा- west, hind quarter of an elephant,
    exoteric Vedanta doctrine
    #Apari अपरी- future
    #Aparasha अपराशा- western-quarter